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8 Common Mistakes When Germinating Marijuana Seeds

8 Common Mistakes When Germinating Marijuana Seeds 1

Though there is a lot of step by step procedures in books and online sources, most cannabis growers still want to look for their way to cultivate and germinating marijuana seeds at home . This often leads to wrong farming, that’s why we present to you the 8 most common mistakes when planting cannabis:

Utilizing manure is easy and simple

This is the most common factor that contributes to wrong cannabis farming. All manure that you can find in grow shops have sufficient nutrients and you just need a limited amount to take advantage of its benefits. The problem usually comes when you put too much, with the hopes that it would increase the growth of your plant. To address this, the nutrients need to be placed properly to the plant. 

You can utilize an EC to measure the right amount of manure, calculate the pH level, and determine exact water quantity. Apart from this, the manure should be damp and not wet. 

Pests and molds are easy to ward off

Usually, growers find out about pests and bugs when their crops are already critically infested. By this time, powdery and downy mildew, spider mite, thunder bug, or soft-bodied bug might already spread throughout and it’s difficult to control them. The only way to stop them is by utilizing fungicides or insecticides, but they will only last temporarily. They shouldn’t be utilized because of their harmful health risks.

When you cultivate your crop in a healthy microclimate, diseases, bugs, and pests are immediately detected. Products with neem oil usually do the trick of fighting off these predators. You need to create a neem oil spray mist, mixed with castor oil and spray it on the leaves to ward off potential destroyers. A week after you sprayed the treatment to your plants, any type of infestation will be prevented in your growing space. 

Crop damages are easy to determine

Another mistake that growers tend to overlook is the fact that the initial stages of plant damages are not visible to the naked eye. Sure, you can see the damage when your plant leaves rot or when white spots begin to appear, but these damages are already in their severe stage. This means that the population of pests and the effects of the diseases have already spread.

When you see downy mildew and brown rot, it is the effect of a too warm and humid environment. It damages the flowers and it is usually visible during the harvesting period, which is why this is dreaded by most growers. When a plant has brown rot, its flowers tend to lose its rich green color and turn grey. The insides of the flowers are already destroyed at that point. The infested plant needs to be placed away from the other plants and the affected parts should be cut off immediately.

Mildews can be treated easily since they are easily discoverable during the early stage of damage. Examine the bottom of the branches regularly and look for any white mold formation since that’s where the mildew originates before it infects the leaves and stems.

Wrong placement of the lamps

This is one of the most crucial mistakes since sodium vapor lamps tend to decrease its efficiency when distance increases and growers overlook that all the time. To avoid this mistake when growing marijuana, look for the guidelines in terms of the proper distance of lamp to your growing crops. Apart from that, you also need to consider other factors including the reflector, the size of the patch, the size of the room, and the intensity of energy the lamp gives off. Considering these factors will help you reap the benefits of purchasing an expensive lighting fixture in your growing space.

A little extra won’t hurt your plant

This is not true. Have you ever heard of proper dosage? It should be followed to avoid detrimental effects. This is why you need to follow the ideal instruction or dosage that’s ideal for your plant, whether it may be for watering, leaf picking, transferring the plants, altering the position of the pot, or touching the leaves. These little factors all contribute stress to the plant, that’s why they should be limited.

Extensive care is needed for the plants to grow

First-time growers usually make this mistake. It seems like they can’t get over their crops, so they pamper it with an extreme amount of care until it becomes too much. Though proper care is essential to support plant growth, fastidious pampering can stress out the plant and hamper their development. 

The size of the roots is very important to determine its growth

Wrong! When your plan transitions to the flowering cycle, its size becomes irrelevant. So, even if it has poor root growth, it could still develop into a healthy plant.

Overly cold and damp growing room 

Growing room with low temperature and too humid environment don’t support plant growth, instead, it deteriorates it. Humidity over 60% will restrict your plant from entering the flowering stage. If it is exposed to extremely cold temperature, metabolic process will slow down and fewer nutrients will be produced by the plant. 

Most of the time, growers tend to be impatient while waiting for their plants to mature and achieve their ideal aroma. With this, even marijuana that has a superior genetic profile and premium breed won’t stand a chance. It will deteriorate due to an early harvest. Apart from that, the drying process will be too short, making the marijuana unusable. 

Moreover, even if you use artificial acceleration, it’s nothing compared to the natural process of growing the plant. It will only result in useless posts that are packed with chlorophyll, which makes it harmful to wrap the buds.  When it comes to outdoor gardening, cultivating the plants too early or burying the seedlings that haven’t germinated yet could all result in growing issues. Plants will either be too weak to survive or they will be overgrown by its neighboring plants.  

When planting marijuana, not even the most expensive equipment can guarantee higher levels of yield. The costly watering system can never secure successful plant growth and pricey light fixtures don’t parallel fast growth. This goes the same way with using costly grow boxes in the wrong way, it will sabotage your crops and harvest. Investing in extravagant set-up doesn’t assure that all of your plants will grow successfully.


Growing marijuana by germinating marijuana seeds has a lot of ups and downs. It also comes with some fallacies and mistakes that you need to stay away from. If you want a successful harvest, research on the proper way of growing this well-loved plant.

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