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8 Cannabis Grower Gifts

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Getting someone a gift, whether a lover, a family member, or a friend is probably one of the most stressful activities a person may undergo. One way to give a proper gift is to know what a person is into and give a gift that is related to that.

But what if the person you are going to be giving a gift to is into marijuana growing? What kind of marijuana themed gift can you offer?

Fortunately, there are a bunch of gift ideas that cannabis growers will love to receive. It is just a matter of knowing which of these many gifts is best for you and how hard it may be to get them. This article will help in that regard, as it will be presenting eight gifts that can be given to cannabis growers.

The 8 Gifts to be Given to a Cannabis Grower:

#1 – A Book About Cannabis

Probably one of the most useful gifts to give to anybody is a book, even if the person you are giving the book to is not much of a reader. The reason for this is that a good book will always keep people hooked, especially if it is a book that discusses a topic or something they really like.

So for this one, it is essential to do a little digging and see if your grower friend is a beginner/aspiring cannabis grower or someone who is already a novice or an expert. For a beginner or an aspiring grower, a book that is related to tips on growing cannabis plants is advised. Whereas for expert growers, maybe a book that will give additional information about the plant or its environment that they can use to help with their growing process.

#2 – Method 7 Glasses

This gift is ideal if your friend grows cannabis plants indoors. This is because indoor plants use grow lights that usually use LED or HPS bulbs. The problem with this light is that it doesn’t let the grower see the plant in its natural color.

The grow lights usually make the color of the plant look different, making it harder for the grower to spot any problems. But these glasses will help fix that. The Method 7 Glasses are designed to let growers see their cannabis plant in its natural color, making it easy to identify any problems the plant might have.

#3 – Cannabis Grinder

This item allows growers to grind their bud to smaller pieces, even the denser ones. The reason growers would want this is that a bud that is ground is more potent than weed that wasn’t ground. The grounded pot burns all the way through quickly, even with just one smoke so that people can really feel its potency.

The weed can also last longer since the grounded bud is stronger, people won’t be using as much pot for their smoke. The grinder is also easy to use as you only need to put some weed in the grinder, cover it, turn it and the grinder will do the rest.

#4 – Monitoring Devices

Growers need to continually monitor their cannabis plant to ensure that it is growing strong and healthily. Of course, it is not always easy to this on a regular basis, which is why a monitoring device will make a perfect gift for weed growers.

There are already monitoring devices available that can provide accurate readings of temperature, air circulation, humidity, light, CO2 levels, and so on. This allows growers to control their plants status without the need to physically and personally examine them. These devices can usually be attached to a smartphone device and provide real-time data.

#5 – Grow Lights

If your friend is an aspiring indoor cannabis grower or is already a novice one, then another perfect gift for him or her is a grow light. These lights are one of the most critical items that an indoor cannabis grower will need because it will be the cannabis plant’s primary source of light.

Light is the plant’s source of energy and is the primary driving force for the marijuana plant to produce bud. So a grow light would be very appreciated, especially the strong ones. There are now a lot of grow lights available that are great at mimicking the energy that the sun provides and bringing it to indoor plants.

#6 – Magnifier

A magnifier may seem like a useless but fun item to have to let cannabis growers see their plants and the buds it is producing up close. However, the magnifier serves an important purpose, and that is to allow weed growers to know the best time to harvest.

One aspect that allows growers to know when to harvest is the appearance of the trichomes on the bud. With the help of a magnifier, growers will be able to look at these trichomes clearly and be able to tell if it is a good time to start harvesting.

#7 – Smoke Buddy

This item is another great gift idea for cannabis plant growers. The Smoke Buddy allows growers and weed users to reduce the smell of smoke every time they are puffing their marijuana cigarettes.

This is an excellent item for growers who want to be discreet about smoking weed or don’t want the smell to fill up their room or their house. The Smoke Buddy helps contain the smell of the smoke. Thus it won’t spread throughout the room or the house.

#8 – Hidden Safe

Some weed growers prefer to have a hidden stash of weed in the house for their personal use and emergency situations. A secret safe is a perfect gift for these type of growers or for anyone in general who wants a cool place to store their weed.

The hidden safe can help growers keep their stash of weed invisible to everyone but them. Usually, these kinds of safes take the appearance of regular household items that guests and/or relatives won’t use when they are in your home.



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