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5 Things you can do with Your Marijuana Sativa Leaves

5 things you can do with your marijuana sativa leaves

0Marijuana has been around for thousands of years and known for its amazing benefits and usage. People around the world have found various kinds of products derived from the Sativa leaf. Some have found cure and relief for health conditions especially when it comes to mental issues. There are also products today which you can easily purchase in the market like marijuana candies and teas. The finished products of this plant are extensive. Read on and find out more about its finished products today.

Sativa Leaf and its Function

Every cannabis grower and breeder need to be able to understand the signs weed leaves send to them. The breeder that can fully understand cannabis leaves properly will harvest strong plants with amazing buds.

Did you know that weed leaves are the main components of every cannabis plant’s life food structure? As we all know, the green pigment chlorophyll permits the leaves to work as solar panels for marijuana. These leaves are vital to the photosynthesis process. Furthermore, the underside of leaves is protected with tiny stomata. These tiny holes are the doors of the leaves. The process goes continually – carbon dioxide goes in, oxygen as well as water goes out. Additionally, leaves can also obtain nutrients needed to feed the cannabis plant, this process is known as foliar feeding.

What You Can Do with Its Leaves?

Green juices and smoothies

Since there are now different kinds of smoothies and juice that you can easily buy in the market that are packed with nutrients then you can also make your version of it using raw cannabis leaves. Raw cannabis is constantly an amazing ingredient for green juices as well as smoothies. You just have to add some cannabis fan leaves and from there you will be able to create a drink which is ultra-powerful as well as beneficial especially if you are dealing with some health conditions.

Garnish for your meals

Another great way to use those cannabis leaves as a garnish for your meals. It will surely add more color and healthy effects plus you will surely enjoy its aroma and added flavor especially if you will place these leaves in your green salads. This is very much recommended for people who wish to consume a product without the effects of getting too high.


More and more people are now enjoying cannabis leaves as tea. You can add some coconut oil or even butter; the fat will stimulate the cannabinoids on the leaves. It has a high effect on the body. But if you just wish to have it just like a regular tea without the high effect then just add some hot water and you can enjoy a sip of this nutritional tea.

Topical extraction

Just like to teas, you can use dried cannabis fan leaves to infuse into coconut oil (or just like any other type of fat) to be used in making topical skin creams as well as balms. Because of the tiny amount of resin as well as other nutrients present in the leaves will work well for skin surface application and will not cause any psychoactive effects since you will be applying or using it externally.

Composting landfills

If you are growing your cannabis at home, then there are few ways to use cannabis fan leaves better than as compost.

As we all know composting is an ideal method to add all the nutrients your plants require to your soil. You just have to collect your kitchen as well as yard waste, this means together with the leaves coming from your cannabis plants. With this method, you can avert for as much as 30% of your home waste away from landfills as well as into your shrubbery where its nutrients can provide support to larger and healthier plants. Moreover, microorganisms present in nourishment can also give ventilate the soil, break down carbon-based substantial, as well as defend against plant virus.

These are just some of the amazing things you can do with your cannabis leaves. These leaves are packed with nutrients that you can find and apply amazing things using it. This will only depend on the kind of effect you wish to obtain.

Amazing Health Benefits of Cannabis Leaves

Anti-inflammatory agent

The antioxidant components found in cannabis leaves can turn into an anti-inflammatory agent. This will avert the body from acquiring any inflammation illnesses and ailments such as arthritis or colitis disease.

Prevent chronic disease

The cannabinoid compound found in cannabis leaves has the outcome that could easily prevent common chronic illness. It can inverse a mass of chronic illness as well as give relief to the illness a lot faster compared to other pain relievers in the market today. This is why cannabis leaves are considered to be one of the best pain killers in the world.

Help treat autoimmune diseases

Fundamentally, we have these known endogenous cannabinoids present in our bodies. This is very much effective as it could help control the immune function in the body. Though, there are times when our bodies have an issue in the immune system that could lead to the most common autoimmune disease, such as lupus. Through the help of these leaves, patients with lupus can be able to function well again since it could avert the overreaction of the immune system and at the same time alleviate the inflammatory of the joints and muscles.

These are just some of the amazing health benefits you could get from using cannabis leaves. However, make sure to discuss it more with your doctor to fully understand its purpose and of course to be able to get your recommendation.


These are just some of the amazing facts about Sativa leaf which should consider. It will not only produce great new things which you can eat or drink but it will also contribute more to your health condition. Go online, and you will surely learn more and new things about cannabis leaves that will amaze you.  


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