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5 Reasons Millennials are the True Stoner Generation


Here’s to the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the scapegoats, the free spirits, the crazy ones, and all the round pegs in the square holes. Here’s to the millennials who refuse to conform to the old-dated rules but choose to dig deep beneath the prejudices in search of hidden truths.

While many of us have been raised to be brainwashed over the threats of marijuana turning people into absent-minded, lazy and zombie-like potheads, the rise of the new generations brings a new found awareness. The old restrictions and misconceptions are being looked upon with more and more doubts and a healthy dose of critical thinking is increasing.

Still wondering if millennials are the real stoner generation? Check out the top 5 reasons below!

#1 – Growing Up with Weed Legalization

All the way back in 1961, people were faced to live through the “war on drugs”, which was declared by President Nixon in June. In fact, Nixon was the one to place marijuana in Schedule One, which is the category representing the most dangerous drugs, featuring the most restrictions and penalties for use.

Then in the 80s and 90s, the hysteria surrounding marijuana use was simply skyrocketing. Thus, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the number of people who ended up behind the bars for nonviolent drug offenses increased rapidly. In fact, this was a BOOM. The number of imprisoned people rose from 50,000 in 1980 to more than 400, 000 people by 1997!

The impact of the government’s restrictions on using marijuana gave way to some extreme prejudices. For example, the statement of Police Chief Daryl Gates who went so far as to state thatcasual drug users should be taken out and shot.”

However, gradually the activists who were fighting for decriminalizing marijuana made headway. In 2000, the Drug Policy Alliance was created helping marijuana shed some of its negative light and removing it from being lined up next to substances, such as methamphetamine and heroin.

While the future of marijuana still appeared to be dim, the millennials were about to witness a completely different attitude toward marijuana use. Celebrities, activists, athletes, and politicians such as Michael Bloomberg, Usain Bolt, and Barack Obama were to make sure of that.

In fact, when asked if he has tried marijuana, Bloomberg said: “You bet I did – and I enjoyed it.”

This was the beginning of bringing up millennials with a whole new outlook on the way marijuana use should be looked at, forming a new awareness of the benefits of the herb.

#2 – Embracing the Spirit of Collective Consciousness

Marijuana use has long been held back by multiple offensive labels, while in fact, marijuana culture is all about bringing people closer and together.

For centuries the ancient folks of Egypt, as well as respected shamans all over the world have used and treasured the mystical powers of the herb as a one-of-a-kind bridge to other portals and dimensions of reality.

Even today, the Rastafarians are still cherishing cannabis as an intricate part of their religion and sacred ceremonies.

And while the millennials are not raised as future shamans or healers, they are brought up with iconic individuals, such as Rihanna. Rhianna is among the most famous personalities worldwide to not hide her love for marijuana and the way the herb helps people share the spirit of collective consciousness.

And as a result, this has helped the 2000s generation to form an unbiased outlook on marijuana and a new understanding of whether or not the herb deserves to be listed right next to heroin as a highly dangerous substance.

#3 – The New Generation of Open-Minded Individuals

Millennials have been growing up during a delicate period of shedding more light on the importance and acceptance of gender differences, free trading, the rise of bitcoins and the boom of technologies like social media channels.

All of these changes have helped to shape millennials into much more open-minded and independent individuals, compared to previous generations.

The millennials are simply being raised with tons of contradictions and facing contradictions is the best way for a person to form their very own, unique, and unbiased opinions. These are the type of opinions that shake and shape us as a society.

#4 – Free Education on the Effects of Cannabis

All the booming social media platforms and the internet as a free and open source of information has quickly shaped a world where people can share important discoveries and experiences.

Millennials are among the first to be raised with the freedom to use the internet for educating themselves on the way cannabis use affects people better than any other generation before.

Moreover, Google search makes it possible to find information from various sources on the insights and discoveries of cannabis. This amazing resource has always been in the hands (or the keyboards) of the growing millennials.

#5 – Better Days, Better Weed: The Rise of Hybrids

Ultimately, breeders all over the world have started to gain a better understanding of the way marijuana affects users.

Thus, various modern day hybrids started popping up, providing people with limitless options to choose from. All these options help users find what works best for their needs and personal preferences.

Gradually, the world of cannabis started becoming more enchanting, accessible, and understandable than ever. Apart from smoking heavy THC Indicas, people can opt for non or very low psychoactive strains.

Furthermore, if smoking was once considered too invasive, the millennials were the first to witness and experience the rise of multiple marijuana smoking alternatives, such as vapes, capsules, and edibles.

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