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5 Incredible “Light One Up” Vacation Spots

woman in jamaica

The cannabis industry is going through its own type of revolution. As the restrictions regarding marijuana nutes use fall off, it weaves its way across the globe, and brings users closer together than ever.

If you are a happy cannabisseur planning on your next holiday to unwind, de-stress and relax, you need to check out these 5 incredible vacation spots to light one up!

Now fasten your seatbelts because these destinations are sure to make your imagination go wild and bring tons of positive vibes while you prepare for new dimensions of adventures!

#1 – Welcome to Jamaica!

If your heart has always been craving for that sense of ultimate freedom while you are sipping a fresh gulp of summer cocktails along with sparking your joint peacefully and happily, then there is no other place on earth like Jamaica!

In fact, there is simply no other people that have kept the herb so close to their hearts and minds, as Jamaicans.

It’s no wonder the Ganja and Rasta culture have developed so much, bringing the fame of Jamaica throughout the entire globe. It’s one of the top destinations to experience a total bliss of the body and the mind!

But things get even better since there are special cannabis vacations being organized by certain companies, allowing marijuana aficionados to enter their very own little Heaven on Earth.

Instead of welcoming you with a bottle of champagne in your hotel room, some Jamaican vacation spots will greet you by leaving a pre-rolled joint on your pillow, or offer testing and enjoying of local strains.

Really, can it get any better than that?!

#2 – Book my Flight to Uruguay, Please!

Uruguay, much like Jamaica, is a little piece of Heaven on Earth when it comes to the spectacular views of the endless sea, making your heart pump faster at the very sight of the spectacular landscape.

But the beauty of Uruguay as a destination for lighting up a joint is also combined with the one-of-a-kind, artsy, boho, and tranquil vibes, which penetrate the air, reaching all the way deep down to your soul.

Best of all, cannabis has been completely legalized in Uruguay for both medical and recreational purposes, and that happened all the way back in 2014.

White sandy beaches invite you to explore the beauty of the Uruguay paradise, while the nightlife is exploding with positive emotions and promises of plenty of fun! Meanwhile, galleries and museums will feed the imagination of the art aficionados, turning every little corner of Uruguay into an ultimate light-one-up top spot!

#3 – Light One Up the Dutch Way!

It comes as no surprise to list Holland as one of the top vacation spots to light one up! However, the country itself is hiding more fun and pleasures available to marijuana connoisseurs than what you have ever imagined!

The Netherlands have become the homeland of some of the best strains, which have been introduced to the users of the green medication. Moreover, the notorious cannabis culture surrounding the ancient European country can be seen at every little coffee shop, where cannabis-infused edibles can literally sweep you off your feet!

The country is highly respected worldwide for the low rate of crimes,  despite cannabis being sold freely, which leaves little place for aggression, right?

Beautiful gardens, fancy, modern, twisted coffee shops, the Red Lanterns Street, as well as multiple museums and both old and new buildings merge in front of your happy stoner eyes while you explore the magic of the Netherlands.

Lighting up your joint anywhere, anytime, simply makes Holland a top vacation spot to discover new horizons and experiences with the herb.

#4 – Show me More of Colorado!

Now the fourth place on this list has more to do with the actual state of Colorado as a favorite and amazing destination for spending a vacation, full of fun, pleasure, and exploring the uniquely beautiful nature while enjoying your green medication.

With hot springs, vast woods, breath-taking views , canyons and multiple routes for hiking, biking or chilling out, this is a place you will want to go to again and again! On top of all that it has a rich and diverse nightlife, combined with the overall spirit of Colorado as part of the American history and culture.

#5 – Ah, Alaska!

The beauty in Alaska will enchant your senses with the gorgeous wilderness that makes you want to explore even more of the amazing treasures of the country.

Lakes merge with wild-living mamma and baby moose, which might just pop up in front of your eyes (and that won’t be due to smoking too much marijuana!). The nature of Alaska has really preserved that sense of freedom and harmony, which cannot be seen or felt in the big city.

A perfect escape for fueling your creativity and clearing mind. Cannabis has been legalized for recreational purposes in Alaska, which simply adds another dimension of total relaxation. Perfect for lighting up your joint anywhere, anytime, all day, all night and letting go of every single worry while submerging into whole-family friendly fun in front of a warm crackling fireplace.

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