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5 Helpful Tips for Growing Autoflower Plants in Winter Season

5 helpful tips for growing autoflower plants in winter season

Working AutoFlowering Strains in Winter

The typical period to produce a large number of cannabis seeds is with warmer temperature because it aids the maturity and proper growth. Growing auto-flowering strains in the winter season don’t have to be a problem. It should not hinder you from producing cannabis.

The standard duration for producing marijuana is between the months of April-May. The September-October are the months in which the climate is cold. And many growers naturally spend what they have harvested for the rest of the months.

Because of the scarce number of sunlight hours, the plant slows down its process. Not because of the cold itself.

The winter should not be an obstacle to producing marijuana. There is what is generally known as the winter crop when it is frozen or in nations where the cold is present almost all year.

Autoflowering plants are without a doubt the ideal choice for the winter season among cannabis. To escape the worst winter climate and if circumstances are less than perfect, outdoor growers need to harvest fast. And autoflowering can be harvested as fast as 8 weeks from germination, from seed to stash.

Have a thorough grow plan that factors in the possibility of inclement weather condition. Here are a few tips in growing autoflowering during winter or cold season to be able to bring out your cannabis plant.

Tips to Grow Cannabis During Winter

As a producer, your first job is maintaining your plants alive until the climate becomes more suitable. If you can secure a consistent temperature, most plants attain a genuine possibility of lasting unharmed. When typical weather returns, the plants will unquestionably proceed with the maturing process.

Keeping plants indoors or Placing them in a greenhouse

It is recommended to have the seedlings indoor until the plant mass is sufficient. You can make them mature about approximately 25 days, it is not crucial to place them out in case they are clippings.

The most usual thing for them is to start flowering since they will notice a photoperiod (scarce amount of sunlight hours), the moment we place them outside.

When you decide to grow autoflowering marijuana in winter, having a greenhouse is the leading suggestion. Build a substitute greenhouse with a wood structure and plastic shelters that will catch the radiation. Having it enclosed to hinder the accompanying light from escaping during the night. Supply with sufficient air patio and warmth to the greenhouse.

Use pots

Due to the cold temperature, plants that are directly grown in the soil are more difficult to provide the warmth. Especially if we plant in the greenhouse, the soil is still not hot. Placing them in a pot will eradicate this dilemma.

Have enough light

Lighting will not be a hindrance to this plant. Although, utilizing accompanying light to make sure that the plants have sufficient light to grow.

If you prefer hot light, the heat they produce is adequate to maintain plants at a suitable temperature. Have the lights on throughout the night and turn it off during the day.

Keep room temperature

The most vital thing to contemplate during the winter season is the temperature. Autoflowering strains need a temperature of 24 – 30C during the day and 18 – 22C during the night. A temperature of under 16C may greatly disturb the growth of the plant.

If the temperature continues to drop, it is recommended to use an electric heater to sustain the right temperature.

Having a thermostat will also maintain the temperature in accordance with the growing phase which our plant is placed.

Regulate the humidity

If the temperature is too low, problems with high relative humidity may outcome. As air temperature decreases, the volume of water that can remain as vapor also decreases.

Condensation will likely to occur if the water vapor content of air at a certain temperature surpasses its water vapor capacity. As stated by Luke Armstrong cold, moist environments are the best breeding ground for molds such as fungi, and botrytis. Humidity may always cause a pest problem. Always use a precautionary fungicide. A dehumidifier can also resolve the problem.

he occurrence of the damp growing medium along with water vapor release through transpiration will mostly raise levels of water vapor in the air, but if relative humidity remains below suggested 40-60%, better use a humidifier.

These methods are accessible to establish up as long-term resolutions for cold weather difficulties, or they can be immediately brought down with the advent of more favorable weather.

If you perceive it is continuing to be cold, you demand to be more prudent to grip an eye on your plants. Monitor them often and make sure they remain heated.

It’s true that our cannabis plants love the sun from the light it provides to the warmth it gives. But it doesn’t imply that producers during winter season can’t ever grow their own marijuana. We can once we understand how to agree with the sometimes furiously freezing temperatures. And once we become a little more skilled, we can even use this cooler weather to our success!

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