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5 Habits of a Good Marijuana Grower

habits of a grower

Do you ever wonder why some growers are more successful than others? When it comes to cultivating cannabis plants, the habits of a grower matters. This is because of the impact and influence it has on the performance and growth of your cannabis plants.

Do you have what it takes?

Cultivating marijuana is not an easy task. It is somewhat challenging but in the end, when you see buds growing dense, it is very rewarding. Throughout the whole growing process of cannabis plants, you need to apply certain techniques, knowledge, skills, and ideas from expert growers to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

There are many techniques you can apply to become successful in many ways. However, when it comes to marijuana plants there are certain techniques you must apply. Let’s say you have the idea and the knowledge on proper cultivation of weed plants covered, the question remains, do you have what it takes to become a successful marijuana grower?

Michael Straumietis is one of the most successful cannabis growers in the industry. In fact, he founded Advanced Nutrients, the nutrient company for growing cannabis plants, specifically in hydroponic systems. How did he become so successful in this field? What are his secrets to success? Continue reading this article as it explains the 5 best habits of a successful marijuana grower, shared by Michael Straumietis.

  1. What kind of buds do you want? What about your lifestyle?

When someone asks you what kind of buds you want, you probably say “a high quality bud of course”. This is because most growers expect this type of output. However, this makes more sense if you go deeper. Do you want a high quality bud or large buds? What do you mean by high quality bud specifically? The first way to reach your goal is to identify it. Before starting to cultivate your weed, it is necessary for you to have a goal for the end of the growing season, then you can easily identify if you have reached it.

On the other hand, growing cannabis plants is about more than meeting your bud needs; it is also about establishing a good lifestyle. Why? This is because striving for the best quality buds or a certain type, can change your lifestyle and you need to think about what you’re willing to change and put up with.

  1. Learn to become adventurous but avoid being reckless.

Though cannabis cultivation is a legal activity in many countries, strength and guts are the way to become a successful grower. Naturally, the people who are considered more adventurous and more courageous are often the marijuana growers. In growing cannabis plants, it’s fine to become adventurous and discover new things, however, you also need to make sure that in your adventure, you are not becoming reckless.

As a marijuana grower, you must be a risk-taker. Always keep in mind that the bigger the risk, the bigger your gain. According to Straumietis, one of the traits of a successful cannabis grower is being a risk-taker. In the end, taking a risk is worth it when you see your high yield during the harvest season. Just always keep in mind that you can take a risk but always avoid taking a risk that’s reckless.

  1. You must be a nurturing and caring person.

Cannabis is a plant. You cannot grow cannabis successfully if you aren’t nurturing and caring toward plants. Whether you like it or not, one of the traits of a successful cannabis grower is to be a plant lover.

When you grow cannabis plants, caring for your grow room and caring for your cannabis plants will be very beneficial. Take this as an example, some marijuana growers that are less caring tend to face many problems and disasters in their grow rooms and throughout the whole growing process. This is because a non-caring and non-nurturing person won’t pay attention to the needs of the plants or to what is happening in its grow room.

It is also necessary to note that you must spend quality time with your cannabis plants. In this way, you can easily identify and catch if there are problems with them. You can find a solution before more damage sets in.

  1. Always discipline yourself, focus on what you are doing and never get tired of learning new things.

When you become knowledgeable about various aspects of growing cannabis plants, it doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Always keep in mind that learning is a continuous process. Thus, you must always have a hunger for knowledge and learning about cultivating weed.

On the other hand, self-discipline and focus is a must. When you grow cannabis plants, always discipline yourself and focus on your purpose.

  1. Stay organized at all times.

Last but not the least is being organized at all times. Growing cannabis plants will work out the most if you are organized. The whole process of cultivating cannabis will always require you to be organized from little details to the whole system. Part of this organizational skill is to always be planning ahead of time. You must be well-planned and timed for all things throughout the whole growing process.

All these techniques are very helpful. In the end, if you take it slowly, you will become an expert at growing cannabis plants.

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