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The 5 Flowering Stage Goofs that Will Harm Your Feminized Cannabis Plants

goofs that will harm your feminized cannabis plants

Making sure that cannabis cultivation produces high and good quality yield is the main objective of any cannabis grower. The life cycle of the cannabis plant undergoes different stages namely, the vegetative stage, the flowering and the harvest stage. Using feminized cannabis seeds from the USA can really help the cultivation game of most growers.

Feminized seeds have been known to be beneficial for cultivators since it gives them the assurance that the plant will flower and produce buds. It this becomes uninterrupted, the cannabis yield and production becomes uninterrupted also.

However, using feminized cannabis seeds for your garden does not guarantee a 100% success of the whole process since there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some of the mistakes you can be aware of to ensure that your cannabis plant’s growth becomes successful.

5 Flowering Stage Goofs that will Harm Feminized Cannabis Seeds From the USA

These mistakes are addressed to any type of cannabis seeds on the flowering stage and regardless of where you got them but most especially the feminized cannabis seeds from the USA. So, read on as we will give you the issue and what to do with them

Watch out for the Male cannabis plants that can pollinate your feminized plants.

You should always keep an eye out for any unexpected male plants and even hermaphrodites. You can look for balls or pollen sacs growing among all your beautiful buds and white hairs. Remove them on sight to avoid uncontrolled pollination you may also want to dispose of the whole plant to prevent seedy buds.

If your feminized plant undergoes a lot of stress while on the flowering stage, you can expect that some of these female plants will eventually turn into a hermaphrodite and grow male pollen sacs.

Even a single pollen sac can ruin the entire crop by spreading the pollen and seeding all the female plants. This might result for the female buds to stop fattening up and give their focus on making the seeds.

Make sure that your indoor grow lights don’t get too high or get too close to the Feminized plant

Cannabis plants go through a dramatic upward growth while they are on their first month on the flowering stage. This is called “The Stretch”, some strains stretch more than others but the breeders where you purchased your feminized seeds from should be able to tell you what to expect with the plant so you can plan ahead.

Make sure to keep a barrier of space between your plants and your lights and ensure that you switch your plants to the flowering stage before they’re half the desired size.

Monitor the PH-level & Don’t overdose with Nutrients

Most problems that go with cannabis plants is that they either have a too high or too low PH level on the root zone. PH problems might result in the plant having wrinkly leaves, curling and shows a wide variety of nutrient deficiency. Your cannabis plant can’t absorb nutrients when the PH is off at the roots.

Some symptoms of an unbalanced PH-level on the roots are spots on the leaves, burnt edges (a sign of a nutrient burn). The optimum PH-level can vary from one strain to another and between different growing mediums, but a good rule is to maintain a rootzone of PH  5.5 – 6.5 in hydroponics and 6.0 – 7.0 when your growing marijuana in soil.

Make sure you monitor the PH level from the first stage up until harvest time. By maintaining the optimum PH level in the root zone, the cannabis plant easily absorbs all the nutrients they need so they can focus on making buds.

Keep Humidity Level Below 50% to Prevent Mold

While your feminized cannabis plant is on the flowering stage, you need to make sure that the humidity level is at 50% to prevent the production of mold. If the humidity levels get too high in a grow room, the cannabis plant will pull excess water through the leaves that increase the chances of getting molds, especially in the fat buds.

You may think that your buds are fine but once you take a closer look, you will see the moldy mess in the middle of the buds. This will just waste all your time and effort of taking care of the plant and even entering the flowering stage.

Some cultivators do the option of dramatically dropping the humidity level of the grow room during the last few weeks of the flowering stage by using a dehumidifier. By doing this, you are stressing the cannabis plant in a very light but correct way. Once the plant experiences light stress, it might increase resin production.

Make Sure that you Stay on top of your Plants Smell

The cannabis plant will get a little stinky once they hit the vegetative stage, however, once they enter the flowering stage, most plants including the feminized ones will produce a very strong smell that may be bothersome to some of your neighbors.

We all know that controlling the smell of your cannabis plant may be a difficult thing to do, but what you need to do is get supplies that will help prevent the odors from escaping your growing area. Also, if you have the option to grow your garden, indoors do so.

Not everyone will have the same cannabis enthusiasm as you and by making sure that your cannabis plants are not causing even the slightest discomfort will be beneficial for you cannabis cultivation.

Always remember that the flowering stage is as important as the vegetative and harvesting stage. It’s at this stage that your cannabis plant is completely focused on making buds. And while they’re making the buds, they are also not putting much effort into keeping themselves healthy so they need a little extra TLC.

By being aware of these 5 mistakes that you can do while at the flowering stage, you will surely prevent them and ensure a successful harvest.

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