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5 Essential Cannabis Growing Supplies You Must Have 

5 essential cannabis growing supplies you must have

Are you an avid gardener who loves nothing better than spending time in the great outdoors and cultivating a variety of autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale? Are you ready to take your gardening skills up a notch? You need the right gardening tools to do the job. The quintessential companions for any gardener are the tools they keep on hand, to aid with pruning, tilling the soil, eradicating weeds, and spurring new plant growth.

According to Aaron Justis in the U.S., it is not uncommon for apartments, condos, and houses to have a fair amount of green space to work with, creating plenty of gardening options for anyone with a green thumb. Whether you are an expert in gardening or are just now taking an interest in such endeavors, we have put together a comprehensive list of the 5 essential cannabis growing supplies you must have on hand in your shed.

Growing Supplies for Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds for Sale FAQ

What Are Growing Supplies?

Growing supplies are the instruments necessary to plant new growth of autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale in the ground, get rid of weeds, trim, and cultivate greenery. Your hands may be sufficient to plant a few herbs or flowers, but for much beyond that, gardening tools will serve you well.

What Is the Purpose of Growing Supplies? 

These tools are designed to make your life easier when working with autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale. Whether you need to prune the tree branches outside your window, plant your yearly vegetable garden, or add some flowers to the landscaping around your house, tools streamline every step of the process.

Why Should You Use Growing Supplies?

If you want your plant autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale to grow and flourish, the best way to achieve this is by continuously caring for them, weeding, and pruning with the right tools. Without the right tools, your plants will not grow properly or experience optimal longevity. Taking the time to invest in the right tools for the job–tools that will last you for years to come and increase the health and performance of your plants–is well worth it.

Where Can You Buy Them? 

You can buy gardening tools at home improvement stores, hardware stores, or online. For your shopping ease, every tool we listed also includes an Amazon link where you can purchase the product.

How We Reviewed

The following growing supplies were reviewed based on their unique features, pros, cons, price, and purchase ease. We made sure we selected tools that would cater to various levels of gardening expertise. Whether you have a large collection of plants that need attending to or simply want to start growing a few autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale, any of the tools selected will be sure to meet an assortment of needs and garden sizes.

Hand Fork/Cultivator


If you tend to do a lot of aerating or transplanting, your tools kit will not be complete without a quality hand fork or cultivator. If you want to separate and plant sections of flowers or other perennial growth with ease, this tool will be indispensable. We recommend the DeWit Hand Fork for its compact dimensions and highly durable handle that will last you for years of use.


Small, lightweight gardening tool
Comes at a more affordable price point than other tools
Easy to use


May not be ideal for larger garden plots
Could be harder for beginner gardeners to use



If you want to extend the longevity of your garden and improve the health of your plants, you need a solid pair of pruners. Pruners are a great option for trimming small branches and snipping away at overgrown shrubs and bushes. If you want to shape or cultivate your plants to keep everything orderly and aesthetically pleasing, pruners are the essential tool. Trees, bushes, and shrubs specifically need regular trimming to stay healthy, so investing in a quality pair of pruners will do the trick.

The Astorn Bypass Pruning Shears linked below will meet all your trimming and cultivating needs, with easy-to-use, cushioned handles that are light on the wrists. The telescopic springs and steel blades help you make swift cuts and keep any unwanted twigs or overgrowth at bay.


Great for eliminating overgrowth and cultivating new growth
A small hand tool that is easy to use


Blades can be very sharp and should be used with caution
Could be a bit large for smaller hands



Weeds are annoying elements that threaten the health of your garden. Rather than pulling out weeds manually, a quality weeder will save you much time and effort. The Homegrown Garden Tools hand weeder linked below has a soft grip handle that will make it much easier for you to remove pesky weeds and growth strangling your flower and plant beds. This weeder is made of rust-repellant aluminum that is easy to use and will last for many seasons to come.

If you have to work up close with the soil in your garden or potted plants, the Dutch hoe is one of the best tools you can choose. It is ideal for weeding and turning the soil and lets you focus on the small gardening details with ease and comfort.

The DeWit Dutch Hoe linked below features a blade made of Boron steel with a sturdy wood handle to allow you to eliminate weeds effortlessly. Dutch hoes are easy to use and light on the wrist. If you are newer to gardening but want to have a durable tool to meet your gardening needs, this product is a great choice.


Great gardening tool for beginners
Swiftly removes and roots out weed growth


Can be tough on the wrist
May not be as effective for large weed patches

Hose/Watering Can


Your gardening tools collection would be incomplete without a quality hose or watering can. Your plants are dependent on hydration to flourish. If you are only trying to water a small patch or some potted plants, a watering can do the trick. However, for any size of a garden patch or plant area, a hose is the ideal option. You can adjust the length as needed and use it to water your garden, flower beds, and trees all at the same time.

The Flexi Hose linked below is a highly durable yet light to maneuver product, with brass connectors and latex piping to fight leakage. It can handle a variety of water pressures and extends up to 50 feet for multi-purpose use.


Best way to water a variety of garden sizes and plant growth
Adjustable, extendable option for watering ease
Does not kink like rubber hoses
Lightweight for easy moving



Can be bulky to operate
Takes up more storage space than other gardening tools

Tree Lopper


This last selection on our list of essential gardening tools is the best choice if you will be pruning and cultivating larger branches or tall trees. In fact, for any branch that is above 3/4 of an inch thick, you will find yourself at a loss without a quality pair of tree loppers. The sharp blades are effective for trimming excess growth, shaping branches, and instigating new growth.

The Extendable Pruning Lopper linked to below makes heavy cuts on thicker branches and comes with a Teflon blade and adjustable handle. It sports a handy lock feature, allowing you to hold your handle length in place without overly straining your hands and wrists.


Helps clear overgrowth and cultivate new branch growth
Idea for cutting large branches
Lock keeps the strain off your arms
Extendable to reach higher branches


Could be difficult to wield for first-time users
Blades are very sharp and should be used with care

Growing Supplies Verdict for Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Each of the growing supplies we mentioned will serve as worthy additions to your gardening collection for autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale, saving you considerable time and effort and allowing you to focus on cultivating your plant growth. If you are newer to gardening and do not want to spend too much money investing in your initial gardening tools, you might purchase just a trowel, some pruners, and a weeder. Some slightly more expensive tools that will serve you well in the years to come are a shovel/spade, a hand fork/cultivator, an adjustable hose or watering can, and a sturdy rake.

If you are an experienced gardener and are looking to upgrade your current arsenal of tools, you cannot go wrong with a quality wheelbarrow, a Dutch hoe, and a tree lopper. If you are managing a smaller plot of land, you might find that you require only a few of these smaller tools initially to meet your needs. For gardeners with more expansive green areas, larger and multi-purpose tools that will cover more ground at one time might be your best option. Any and all of these gardening tools will ease your life considerably and make the process far more enjoyable as you work to expand your green space.

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