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4 Important Marijuana Growing Facts

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All marijuana growers, even those who are currently among the more experienced ones, have started from nothing. That means everybody who has ever attempted growing weed was not born a master of cannabis cultivation.

However, looking after your marijuana plants properly has little to do with anything too exhausting. Meanwhile, the numerous tutorials, experts’ tips and guidelines on how to take care of your green beauties can seem super overwhelming to newbie growers (and not just newbies!).

But we want to cheer you up because growing weed can be as fun and exciting, as it is rewarding, and even if you face some mistakes on your cannabis journey, you can still end up with sufficient crops! After all, marijuana plants are nothing but vigorous weed in nature, so they will always be determined to thrive and flourish!

Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of your marijuana garden’s potency, you will need to be well-prepared for what to expect and arm yourself with some patience and critical thinking.

Now let’s get down to work and check out the top 4 important things you should know before growing marijuana!

#1 – Growing Cannabis Doesn’t Require a PhD in Gardening

So you are reading about nutrient supplements, such as Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphur, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Iron, and your head starts feeling dizzy just from reading those scientific terms.

Then your faced with assembling your marijuana growing equipment and you start exploring various light systems, ventilation setups, filters, reflectors, fans, timers, TDS and pH meters, and you become even more confused and slightly lost.

On top of this, you read about all the different possible nutrient deficiencies, nutrient surplus, light burns, bud rots, diseases, pests and animal attacks. While all these things are indeed important staples in growing marijuana, you don’t have to lose your temper.

In fact, growing cannabis does not require you to have a PhD in gardening! It requires small steps each day rather than giant leaps.

After each grow cycle, you will inevitably become better and better because reading guidelines isn’t as effective as real world experience.

More often than not, you won’t experience most of the possible threats and problems related to keeping your marijuana plants healthy and strong! And even if you do, it’s not the end!

#2 – You Can’t Outdo Bad Genetics

Okay, so now that you are laid back and ready to embrace the marijuana growing journey with love rather than fear and disorientation, there is one major rule that you simply must understand: Remember that whatever you do, you can’t outdo bad genetics!

That means that even in the case that you plant multiple green beauties, let’s say for example, 10, these plants developing properly will be primarily determined by their genetics.

On the other hand, you may grow just one single marijuana plant but when you have the right genetics, you can end up with better crops than what you reap from 10 cannabis plants with weak and/or unknown genetics!

The genetics of marijuana plants are not solely linked to the particular characteristics of the strain.

As a matter of fact, genetics are a key factor in your plants’ natural resistance to pests, diseases, and yes – even your own mistakes as a cannabis grower!

#3 – The Importance of Having the Right Marijuana Growing Tools

In the case where you made sure to pick a high-quality marijuana seed with strong, reliable genetics, then you are much closer to enjoying sufficient crops upon harvesting! But by saying close, we don’t mean you are already there, right!

Just like how every warrior relies on his sword to win a battle, you also need to be equipped with some basic growing tools to help you succeed in your cannabis growing quest.

Then being said, the multiple choices of various marijuana growing equipment can become pretty puzzling, so we are helping you out with this list of the absolute must-have cannabis grow tools to put on your list.

3.1 Nutrient supplements

Yes, nutrient supplements will really make a huge difference in your marijuana crops, so it is best if you are equipped well.

However, remember that more nutrients do not mean better buds or stronger plants! It is all about moderation and balance, and you don’t want to overfeed your plants but simply support their well-being and proper development through the right ratios of nutrients.

3.2 pH meter

Whether you are an indoor or outdoor marijuana grower, a pH meter is one of the most important marijuana growing tools you need to keep handy!

As cannabis plants are creatures of habit, they will exhibit warning signs pretty quickly when anything is going wrong.

However, before you address the root of the issue, you always need to keep track of the pH balance in the growing medium, long before you make any further steps for improvements.

3.3 Airflow and Temperature Regulating Tools

Now even if you are an outdoor marijuana grower, keeping track of both the proper airflow and temperature is a must! If the temperatures get too high, you need to consider a way of sheltering your plants under suitable shade to avoid heat stress.

And if the airflow is poor, your plants are pretty much doomed to suffer from the lack of balanced humidity levels.

#4 – Become a Master of Research

Finally, you can never do too much research! In fact, if you are planning on indoor growing installations, there is lots you need to know such as choosing the most suitable lights and calculating your investment as well as future bills.

Don’t be afraid to dig deep and check out what expert marijuana growers share for free on the Internet.

Above all else, follow your own intuition as a marijuana grower and give your plants some love because you have your own unique cannabis growing environment, strains, genetics, and growing style which simply requires you to apply your own unique approach!

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