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3 Reasons Celebrating 420 is a Must!

420 celebration

If you love marijuana, then there is simply no reason why you would not love to celebrate 420!

In fact, this is one of the most beautiful (and absolutely one-of-a-kind) cannabis holidays, and it would be a pity to deprive yourself of all the fun!

The story behind 420 has many variations, however, the most reliable version involves five students who used to gather every day at approximately 4:20 to share the herb.

They took a mutual sesh right next to the statue of the notorious chemist Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School all the way back in 1971.

20 years later, in 1991, the legendary former reporter of the High Times Magazine, Steve Bloom, joined the initiative by printing flyers, posted on the magazine, to call people to take part in the 420 celebrations by lighting up a joint on April 20 at 4:20 pm.

And if this story is not intriguing enough to spark your curiosity, then keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons why you should not miss celebrating 420!

#1 – Make New Friends!

The marijuana culture is unique for many reasons but probably one of the greatest things when it comes to cannabis use, is the fact that the green medication brings people together.

You know that there is no other feeling on Earth like getting high with your crew, as this creates an ultimate, deeply spiritual bond between the participants.

Nevertheless, long, unwinding chats, hikes in nature, or simply listening to your favorite music or watching movies with your stoner friends is a feeling which cannot be simply put into words. Instead, it must be experienced as to be understood.

So imagine yourself surrounded not by a few, but by thousands of cannabis connoisseurs, all sharing and spreading the positive vibes together while enjoying a hit! This is a priceless experience, and it delivers such a precious sense of community.

Meanwhile, you will meet so many new people who have similar interests like you, or maybe they will have a completely different outlook on life.

What’s important is that you can widen your horizons and exchange so much valuable information on the best, trendiest practices, news, and events in the marijuana industry.

#2 – Treat Yourself Right

Have you been too busy recently to pay yourself some much-needed attention and dedicate some precious time all to yourself?

Why don’t you plan your next super-recharge vacation, by joining the 420? With multiple pot-friendly destinations to choose from, you will be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime!

With the legalization of marijuana across various parts of the world, you can really hit some great spots for the ultimate relaxation!

Or maybe you are in the mood for some party vibes? Then join one of the numerous dance nights with thousands of other cannabisseurs for a night to remember!

There are so many events held annually in honor of the 420 celebrations, that there is definitely a little bit of everything for everyone.

You can also enjoy some of your favorite music stars or simply choose to get your gang ready for a wild night in Vegas – the choices are limitless, and as long as you do your planning, you will be one step closer to refueling your good mood for the whole year to come!

#3 – Bargain All the Good Deals!

Every single dispensary offers amazing deals during the 420 celebrations, and in fact, the promotions often start in the very beginning of April until the peak of the 420 holiday.

Have you ever wanted to try some new cannabis-infused products? Then this is a great time to do it, and it won’t cost you a fortune!

From edibles, cocktails, mocktails, strains, and high fashion swag, you can get a taste of everything you have dreamed of (or maybe never even dreamed of!) for mind-blowingly cheap prices.

Go get your discounts, buddies, and join the celebrations because they won’t last forever and before you know it, you will have missed out on all the sweet deals and have to sadly wait another year to take part in the fun.

On another note, even if you don’t live in a state or country where marijuana is legalized, you can still check out the multiple deals that online cannabis sites offer. This is probably the best time to invest in purchasing new seeds, or maybe that ventilation setup you skipped on due to its high price.

There will be a little bit of everything, from devices to strains, nutrients, and all kinds of cool stuff to add to your marijuana collection, such as suitable containers to keep your weed safe.

The Bottom Line

420 celebrations are not merely a stoner gig. There is something far more valuable to the idea of sharing the marijuana culture.

And yes, there is probably no better way to explore new dimensions of marijuana as when you are surrounded by thousands of fellow-lovers of the herb.

Nevertheless, if you want to make the ancient green medication accessible so that more people can have the legal right to treat their issues and concerns without intoxicating their body with conventional meds, then go out and celebrate with your buddies!

There is no better way to show the world that marijuana is an all-natural remedy than to stand out and be yourself.

Together we can make a difference. If the herb has helped you or some of your loved ones, then go out and party hard because 420 unites cannabis aficionados all over the world, regardless of gender, race, or age!

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