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Should I Veg my Cannabis Plants Under 24 Hours of Light?

Every grower knows that light is an essential need for Marijuana plants. However, as growers, the right kind of lighting system is not enough because there are also recommended number of hours of light to be given to your plants. Some growers use 18/6 of light or 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark. While it is the commonly used lighting schedule, many growers also use the 24/0 schedule of lighting.

Vegetative stage

Vegetative stage is where your weeds are starting to grow. Leaves and stems are slowly developed and at the end of this stage, your weeds will prepare itself for the flowering stage. Since the leaves will need a lot of light in this stage for its healthy growth, growers make the most of lighting technique and schedule to ensure that the proper lighting is successfully given to the weeds. With a lot of questions among weed growers confirming which is a better schedule of lights to use, understanding and getting the full idea is a must. Both 18/6 and 24/0 schedules have advantages and disadvantages, and all of them are proven to be effective in letting the weeds make optimal growth during the vegetative stage.

Should you veg your Cannabis with 24 hours of light?

The answer of this question would always lie in your hands. Choosing this light schedule is a good choice (although 18/6 is also good). Many growers wanted to use the 18/6 light schedule because of the thought that marijuana plants will need hours of darkness for a proper growth. However, according to Marijuana researchers, during the vegetative stage, Marijuana plants don’t need a dark period to grow. This means that during the vegetative phase, you don’t need to set timers and schedules for you lighting because 24 hours light exposure will not harm your weeds. In vegetative phase, what your weeds really need are proper amount of nutrients, water and CO2 so that it will actively photosynthesize and the metabolism process of the plants will remain active. Generally speaking, lighting schedule will not be a problem during the vegetation, what your weeds need is a good environment that will meet its needs to grow. All in all, in order for your Marijuana to be healthy as you wanted to be during the vegetative stage, all you need to do is provide its needs and let it savor the light 24 hours a day.

Advantage and disadvantages of using 24/0 light schedule

Using the 24/0 lighting schedule for your weeds in vegetative stage is both advantageous and disadvantageous to you as a grower. Both of the said schedules can do great for your Marijuana plants however, some considerations from the growers should also be taken carefully.

Aside from letting your weeds to enjoy the 24 hours of light, one of the greatest advantage in using this schedule is the fact that you do not need to think about the on and off of your lights. Instead of giving an attention to your light schedule, you can be more focused on the other things that you should give to your Cannabis.

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