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20 Best Indica Feminized Seeds in 2019

20 best indica feminized seeds in 2019

Have you ever wanted to grow medicinal strains? Then you will surely find relief from indica strains. Indica plants are known for their impressive medicinal effects with the ability to relieve stress, depression, pain, and insomnia. But instead of growing regular or photoperiod strains, it’s time to level up and use feminized indica strains. Feminized indica seeds for sale are available from local seed banks and from online seed banks as well.

Why use feminized indica?

Feminized plants are easier to grow because these are all female plants. There’s no need to worry about growing males which you will surely just destroy later. With female indicas, you will only grow the number of plants you need and therefore save money, time and resources.

With all the impressive characteristics of indica feminized seeds and plants, here are 20 top strains to choose from.


Short for Indica Crystal Extreme, ICE is one of the most popular indica strains in the market. It is so called because of its frosty buds with an aromatic flavor and smell. It can give you bountiful yields with sparkling buds in just a matter of 8 weeks.

ICE was made by the union of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Afghan strains. It may not give you a heavy yield but its flavor and smell are going to be worth it.

Northern Lights

Everyone who has grown and smoked cannabis knows Northern Lights. In feminized form, you won’t have to waste any of these precious plants. Exactly how Northern Lights came to be is still a mystery and many experts s believe that it was the results of hybridization of its 11 varieties. Almost all seed banks have their own version of Northern Lights strain and despite this, it is still indica dominant and ready to give you a mind-numbing couch-locked effect.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic was created out of combining a California and Oregon. The result is a small, bushy plant that will only grow only a meter tall. It is a good strain for growing stealthily indoors plus growing in small, tight places like cabinets and tents.

Blue Mystic must be topped or trimmed to improve its yield. It is ready for harvest in just eight weeks of growth. You will be surprised as to how fruity it smells at this point but if you want a stoner experience, harvest at 10 weeks and you won’t be disappointed.

Special Kush

A seed bank in Canada has created the perfect Special Kush #1. This indica strain is the best choice if you are new to growing cannabis. It loves warm and sunny climates so it would do well outdoors despite its small size.

The problem with growing Special Kush #1 is that these plants yield small and tight buds with love yields. But these may be overcome by topping or trimming your plants. When smoked, this lovely indica will give you a bodied effect and a hash-like stoned experience.

Bubble Kush

This is a sweet indica dominant strain that has a 19%  THC content. You will find this relaxing, giving you peaceful bliss as you sit back and ponder what’s life all about. Bubble Kush was made by combining the genes of Northern Lights, Skunk and Afghan. This yields more outdoors at 450 grams per plant outdoors. If you are looking for a compact plant with good yields, Bubble Kush is for you.

Royal Cookies

Another indica strain exclusive from a popular seed bank from Europe is Royal Cookies. This is a strain that stands out because of its aromatic, confectionary-like flavor that you will compare to warm, freshly-baked cookies.  This has a sweet flavor with THC at 23%. It is perfect for relaxing and for easing stress and pain.

Speedy Chile

Fast-flowering and with alert effects, Speedy Chile is a feminized, autoflowering strain that was made by combining Chile and a Green Poison. It is a strain that will keep you buzzed and focused. Your mind will be alert and ready to do almost anything. It is the best strain for the daytime smoker.

Fat Banana

The name might make you laugh but its effects will give you a couch-locked experience that you will remember forever. Fat Banana was made by combining the genes of an OG Kush and a C Banana resulting in a strain with high yields and generous 25% THC content.

OG Kush

A very popular indica is the OG Kush. This strain may have given rise to a large number of strains in the US and is very potent and has a strong flavor. The dank flavor can be deciphered for miles and it also lingers in your mouth and even in your head long after you have smoked it. You’ll never forget its strong body and heady high.

Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush was made from combining an OG Kush and a Pineapple strain. It has the potency of OG Kush but has inherited from Pineapple its very sweet and pleasant smell and taste. You won’t forget its heady high that will linger on. This is the strain for relaxing on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Strawberry Banana

This is a heavy indica that has made the top list last year. It has a high 22% to 26%  THC making it a good strain for pain and stress. It has a sweet taste and flavor which has made it a popular strain. It should be trained to control its height but no doubt it makes a good stealth strain to grow indoors or inside a growing tent.

Dark Star

You’ll be captivated by Dark Star’s purple-colored buds with 20% THC. It is a pure hybrid that was made by combining the genes of a Purple Kush and a Mazar I Sharrif strains. It grows dense and round buds that yield up to 500 grams per square meter growing space. Dark Star is also popular for its pungent aroma that is much-loved by indica fans.

Kosher Kush

This is a North American strain that has won three High Times Cannabis Cup awards for best indica. It grows taller than most indicas though so you need to top or trim these to improve yields. It yields medium to heavy buds and is very potent whether regular or feminized.

Sunset Sherbert

This lovely indica was made by the combination of a classic Girl Scout Cookies genetic line. It has 20% THC making it a good strain for recreational and therapeutic use. It grows bushy and therefore needs topping and a lot of training.

Purple Kush

This is known as the most powerful indica made by combining the Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani strain. It is from California and has a high THC at 27%. It is easy to grow for novice users and also a good strain for inexperienced consumers You will remember its slightly peppery taste and flavor.

The Lithium OG is a stunning indica with dense buds and grows a perfect compact structure. It needs pruning and topping to grow so you’ll get good yields. You’ll get rock-hard flowers with dripping resin perfect for making concentrates.

Money Maker

Another prized indica is Money Maker. It is extremely productive and grows mint-colored light-green buds that have top yields. The resin-soaked buds are perfect for making concentrates and many other cannabis products for recreation or therapeutic use.

Critical Kush

This is a pure 100% indica that was made by combining a Critical Kush with an OG Kush. It has dank buds with vigorous growth. Some phenotypes can grow taller than the average indica but will still provide you with good yields up to 650 grams per square meter. It has a perfumey kushy flavor that you will remember forever.

Bubba Kush

This is a mysterious indica that was made by crossing an OG Kush and a Bubba from New Orleans. It is extremely popular in the US and was once a clone-only strain but now there are cannabis seeds available in the market online and offline. Bubba Kush is a dank strain with compact and light buds. You can train this to give you better yields by topping or trimming.

Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purp is an indica strain that was introduced in 2004. It is a cross between a Big Bud and a Purple Urkle, two very powerful strains with impressive effects. It has high yields that most growers love. It bleeds purple color throughout its body hence the colorful name. Grand Daddy Purp is a fantastic strain for first-time growers because it is mold resistant and is a very hardy, heat resistant plant.

You can count on this train to give you very strong effects and as a warning, its dank and strong flavor that will fill your growing area. This is not the strain for the fainthearted so take it in moderation.

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