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15 Weed Gift Ideas for Him

Get To Know The Best Weed Gift You Can Give To Him: Gift Stoner

The season of giving is not just being celebrated every holiday, but instead, you can do this grateful act with or without any occasion to spend. For an instance, you want to express your gratitude to your boyfriend who is a stoner, then give him a weed gift  that he can totally utilize every time that he will smoke weeds.

But wait what if you don’t exactly know what kind of “weed gift” to give for his interest? What if you are not familiar with this matter but you are definitely sure that he is a weed enthusiast?

Well, worry no more! We’ve got you covered and we will give you great weed gift ideas for him that both of your will surely love! So without more intro and fuss, here is the list of gift ideas that you can take into consideration.

  1. Vape Case

Is your stoner boyfriend or best friend a travel enthusiast as well? Then a vape case is an ideal gift for him!

A vape case has a lot of compartments that are purposely made for you to properly give your pen vapes, oils, and other essentials a better place.

And since we all know the fact that vape essentials are truly expensive, you should give your stoner a good vape case to protect his investment.

So whether they will travel or not, you can get an assurance that they will perfectly appreciate this gift idea because they will get a chance to organize his “weed things”.

  1. Grow Tent

If he is a novice grower or just planning to grow his own cannabis, then this grow tent will surely get his attention most especially if indoor growing is his option.

The grow tent is available in different sizes and features. There are customizable grow tents but there also grow tents that are made according to your standards.

So if you want to surprise your stoner and give them a pure joy, then the grow tent should be considered most particularly if he has a green thumb.

  1. Weed Pipe

For discreet smokers of weeds, this gift idea is the perfect choice that will surely be loved by your partner in life, friend, brother, or relative.

The weed pipe is made up from different kinds of materials. Whether your choice is a metal, wooden, glass, or acrylic weed pipe, you can get an assurance that your stoner will enjoy using this one most especially if we want an easy access to smoking a weed since this is much easier to use compared to the process of rolling papers.

  1. Flameless and Rechargeable Lighter

Yes, it is flameless and your stoner can also charge it via USB. Both of you will love this lighter because your stoner will be able to use it for as long as he will take good care of it.

In other words, both of you can save buckets of money when you opt for this gift idea because it will not require you to buy another lighter for you can use it for a longer period of time.

This lighter is a good choice if you are a reasonable buyer.

  1. Weed Rolling Tray

If he is an expert in rolling a joint or blunt, then this weed rolling tray is the best one that you should buy! It is also available in different styles, sizes, and features. But if you want your stoner to create his own sections or to simply personalize his weed rolling tray, you can opt for a customizable weed rolling tray.

So whatever is your chosen rolling tray, you can get a guarantee that your stoner will highly praise you if you will opt for this gift idea.

  1. Herb Jars

If your stoner is just storing his weeds inside a plastic zip bag, then this is the perfect time for you to give him a good herb jars where he can properly store all his weeds without losing its great potency!

He will appreciate this even if he already owns two or three of this because storing of weeds is very important since this is the only way for him to maintain the freshness of aroma, potency, and flavor of his buds.

If he owns herb jars, then look for a different kind of herb jars that has a special feature which will add more protection to his weeds.

  1. Bean Bag

Simple yet powerful! This bean bag will surely give your stoner a good kind of relaxation while he is doing his “weed business”. They can do lots of things while in their bean bags.

They can watch their favorite movies, listen to Hip-Hop music, play a console game, or even sleep all day long using the bean bag. So if your stoner loves to do these things, then this one is for you.

  1. Weed Grinder

Give your stoner a chance to grind his own weed so he can vaporize a good quality fine powder of weeds! This is a must-have item for smokers of weed.

So if you want to impress him and give him a good smoking habit, then you should choose the best weed grinder with a good feature to make sure that your gift is a one of a kind item.

  1. Ashtray

Happiness can also come in small packages. So even if this is just a small piece of an item, your stoner can still appreciate this gift idea most especially if this is well-designed with added creativity and features.

Additionally, you will never go wrong with this item since you can get an assurance that they will always use this. So whether it is made of glass, silicone, or wood, your special someone will totally benefit from this gift idea.

  1. Weed Vacation

Every one of us loves to travel and pretty sure that your stoner is also in love with this idea most especially if the place that you will visit is a marijuana-friendly!

So why not treat him to a place where both of you can benefit? You can book a hotel where your stoner can freely smoke anywhere.

You can also look for a cannabis tour and learn new skills and knowledge with regards to cannabis. Whatever is your chosen destination, a weed vacation is one of the best ideas that you can give to him!

  1. Weed Vaporizer

If he smokes every day, the weed vaporizer is a good choice that you can opt to because it is a marijuana saver but with much strength and intensified experience.

Meaning to say, the use of weed vaporizer will give your special someone to save more of his marijuana including his money.

And what’s great about this is that the THC of cannabis are more concentrated when your stoner will use a weed vaporizer.

  1. Grooming Kit

Since we all wanted to look presentable at all times, your stoner deserves to look fresh even after his weed session.

So give him a grooming kit with a lip balm, mint gum or candy, hand sanitizer, and eye drops for him to look more amazing and refreshed before going to a business meeting or directly to his office.

  1. Air Sanitizer

This gift idea is also an essential to a weed smoker most especially if he will receive a guest who is a non-smoker. The purpose of this air sanitizer is to eliminate the smoke odor and to refresh his room like nothing has just happened.

  1. Weed Socks and Clothing

If your special someone has a good taste to fashion, then you should consider giving him a pair of weed socks, hoodie jacket, or even a shirt that has a print of weed leaves and anything related to weed smoking.

So while he stays in love with weeds, he can still get a chance to look more fashionable about his passion of smoking!

  1. Rolling Papers

A stoner will not be called a stoner if he doesn’t have rolling papers. So give him a supply of rolling papers and he will surely go crazy with this hot stuff!

There you have it! Choose your gift now and make his regular day, birthday holidays extra special by simply giving him a support to what he truly loves. So good luck and choose the best one for your special someone!

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