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15 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Use Weed

15 gift ideas for women who use weed

The Ultimate Gift Ideas For A Woman Stoner: Marijuana Gift Growers

A pair of stiletto shoes, bag, perfume, or maybe a dress – these items was usually the top choices if you want to give your chic a birthday or anniversary gift. But what if your main chic is a weed user? What could be the best item that will work best in her interest as a stoner? To find out the answer to these very basic matters, we will help you find the best marijuana gift growers for your one and only woman in life (mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, and friend) so you be certain that your gift choice will never be rejected!

  1. Jewelry

Give sparkle to her beauty by giving her any piece of jewelry such as a THC molecule necklace or a necklace with a pendant that has real marijuana inside.

You can also give her marijuana earrings or bracelet with accents of marijuana designs. So whatever is your option when it comes to jewelry, your stoner girlfriend or whoever she is in your life, will surely cry because of so much happiness and gratitude.

  1. Weed Cookbook

Every woman in this world is in love with food! And regardless she is a stoner or not, her stress will definitely be removed by simply eating her most favorite cookie or brownies.

So if your stoner babe is always craving for delicious foods (desserts, snacks, meals, soups, drinks, and more), then give her a weed cookbook that is filled with so many real good food recipes that are all made by weeds!

Even if she doesn’t know how to cook, she will instantly benefit from it since weed cookbooks are instant chefs who will assist you in your cooking.

  1. Makeup Kit Box

Your stoner babe must be in love with makeup. So give her a makeup kit box that has a cannabis prints and designs. Or you can even add cannabis inside the kit box to make it more unique and advantageous.

  1. Cosmetics

Yes, there are cosmetics now that are actually made up of weed products. So after giving her a makeup kit box, you can also add cosmetics inside of it such as a lipstick, eye shadows, lip scrub, or even a lip gloss.

These cosmetics will surely get the attention of your babe since they all love to put some makeup while they are smoking weeds and right after they did their weed business.

  1. Body Care Set

This body care set is very common to be used by women. But for a stoner babe that is very special to your heart, a body care set that is 100% made from hemp is a total package that will surely be accepted by your chic!

A foot cream, lip balm, lotion, and face moisturizer – all of these products of cannabis will be enjoyed by your babe while she is refreshing herself after smoking weeds.

  1. Weed Cigarette Case

This is not your typical weed cigarette case, my dear because this case has a built-in lighter that will be loved and appreciated by your stoner babe!

No need to go crazy looking for lighter or protecting your weed cigarettes because your babe just needs to get a cigarette and light it up by simply using this case!

So give your special someone a great convenience by giving her a 2 in 1 weed cigarette case.

  1. Baking Materials

Cake molds and cookie cutters that come in marijuana shapes are the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or friend who is super in love with baking cakes and cookies that are made up of weeds. So let her passion for baking goodies and weeds ignite by giving her baking materials.

  1. Water Bong

This is a must-have essential for all smokers of weed. If your babe is a new smoker, you should probably consider this gift idea for it will help her in lessening the toxins in the weeds by means of water filtration.

So while she is smoking, you can be sure that her health is in good condition because all she can inhale is a toxin-free smoke from weeds!

  1. Personalized Mug

Give her a personalized mug to fill her morning mood with so much joy and love. While she’s drinking her morning weed tea, she’s being reminded about how much you adore her. So cheesy!

  1. Scented Soy Candles

Smoke without worrying about the smell by simply giving her scented soy candles to eliminate the weed odor. These candles are available in different scents such as lemon, eucalyptus, coffee, lavender, and a lot more! By considering this as your gift, you are allowing her to experience smoking weeds without any stressful thoughts on her mind.

  1. Weedicure

Treat her to a weed nail salon where she can get a chance to have a weedicure! This weedicure is not just a simple nail art stickers or design because the weed nail art experts will really add “real weeds” into her fingernails. So combine her passion for weeds and manicure into one by considering this gift idea!

  1. Bath Soak

Relieve her tiredness and stress from work or workout by giving her a bath soak that is made from weeds. The weed that is infused on this bath soak will give her a deep relaxation which will help in removing her muscle soreness and other body tensions. So give her an alone time with a kick with the help of this gift idea.

  1. Pre-Roll Weeds

If your babe is just new to the weed community, you can consider giving her pre-roll weeds to avoid the hassle of rolling her own joint. This is very favorable most especially if she is a woman who is always on the go.

  1. Activity Book

Is she always looking for something to read, color, answer, or compute? Then give her an activity book that will allow her to solve mazes, search for hidden words, color the abstract designs of weeds, and much more! So entertain her while she is on high by giving her this mind entertaining gift.

  1. Secret Pipe

Give her a secret pipe that looks like a lipstick if she is a discreet smoker. While others might think that she is just playing with her lipstick, your babe will get a chance to smoke her weeds with so much passion and discretion.

Overall, there are lots of ideas that you can give to your special woman in life. From makeup down to the weed smoking materials, you can be sure that she will completely love all of these! So give all of these to her without thinking twice or thrice because these gift ideas are truly worth paying for! You can either buy it to a cannabis shop or other local main cannabis store!

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