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Are 1000 Watt Lamps Best for Growing Cannabis Indoors

100 watt cannabis grow light

As a general rule, more light means more yields. However using a 1000 watt fluorescent lamp may be too much for growing plants! Your delicate plant leaves could suffer from severe burns and can significantly increase the temperature of your growing space.

The key to growing using this high-powered florescent lighting is space between the plant and grow light. Keeping several inches of space between the plant and the lamp will prevent burning of the delicate leaves and stems of the plants during the growing stage.

Plants grown under florescent light may also grow smaller yields per watt compared to growing under other types of grow lighting if these are used during the flowering stage just as the buds are forming. Florescent lights can yield about 0.25 grams of buds for every watt of electricity. LED lights and HPS lamps can get 2 to 4 times as much yield per watt.

Florescent lighting characteristics

When used correctly, florescent lighting could be the ideal indoor grow light for your cannabis plants. This kind of lighting is among the most affordable; you can also purchase florescent bulbs from any hardware stores and supermarkets. Florescent lighting doesn’t use a lot of electricity, except perhaps when you use 1000 watt bulbs! This does not make too much heat except when you have them packed together in a small space or when you are using 1000-watt lamps.

Florescent lighting may be kept a few inches away from plants unless you are using high-powered bulbs. It is the ideal lighting for seedlings, young plants and clones. This type of light is also for plants that were trained to grow short and flat. This is because the light from florescent lamps does not penetrate far into the plant.

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