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10 Things You Should Know Before Dealing with Online Cannabis Store

things you should know before dealing with online cannabis store

Buying auto-flowering cannabis seeds and by-products online are much easier nowadays due to faster internet and more mobile devices. What is even better is that your joint or your medicine could be delivered to your doorstep anonymously within days or hours after you ordered. However, there are things that you should know in order to prevent yourself from surpassing the legal limits of your area and to protect yourself from fraud.


Marijuana or cannabis have different levels of legality or restrictions in different areas so you have to check with your local laws or even consult a lawyer if needed especially for medical use. There are some countries where different states may even have different laws regarding different things pertaining to marijuana such as recreational use, possession limit, the legal age of possession, and others.


Most countries or states that allow marijuana sales, purchase, possession, use, and others may differ in the different aspects of the marijuana trade. Some put the legal age in 18 or 19 years old for the possession, purchase or use of marijuana. 


Possession limit is the amount of marijuana in grams that you could possess. In some states, 30 grams is the possession limit of dried or equivalent non-dried form in public. Adults are also allowed to make cannabis-infused food and drinks as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products.

Of course, dispensaries and dealers may be allowed by law to possess or store more cannabis provided that they comply with local health and business laws.


Only buy from reputable legal distributors as not all legal distributors are reputable and some reputable distributors may not be totally legal. Legal distributors have been trained and educated enough to handle, ship or even advise you on marijuana use for recreational or medical purposes. They will not only give you top grade cannabis but they may also advise you whether or not they could ship to your location and other legal issues.

Buy only from sellers or brands that you trust or you may have tried before for flavor and potency and that which has been recommended to you by your doctor or other users. Reputable sellers will honor any consumer laws that will protect you from a bad product, business practices or any untoward incidences caused by bad marijuana products. Reputable sellers may even give you a free taste, trial or refund if needed.


Shipping cross-country or cross-states is risky and could be illegal and may land you a jail sentence instead of being high or stoned. You may be buying from an online seller that is situated and registered in a city where marijuana is legal but is otherwise illegal in yours. Trying to fool the system by forcing the seller to ship you a joint will not possible as they are legally bound to not comply with the sales and shipping. Even if you did succeed in making them ship to your location by fraud and other means, you will be dealt with by the law to its full extent and may be considered as illegal trafficking of drugs.


Cheap does not represent a good deal but look for a balance between factors that affect marijuana prices online or in a dispensary such as

premium ingredients, special feature especially for administration purposes as medicine or coming from a company with an outstanding reputation. All of these affect marijuana prices. Buying cheap might expose you to risks instead of benefits such as poor quality, low potency or even possible health hazards in the packaging or even in the marijuana itself.


The black market and the deep web may get you better deals but will never get you far as the law is always on the lookout for anything suspicious in the purchase and sales of marijuana. You may even get yourself into trouble not by being apprehended by the police but by shady individuals who may take advantage of your desire to get high.

These are all in addition to the possibility that they will rip you off. Always buy from reputable sellers and avoid the black market. Buying from reputable sellers is for your own protection and protection.


Buying from reputable sellers also guarantee you product safety but it is always better to strive harder to be safer. Only buy brands based on what was prescribed for you by a doctor if ever you needed medical marijuana. Medical marijuana prescribed by doctors has been tested for product safety and efficacy.

Prescribed marijuana is also tested for contraindications or how they affect other medicines that you are taking. Possible allergens and other ingredients that may affect you are also listed in the packaging. You may also look at lab reports about the tests made on the marijuana product involved and decide with your doctor or dispensary as to which product is good for you.


THC is the compound in the marijuana that gives the high or feeling stoned that is sought after by recreational users of marijuana. However, in countries and states where only medical marijuana is legal, they impose a THC content limit of 0.3 percent or 0.5 percent in order for the drug not to be psychoactive. Do not try to buy and ship any medicine other than what is within the legal limits in your area.


As a consumer, you are protected by the local consumer protection rights in your area. You may need this knowledge when deals go bad online such as being sent defective or counterfeit product or product that is damaged or tampered during shipping. Marijuana is a consumable product and the user is therefore exposed to some hazards. Smoking moldy weed, for example, has very bad taste and may give you respiratory infections. Knowing

So, here are the top ten tips in buying autoflowering seeds and any marijuana products online. As a consumer, there are things that you have to do first in order to have the best marijuana experience for recreation and medicine.  Each tip mentioned above revolves around the premise that you should have done some significant research and fact-finding before looking for cannabis online. You have to be patient and not simply buy anything online without verifying information that is mentioned in our list of things that you should know about buying cannabis online.

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