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10 Signs that you are Overdosing Your Feminized Plants

signs that you are overdosing your feminized plants

Cannabis cultivators know the importance of getting the right amount of nutrients. Each stage of the cultivation process needs certain adjustments for the nutrition intake. Regardless of the seed type, be it a regular seed from a seed bank, autoflower seeds from Canada or feminized seeds from Colorado, they all need the right amount of nutrients to flourish and produce a high yield.

The nutrients given to the cannabis plant is taken up from the soil by the roots of the plants. These also serve as an additional supplement if the ones from the soil have been depleted already. The nutrients in the form of fertilizers can be a chemical, organic, liquid, powder and usually contains a combination of other nutrients.

Overdose will not only come from the elements used as fertilizers in the cannabis plant, but it can also come from light, heat, and water that will have the overdose effect as the nutrients.

10 Overdose Signs For Feminized Seeds from Colorado

Since the feminized seeds from Colorado have been known to be a great partner for cannabis cultivators, it’s not a surprise that they have researched regarding the different sickness or diseases a cannabis plant may get when it’s overdosed with nutrients. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for when your plant has overdosed.

Leaves curling Downwards

A common effect of overwatering in the cannabis plant is that you will see the leaves curling downwards. They will also look very rigid and tight since they have become full of water. When the cannabis plant has been overwatered and the issue is not solved immediately, you will notice that the roots start rotting.

Growth will slow down tremendously

Once your cannabis plant has overdosed you might observe that the growth speed is no longer at the normal range. Even for marijuana strains that produce big cannabis plants, when they have been affected by an overdose scare, they will stop growing. You may be able to fix it by checking what’s causing the overdose but once your remedy is too late, then it will no longer help your plant.

Edges of the leaves look brown and crispy

When you see the edges of your cannabis leaves turn brown and looks crispy, this is a sure indication that the plant is experiencing nutrient burn. This normally happens for beginners even expert growers as they become very enthusiastic in feeding their plants.

Nutrient burn happens when nutrient feeding has been too strong and too frequent. The burn parts will always start at the very tip of the leaves. Always remember that when it comes to nutrient feeding, less is always more. And once you see signs of nutrient burn, you might as well postpone giving nutrients for 1-2 weeks and resume after. This process will flush the high quantity of nutrients that have been taken by the plant.

Leaves turning Yellow

Whenever you see cannabis leaves turning yellow, you have to assess your growing area if it’s too close to the light source. Normally, the leaves closest to the light source will turn yellow first and spread throughout the other areas of the plant.

Once this happens, you should raise your lights 6 inches to 1-foot higher. Determining the appropriate distance between the light and the plant should be based on how strong the light is and the stage the plant is in.

Your cannabis plant looks lifeless

A cannabis plant that looks dull and lifeless might be an indication that it’s undergoing a nutrient lockout. This is the process wherein the plant is in shock and no longer absorbs nutrients. Make sure that you are cultivating using the correct PH level needed.

Flushing and postponing the giving of the nutrient can help alleviate this symptom as long as the roots of the cannabis plant are still healthy.

“The Claw”

This is the result of Nitrogen Toxicity wherein a grower feeds too much nitrogen to the cannabis plant. You will see the leaves curling or clawing downwards and will eventually turn dark green.

In order to fix this issue, you should lessen the amount of Nitrogen or mix it with other nutrients. The combination will help lessen the concentration of nitrogen in the plant.

Powdery Mildew

The white powdery mildew is most likely the result of an overdose of humidity in the growing area partnered with low or no airflow. If the mildew can’t be stopped, it will continuously form on the plants and will spread while making more mildew and will soon eat up your plant.

The best way to kill the mildew is by spraying it with mildew eliminating spray. You can also lower the humidity and make sure that the airflow in the grow room is good.

Buds Rotting

This is another issue that is caused by having high humidity and low airflow inside the grow room. When you overwater the plant you might also be conditioning the buds to rot. The bud rot will start on the inside, it will turn brown and moldy and before you know it the whole bud is already ruined.

Make sure that the room has increased airflow and lower down the humidity in the room. You should also cut off all the buds that are infected.

Leaves folding longways

When you see the fingers of the fan leaves doing a taco fold, that is a very good indication that your cannabis plant is undergoing too much heat stress. Heat stress means that the temperature of the grow room is too high.

The normal temperature should be close to 75F at all times. Make sure to retain the optimum temperature to avoid heat stress in the growing area.

Borders turning brown and necrotic

This symptom is brought about by an excess of the Boron nutrient. This nutrient is usually found in insecticides. Some cultivators will always spray on insecticides to their plants to keep pests away, but a frequent spray of this will have to make concentrated Boron on the plant itself and it will turn brown and die eventually.

Make sure to properly schedule spraying the insecticide and if it’s not really needed, steer away from it.

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