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10 Most Popular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online

There are a lot of autoflowering cannabis seeds out there that you can choose from. It is only a matter of taste or preference when it comes to picking a cannabis variant to grow indoors or outdoors.

But the question is, what is the best of the best in the world of cannabis growing?

Well, to answer that question here is a 10 most popular autoflowering cannabis seeds according to most growers online.

Through this write-up, you can choose a cannabis variant that might suit your style. Plus, regardless of what you pick, it is definitely for sure that you will not pick a disappointing one.

But before that, let’s learn first what an autoflowering cannabis seed is?

What exactly is an autoflowering cannabis seed?

An autoflower is genetically different from other variants solely because of the way it grows and what it needs to grow. Unlike photoperiodic cannabis plants whose growth is highly determined on light cycles, autoflowering cannabis plants grow by age. This means that you can harvest your crops in a few months or even weeks, whereas photoperiodic plants may take longer.

This unique feature allows growers of autoflowering cannabis to harvest multiple crops in a single season or for as long as winter is far out.

The 10 Most Popular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online

Amnesia Haze Automatic

This variant consists of 50% sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis genes. Usually, sativa variants may take longer to grow than other varieties. But now that it has an autoflowering option, the growth time will only take 10 weeks until it is ready for harvesting.

This is perfect for everyone who wants to bring out their creative sides because Amnesia Haze definitely packs a punch.

Royal AK Automatic

This indica dominant autoflowering cannabis variant provides flawlessly smooth highs with uplifting sensations.

Royal AK Automatic only has a short life cycle of 9-10 weeks, this variant perfectly holds out during cold climates. It is even quite popular in eastern European countries. It has a potency of 15% THC, which is quite high than most cannabis species.

If you are currently living in a region with colder climates, the Royal AK Automatic should be one of the choices for you.

The Royal Dwarf

As the name suggests, the Royal Dwarf is a small cannabis variant that is perfect for areas with a constricted space or if you want to hide from the authorities since if it is still illegal in your area.

The Royal Dwarf generally grows to heights of around 60-90cm and can yield anywhere between 30-80g/plant—and is very dependent on how it is tended to. It usually takes about 9 weeks before it can be fully ready for harvest. It produces a mild high and calming body stone, perfect for couch stoners.

Big White Widow Autoflower

Big White Widow auto can achieve a height of up to 180 cm. Another thing is that they produce higher yields and does not depend too much on when transitioning between summer and autumn for it to bloom.

Moreover, the Big White Widow Auto is a robust and reliable autoflowering seed that is suitable for outdoor growing.

Monster Dwarf Auto

Even though this variant grows smaller unlike other autoflowers, its yields are massive in contrast. And in terms of potency, Monster Dwarf sets itself a little bit lower than the ranks of other variants. It’s high is quite subtle, but has an energizing effect that makes a clear state of mind and feelings of enthusiasm.

Monster Dwarf Auto grows to tiny sizes, which are about 60–90cm outdoors. These plants grow from seed to harvest in 8–9 weeks and provide a moderately large yield of up to 80g per plant.

Northern Lights Auto

This cannabis variant is a classic that is popular in almost anywhere in the world. It offers a spellbinding body stone with a trifling high.

his variant is very resistant to the cold weather, pests, and molds, making it fit to grow in the UK.

It goes from germination to harvest in just 9 to 10 weeks tops and grows up to 1.2 meters. It can also yield 200g per plant.

Sweet Skunk Autoflower

This autoflower ties all of the best qualities of indica, sativa, and ruderalis. With harvests that are often expected in just 8 weeks tops. The flavors of this autoflower complement the smooth high of Sweet Skunk Automatic very effectively—adding more to the experience.

The size is quite smaller than other variants. It grows only as tall as 60-100cm. If you develop this correctly, you can enjoy the bountiful yields up to 110g per plant.

Critical Autoflowering seed

Critical autoflowering has got to be one of the fastest-growing autoflowering cannabis seeds out there. It produces high-quality yields.

It also has a strong genetic background, which is 50% Indica, 30% Sativa, and 20% Ruderalis genes. Critical is a very strong autoflower that has no issues developing in harsh conditions. In short, it is very suitable for the UK climate.

Sugar Mango Ryder Autoflower

This strain mostly has an indica-dominant gene. The reason for its name is from the subtle hints of mango flavor whenever you take a hit. In fact, it has an overall fruity flavor. Once ready, you can expect a higher yield from this variant.

Chris Dewilot from GrowersNetwork stated that with this seed, you are guaranteed only to sprout female cannabis plants instead of males.

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering

Smoking a blunt using Super Silver Haze will put your mind into a different level of high. It can actually help you become more imaginative in generating more ideas. That being said, this is perfect for study sessions, writing, or maybe just brainstorming for anything at all; be it for professional purposes or for something fun.

It has 17% of THC levels, landing a place it with the upper ranks of potency among the autoflowering variants.

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering can grow outdoors and indoors seamlessly because it is fairly adaptable with any soil as long as it is under the sun or appropriate lighting. It grows tall, reaching heights of 150cm and can produce yields of 120–170g per plant. It will also only take at least 70 to 85 days before they are ready for harvesting.

Honorable Mentions

Big Bang Autoflower

It is a reasonably easy-to-grow cannabis variant since it only needs 6 weeks before it is ready to harvest. Its size isn’t that tall since it can only grow up to 100cm. Plus, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors with an average yield.

Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Auto will take about 10 whole weeks to grow from germination to harvest. It can reach tallness of up to 60cm and can produce anywhere from 20-100g per plant.

It is a very popular cannabis variant because it has a fruity flavor that almost everyone likes. It produces has a tantalizing high, which soothes the body at the same time.

The only downfall on this one is its size and yield. Pineapple Express Auto yields only a few grams, which actually compliments to its size.

Cream Caramel Auto

The Cream Caramel Auto has a very sweet and pretty strong high, which makes for a pretty potent experience.

Cream Caramel Auto goes from germination to harvest in just 9 weeks. It reaches up to a meter in height and can produce crops of up to 100g per plant.

In addition to that, this autoflower is one of the low maintenance variants out there. This means that it can grow all by itself without the need for extensive care. This is great if you are still a novice in farming marijuana.


But of course, these are not all of the best autoflowers that you can find. There are a lot of variants that are yet to be popularized since cannabis is not entirely legal all around the world. Just wait until you get your hands on some quality autoflowering cannabis seeds once it is legalized in other countries.

The only challenge left for you now is choosing one of these autoflowering variants. It is all about taste and preferences, so don’ hesitate on trying a lot of them before finding the perfect one for you!

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