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10 Games to Play when High with Weed

Watching movies or just chilling is quite boring and old-fashioned when you enjoy a good hit of your favorite cannabis. When you are high, depending on your cannabis strain, you tend to be more active and energetic, that’s what cannabis brings in us. If you are in your seat and wondering what are the best games to play when high, you are not alone!

In this article, we’ll give you a stoner’s dream when high! Don’t sit back and relax as these are the perfect games to play when high! There’s only rule with all these games, you need to get HIGHHHHH!

Top 10 Games to Play when High with Weed


Who doesn’t love Rock Band? Everyone loves this particular. Typically a great game for all ages. Playing your favorite songs while stoned or high is one of the best things you could combine! Not only that, but they also make you wild and scream your hearts with some of the best tracks to date.

One good thing about this game is that you can easily detect who isn’t playing their instruments well, it is because they are high or they too high! When that specific person is having a bad time with their instrument, have them hit a joint!


If there’s one thing that you want to do regardless of your age, that’s where Nintendo is good! We can go back time and time again, people would still love to play this game. It’s a perfect game for some wild action and competition going when you are high. Eventually, you would know who are getting stoned because they are losing the competition. If that one man or woman loses, let them have a hit!


Perfect for groups who are ravishingly wild smoking their favorite joints. Never Have I Ever is a game where you start with a specific person and they should start their statement with “Never have I ever … “ followed up with some action to keep them guessing.

The game is like, “Never Have I ever kissed a girl” – anyone who has done that takes a hit from their joint. The followed up by another person until the game ends! It’s one of the most popular games to enjoy when getting high with friends. Keeps your mind thinking about countless scenarios.


Probably one of the most popular games on this list. The concept is simple. Take your ganja with you. Get your friends circled in. Bow down your heads and on the count of three, everyone should look up with one another.

If you are staring at someone who isn’t looking at you then you are safe! However, if you are staring at someone and that someone is also staring at you, scream, “MEDUSA!” fire up your cannabis and take a hit! One of the coolest games to enjoy especially when you have lots of friends smoking cannabis.


From one of the most popular artists that also smoke Ganja, the Rastafari Lord himself, Bob Marley. The concept is simple. Everyone should have their weed in their hand. After that, the song of Bob Marley titled Jammin’ plays in the background. Every time “jam” or “jammin” is heard from the song, take a hit!  

Be sure to have lots of weed during this game. The song has way too many jams and jamming. A perfect way for you and your friends to be stoned in their respective chairs or position. Still, a great game for everyone!


For people wanting to just chill and enjoy the high, movie is the best way to enjoy with friends. The concept is simple, pick a movie and then make a rule for certain scenarios such as something specific happens, or who dies, if you tagged it correctly, everybody hits except you.

So for example, if you choose a killer movie, then you pick who dies first, and if you are correct, everybody gets a hit. There are tons of scenarios to choose from when picking a movie. Always go for the active ones or stoner movies, in this way, you get to enjoy the movie and your cannabis as well…


This game is similar to the Beer pong, however – the reward is a bud instead of beer. The mechanics are simple, players are going to bounce ping pong balls like beer pong. They try to shoot it in on those cups, if the smoker successfully shots the ball in the beer, you get to taste the bud and the enemy gets to drink the beer.

You can make all the rules depending on your group’s preference. The perfect game to be high and get drunk.


Some stoner games are taken from actual games, they are only the weed versions of it. Green jack works like a blackjack. You get drawn three cards, the person who is closest to 21 wins the match and gets to hit the reward which is a cannabis bud. A game that rewards you with a cannabis bud seems wonderful! Hours of stoner fun is inevitable with this one.


A pretty basic game to play but a very challenging one. The rules are simple, you get to send your teammate and battle it out with the other team, who wins the rock paper scissors get to have a good toke of cannabis. Or you can revise the rules. Let your imagination take control of this game. Simple and basic concept. Best enjoyed it with friends more than 5.


Probably one of the craziest games on our list, the Last Man Standing, as the name suggests, people who joined the game should smoke their joint for as long as there’s nothing left. The persons also lose if they can’t smoke anymore. The winner is the last man standing. Be sure to give your friends and yourself a warm and comfy pillow, it is sure to give them plenty of nap time! One of the best games to play when high!


One of the best ways to enjoy weed is to smoke it with friends. Also, another way of keeping everyone involved is playing games, give people that added energy and attention when playing. We’ve listed some of the best games to play when high, it is up to all of you which one you will choose! Enjoy weed and have fun!

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