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10 Funny Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Names

dwarf autoflowering cannabis strain names

Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Being Hilarious

It is still the most desirable decision to cultivate little, dense cannabis plants, in areas where cannabis producing is yet uncontrolled and is not fitted with embracing members. Dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds, one such variety of plant, which has been cultivated to assist those who aspire to plant their own stock in concealing. And personages have to apply various nicknames for the pot to evade apprehension by cops.

As the designation implies, Dwarf marijuana is perfect for market producers who don’t have huge fields and are seeing for seeds of dense cannabis strains. The smallest species are autoflowers, but photoperiod hybrids can be of a flat length too.

Dwarf strains are excellent for all sorts of the developing conditions too. They can also cover plants in clear vision like those produced inside range basins.

Cannabis isn’t just perceived to provide you that playful sense after smudging or applying, some of the strains that are currently accessible on the market arrive with the oddest titles ever imagined. But let’s confront it, a part of us are agreeing to obtain our strains based on how ridiculous the title is. Here are the 10 funniest dwarf names you’ll find:

10 Funny Dwarf Names

Dr. Krippling Seeds Pak-Man Feminized

It is a high-quality cannabis strain that will enable you to relish positively exceptional effects at every phase of the reproduction method.

Excellent for planting weed indoors and outdoors, these plant seeds bloom within 8 to 9 weeks and will leave you to cut the profits that arrive hand in hand with a list of excellent growing features.

Pac-man: Someone who smudges way too extreme.

An eponymous persona, as he must consume all the spots inside an enveloped puzzle while dodging four painted souls, based from Wikipedia.

Sweet Tooth Auto

Sweet Tooth auto is one of the most desirable strains to plant if you desire an all-around plant with a vast yield, elevated vapor, and that is also simple to produce. Auto Sweet tooth has grown a preference of many producers, and when you first attempt to produce it, there is a grand comfort that you don’t have to emphasize about minerals or fungi as those autoflower heredities are acting their task correctly.

Sweet Tooth: a sweet surprise for the pure soul

a robust fondness for sugary fruit, according to TheFreeDictionary.

Amnesia Haze Auto

It is a strong symbol of a potent autoflowering high-THC hybrid that incorporates the most desirable features of cannabis – fertility, charming features, definite impact, and huge yields opposed to other auto flowers. The grass gives the corresponding euphoric high and tangy, luscious flavor as the primary Amnesia but with an extremely shorter stature. It’s an excellent choice for a little plant place but will need ease to germinate.

Haze: From the beloved song, indicates to the psychoactive sense of moving in a mist.

Because of the impacts of short-term retention impairment connected with vaporing.


It typically produces a powerful mental, enlighting forces model for daytime usage. These resin-packed bulbs flaunt a pungent, woodlike fragrance with complex connotations of peaches, apricots, drupe, and lemon. Jacked-Up flowers are a graphic image of lilac and leafy blends piercing with orange filaments.

Jack – Summary for Jack The Ripper as “rip” is a neologism term for cannabis.

Third Dimension

Third Dimension is an average productive hybrid with a mighty quick drone.

It can be planted both indoors and outdoors and the most suitable method to produce is trimmed and, it needs  45-50 days to germinate. Possessing a pretty sultry flavor recalling of coconuts and Pineapple nearly similar a Pina Colada. The strain grows completed extremely fast but does not require in vigor.

D Third Dimension- unlocks the brain

an action image that heightens the delusion of deepness observation

White Smurf

White Smurf is a customary strain that has accumulated popularity because of its remarkable fullness outline, massive trichome result, and high yields. Adding extra charm is its minty extracted vapor which presents a dominant mental-focused high with a chilling and stimulating influence on the support of the body.

Smurf: a fictional community of tiny, azure, human-like beings who exist in mushroom-shaped dwellings

Blue Cheese Auto

It works through the flowering phase at a quicker pace, giving it another excellent option for those who are seeking to promote a strain that is simple to develop. This hybrid has presented promising tastes amongst auto-flowering varieties alternately of the typical flat weed zest.

The plant displays Indica species features with its little and stocky character.

It has outstanding aromatic cheese scent with a bit of a sugary breathe plant while it is being farmed. The sleazy aftertaste is still manifest even it is being vaporized.

Blue Cheese: Most bodies don’t remember of something delightful when they exhale Blue Cheese, but this mixture of Blueberry and UK Cheese has produced something of cannabis specialists.

Phantom Cookie

This small autoflowering hybrid noticed the light of day after periods of cultivating and is the crown territory of group growers. This dwarf cannabis strain has a quick life series and grassy fragrance. It is fitting for agriculture both outdoors and indoors. The composition of the plant is thick and pretty dense – it is suitable for planting in a little container.

Phantom: Something plainly observed, listened, or sensed, but possessing no concrete existence; a spirit or ghost.

Space Dawg

Space Dawg occupies out gratitude to its striking bulbs, medium to large in stature and sticks collectively in stocky, elongated lines.

The stable product of top-shelf berry resin spiced flowers and a quick flowering period of Space Dawg should positively stimulate producers investment in this strain.

These plants are flexible raisers and commonly blossom within 8 weeks.

influence of spaceflight on existing beings

Monster Dwarf auto

Monster Dwarf Auto is an added one of these “little” strains that may quite work disregarded if it wasn’t for her outstanding features that deliver this dense plant much more prominent than she looks.

Faithful to her Rascal heredity you can appreciate a pretty concentrated “Skunky” smell when you inhale her collectively with a powerful calming stone but one that is also politely familiar because it still keeps you on your bases.

Dwarf with a size of Monster / Monster with a size of a Dwarf

Some are slightly ridiculous, while some are merely clear entertaining, clever, and humorous.

Now you don’t have the place reason to plant pot. We know that is valuable to lease a flat, and not all can provide a dwelling with a terrace, where you can have a greenhouse for your cannabis plants.

So, if you have a small deck that is located in a transited place of your town, or if you only have an area in your quarters to place a pot, you are fortunate, and you will be equipped to farm dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds.

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