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10 Best Tasting Strains of Weed

Cannabis is known for its woody earthy flavor and aroma. While many strains have similar tastes, most of them have a bland taste and can be off-putting especially for those who are just starting. To introduce marijuana to a newbie means to make a great impression. This is why the flavor is key to enticing new users into the fold. Finding the best tasting strains can be quite challenging since there are over thousands of different strains in the market.

There are plenty of strains to choose from and some often have beautiful-sounding names that might entice you with all the flavors and smell but end up having a low-quality taste. This is why finding the right flavor for your palate is an important factor in choosing a good strain. Flavor chasers, those who smoke weed for the flavor apart from the effects, tend to go for strains that have unique flavors instead of the usual earthy tasting strains.

Factors That Affect Taste

There are different factors at play that affect the taste and smell of marijuana. These factors help determine which strains offer the best possible flavors. One major contributing factor to the flavor is terpenes. Terpenes are chemicals within the marijuana plant that gives it potency and unique flavor and smell. The more terpenes the plant has, the more flavorful and potent it becomes.

Terpenes contain terpenoids that help improve the smell and overall taste of cannabis. They are generally the building blocks within the plant. Growers often try to encourage the plant to develop more terpenes and terpenoids so it produces its unique features.

It is also important to note that heat is another factor that affects taste. During decarboxylation or the process of activating the compounds within the plant, the buds undergo such a process through the use of heat. Heat causes evaporation which also dissipates terpenes if done incorrectly. Cannabis plants that are exposed to a long period of heat tend to lose their taste and aroma alongside their potency. Therefore, it is always best to have an expert do the decarboxylation process instead.

Ten Best Tasting Strains

With that in mind, here are the top ten best-tasting strains that have high levels of terpenes and terpenoids.

1. Strawberry Cough

The name is a dead giveaway to its flavor and aroma. Strawberry Cough is an excellent strain if you want to relieve stress and have a good tasting weed. It has hints of vanilla, strawberries, citrus flavors with an earthy undertone that is perfect for a calm and relaxing afternoon.

This weed promises to have a fulfilling experience with its intense and potent effects. It is known to cause pain relief and helps in tapping to your creative mind.

2. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is a Sativa dominant strain that is described by many as one of the perfect strains when it comes to mixing flavor and potency. With THC content up to 20%, you can fully enjoy smoking this weed and its pain and stress relieving effects together with its delicious mix of flavors ranging from sweet, spicy, and herbal with the addition of citrus and very strong lemon influence.

3. Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose has a very well-defined flavor. It smells and tastes like sweet lemon with hints of caramel and earthiness. It is then accentuated with a floral flavor. A very unique Indica strain that also promises deep relaxation that quiets down stress and pain along the way. Many often smoke this strain for its complementing effects but this weed is bursting in rich flavors.

4. Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese is an acquired taste. At first, many would not be smoking this extremely pungent smelling weed. This weed has a reputation for its stinky aroma but the flavors are mindblowing. The mix of cheese and tropical fruits and berries make for a wine and cheese experience. It’s no wonder why this balanced hybrid strain is a favorite amongst many cannabis connoisseurs. It delivers a very expensive and high-end experience to its users.

5. Somango XL

Somango XL is a fruity Indica dominant strain that promises a tropical experience for those who smoke it. This weed is bursting with tropical mango flavors with hints of skunk and diesel. The distinct taste feels like taking a vacation on a tropical island in the Pacific. Smoking this weed not only promotes a very relaxing feeling, but it also facilitates a very chill vibe from its user making it one of the best-tasting strains on this list.

6. Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a piece of art. Just by looking at it, the beautiful mix of purple, green, and crystals surrounding the buds is a masterpiece. The obvious smell of cherry and the sweet smell that emanates from the smoke captivate both new and seasoned users. The rotting cherry flavor is masked by the sweet sugary taste which makes it feel like drinking your favorite cherry soda.

7. Blue Dream

Another hybrid strain that offers a very satisfying high. What truly makes this Indica a joy to smoke is its unrelenting flavor of spiciness that is mixed with the sweetness of blueberry. Users are put in a trance-like state when they smoke this weed due to its strong flavor.

8. Bubblegum XL

Unlike many other strains on this list that usually holds a sweet and fruity smell, Bubblegum XL is on another plane due to its unique aroma and flavor. It is almost impossible to hide the sweet bubblegum flavor from this weed. Smoking it simply feels like chewing on your favorite bubblegum – sweet, delicate, relaxing, and nostalgic.

9. Tangie

Another outstanding strain that every marijuana lover should taste is Tangie. This sweet and fruity tasting weed brings a very tangerine and orange smell and taste to the palate. Imagine squeezing a fresh batch of oranges in the morning to help you feel better all day long. That is what Tangie brings to the table.

10. GameChanger

As the name implies, Game Changer is the game-changing strain that elevated the quality of cannabis after its inception. It is remarkably potent with 29% THC content but it is its sharp cheesy twist with berry flavor and citrus punch that makes it very unique. One can fully savor its blend of sweet, sour, and creamy taste and enjoy the relaxing effects.


Smoking cannabis should be an enjoyable experience for all kinds of users. The high alone can be the main reason for you to smoke weed but some want to have the full cannabis experience. Getting the best-tasting strains in the market means achieving that experience that helps make you appreciate smoking marijuana even more.


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