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10 Best Movies to Watch High

Hitting on about consuming drugs is so intensely feeble it should have some impact on the credit rating. However, there is no question that films and weeds go together, such as Cheech and Chong. 

After smoking your favorite weed, there are some essential things you should do to maximize your high experience. Once you have collected your munchies, run into a cold drink, and acquainted, you unavoidably require something exciting to watch. You feel the urge to seize the moment of being high, and that is through the best movies to watch high.

That being mentioned, movies about weed are, with a few remarkable exceptions. It is difficult to distinguish precisely what it is; however, it is near as if there is a particular relation between blasting on fat bitfas and not able to exercise constraint and nice storytelling perception.

Best Movies to Watch High

Watching the best movies while high has been a common diversion among potheads for so many years already. From stoner classics such as Up in Smoke to films that have no relations to weed, there are lots of movies that are round-rolling worthy. Throughout the years, there are countless movies produced, and many of them will make great candidates as the best movies to watch high.

You will be flooded with plenty of movie selection, and you may find it confusing to pick one. You may take your time analyzing the best ones, but you can always refer to some recommendations to make sure you are picking the right film. Regardless of how you desire to consume your weed, here are some of the best movies to watch to maximize your high moment:

1. Inception (2014)

Led by Leonardo DiCaprio, the Inception is a thrilling movie that tackles the life of Don Cobb. Don Cobb is a thief who can penetrate the dream of one person and strip their secrets hidden in their subconscious mind. However, things were made stranger when Cobb is asked to do a thing that seems to be not possible – to imbed an idea in one’s dream. 

Inception is one of the best movies to watch high. The movie is best shared with Gorilla Glue #4, a hybrid strain that is Sativa-dominant and is popular for its cerebral, invigorating high that also brings out and intense couchlock effect and relaxation. Inception is a movie that will boggle your mind when you are entirely lucid. You cannot miss this movie if you want to have a good time while you are high.

2. Pineapple Express (2008)

You will surely have a good time watching Pineapple Express. The movie has all the things you like in a stoner flip: action, comedy, and plenty of weeds. The appeal that lies between Seth Rogen and James Franco is ideal. They provided a delivery that glued the viewers on the screen. It is a nice movie that you may even remember the story the following day.

Seth Rogen and James Franco render the role of two junkies. The funny movie trails a stoner as well as his dealer after seeing the murder of their boss. 

By far, this move is one of the most interesting stoner movies through time. The absolute volume of outrageous scenes of people in character smoking up will ignite your desire to grab another bowl while you are watching. 

Since then, Seth Rogen has been an icon of weed, and the strain called Pineapple Express has been one of the most prominent cannabis strains in weed development.

3. Smiley Face (2007)

Weeds are not misogynistic, but you can expect the movie producers to be it. Hence, it is no longer a surprise to see a few female stoners in a film. 

Anna Faris consuming a lot of pot cupcakes in the movie Smiley Face insinuates one of the weirdest and uproarious movies you will ever see. Faris must gamble outdoors to earn money to pay her bills. 

The story elopes a common proposition of Faris attempting to get weed as a substitute to what she stole. Nevertheless, the manner she delivers the extremely baked stoner character makes it an interesting trip.

Anna Faris’s comedic side is a mixture of broad-eyed civility and chronic klutziness – which has influenced her to be the best person to portray a heroin high.

4. Under the Silver Lake (2018)

It is already expected that if someone consumes too much amount of cannabis, he or she will likely become paranoid. It surpasses hangover; however, you should never like to smoke yourself just as how Andrew Garfield did in the movie Under the Silver Lake. 

Certainly, for Garfield’s pointless aspiring detective, that paranoia is mainly because of a potential mental deficiency than the efficacy of any THC. However, the way he attempts to collect clues to figure out what took place when a particular woman is gone missing.

5. Reefer Madness (1936)

The movie is meant to be a dedicated movie that tackles drug addiction; however, the deranged performances make it appear more similar to Saturday night in Hell.

Reefer Madness is a classic anti-marijuana movie that cannot be missed by any cannabis user, what an ideal way to enjoy watching this movie where children are crazy to smoke dope and spend a lot of time in the reefer house. Drug dealers target the innocent teens beguiling them from getting attached by providing them reefer cigarettes during wild jazz gatherings. 

Although it is not the best movie ever produced, it is a movie that every stoner will love to watch high even if it just for the sake of watching it. 

6. Koyaanisqatsi (1982)

Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi is an experimental movie. The director has never opted to discuss what Koyaanisqatsi is all about, to define the idea behind his accurately edited slipstream of period-lapse charm and dazzling slow-motion. 

The name means “Life Out of Balance”. This movie is captivating even if you are stone-cold sober. This film, as well as its union of music, the human condition, and cinematography, is best suited for high viewers who are searching for meaning in everything. 

Fortunately, there is a lot of real meaning drawn out from Reggio’s cautiously moving images. Similar to Alice in the looking glass, this is a movie any stoner will love, letting your feelings to weigh down through a quivering soundscape scored by renowned composer Philip Glass.

7. Friday (1995)

Before the arrival of Friday, everybody considered Ice Cube as a sociably cognizant gangsta rapper and nefarious actor. Nevertheless, this movie has demonstrated that he is also capable of writing and portraying a role in comedies. Counting in one of the most fascinating of its time, mostly because of the performances of Chris Tucker and Cube as two stoners who are unemployed and who only last their day getting high and getting ready for a fight. 

The humor that is felt on Friday is vulgar. Nevertheless, the movie does not depend on drug jokes for its amusement by any means. It is a well-balanced comedy that demonstrates the richness of the heart. And although the follow-up films are not equally good, this movie is worth watching while high.

8. The Night Before (2015)

If you are searching for the best movie to watch high, one movie you should seriously consider watching is Jonathan Levine’s ‘The Night Before’. The movie tackles about three friends who are celebrating one last night of holiday shenanigans before finally reaching the period of adulthood. It was unnoticed during its first run through.

9. Altered States (1980)

There is no indisputable proof that screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky ever expelled plenty of acids and smoked his load in the grass throughout his life. This movie talks about a scientist who is attempting to uncover the inception of mankind through psychoactive drugs as well as isolation tanks. Its trippiest times are mostly credited to the gifted eye of Ken Russell. However, everything that is seen in the screen can be reputed for in the original novel of Chayefsky: he had to result to smoking some popular bud to create something so innovative.

10. Dazed and Confused (1993)

This movie was an initiating pad for some of the largest stars of the Hollywood today: Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, and Matthew McConaughey. This is a movie highly recommended to stoners who want to have a good time.

The last day of school tale of Richard Linklater drape day and night among the class of Lee High School (1976) in Austin, Texas. It is ideally about becoming the age of the popular American football player in the school, ‘Pink’ Floyd, and his excruciating selection between acting with the rules to offer himself an opportunity at a college career, and his affection of both sainted doob and teen freedom.

This movie is about the distance between adulthood and teendom, where liabilities are only a few, and the beers are made cold, rounded up in its roaming feel, and flared-beyond-reason chuckleheaded discourse about George Washington for being an alien.

Why do Stoners like to Watch Thrilling Movies?

If you like to watch thrilling and mind-boggling movies when high, then it would be fair to know that you are not the only person who feels the same. Many stoners are observed to demonstrate this kind of longing whenever they are high. 

Based on studies, weeds improve thrilling effects. Many believe that being high is meant for watching movies. Among the affiliation of thriller aficionados, preferences in subgenres and horror series differ, although many of the stoners opt horror movies taken with a certain blend or another of concentrates and edibles. 

A true horror or thriller fan will explain to you that basic scares are not the primary objective of a good movie, like any other stoner will share to you that the cannabis high is not only the good feeling in the widest sense.

Just like a weed, horror, or thrill is more of catharsis – a secured and exciting approach to process ideas, emotions, and even trauma through images and stories that compose an unendingly gripping communal dreamscape. Thriller and horror movies are paramount in their optical language. They touch into the fear by demonstrating us with images that both excite and petrify us. And they can be psychoactive as hell!

Other Types of Movies to Watch High

If watching movies that feature stoner high jinks is not something that fits you, then you might want to consider watching movies that display attractive visuals. It will be fun to watch movies in the field of animation or science fiction that are perceivably appealing. 

Watching movies with great visuals during high is a fun experience. You may find ‘Star Wars’ or any other movies that attract you when it comes to visuals. You can try whatever kind of movie you like; it does not matter if you are high or not. Practically, there are plenty of movie selections that you can watch while you are high. All you have to do is to be aware of the interesting movies. 


Gathering the best movies to watch high can make you maximize your cannabis experience. We have just listed some of the highly recommended movies when you are high. However, you can try other films if you find them suitable for your high experience.

Commonly, mind-bending movies are very suitable when you are in high. What is so common between these films that are hard to comprehend, films that look completely crazy, and movies that are not so good? They lead you to doubt the stability of the movie creator.

These movies are all great to watch when you are enjoying your status of being high. You should get the chance to schedule these movies during your high-time. Although ‘Inception’ happens to be the most recommended movie to watch high, some suggest that it would be better to keep a distance from movies that contain heavy violence, particularly when amalgamated by the bizarre and anxiety-urging world as we recently reside.

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