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10 Best Feminized Seeds of All Time

20 best indica feminized seeds in 2019

Everybody should grow only the best feminized marijuana seeds as this allows them to make a profit more due to the fact that these strains will most likely fly off the shelves a lot faster when you sell their buds. And if you happen to be growing feminized versions of the most popular strains on the planet, you can really make a lot of money.

That said, here are the feminized seeds you should consider growing:

Big Bud Feminized

The name says it all. Big Bud Feminized produces buds or flowers that are larger than most other strains. If you know your basic marijuana facts, you will know that bigger buds equal larger or higher yields. What that ultimately means is that you will be able to profit more out of the big buds that Big Bud produces.

Other than that, what makes Big Bud Feminized a good seed to grow is that it has very good genetics and indica-leaning effects that are great for anyone looking for a relaxing time during a particularly lazy day. In any case, Big Bud really is something that was produced mainly for profit.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream really is a dreamy kind of strain that can put you in a state that has a good mix of both relaxing and euphoric buzzes. It was the result of the union between Blueberry and Haze. Because it is an offspring of Blueberry, it will provide you with a very delicious experience in your taste buds. And since its other parent is Haze, you can expect to have a clear-minded kind of sensation.

Though it has both indica and sativa genetics, Blue Dream is sativa-dominant and has effects that will give your mind a euphoric buzz and will make you feel more energetic than you normally are. Moreover, that energetic sativa vibe comes with a mildly relaxing sensation that comes from its indica side.

Power Flower

Power Flower is a really powerful marijuana strain that gives more power to your entire marijuana grow space. The great thing about Power Flower is that it is powerful enough to handle a lot of conditions that can adversely affect ordinary cannabis seeds. Moreover, Power Flower is a very easy plant to grow especially if you are in a particularly warmer region.

When it comes to yields, Power Flower is a very generous plant. This makes it a great feminized marijuana strain to grow as you can enjoy a plant that gives you the yields you need to make a good profit out of your marijuana grow space.

Northern Lights

One of the most legendary strains to have ever graced the earth, Northern Lights is a bud that is almost unlike any other. Because it is a popular household name in the cannabis industry, you will find that the buds of this strain will easily fly off your shelf and will yield you high profits.

Northern Lights is a pure indica strain that has nothing but the relaxing goodness that indicas are known for. In that regard, you will be able to feel relaxed, calm, and at peace while you are enjoying the high that this train induces. Moreover, Northern Lights has a clean type of high that also provides you with a euphoric buzz that does not have intense psychoactive effects.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an all-time favorite feminized strain in the West Coast particularly because it was created in the golden state of California. It is arguably also one of the more popular strains in the entire world and is a great hybrid that came from the crossbreeding of the legendary Northern Lights and a Hawaiian landrace.

When it comes to effects, Sour Diesel hits you with a sativa-dominant wave of effects that instantly energizes both your mind and body to make you feel like you can take on any tasks ahead of you. That more than makes up for its otherwise appealing sour and fuel-like aroma and flavors.

OG Kush

OG Kush might be called the “original” Kush put it is a descendant and arguably a perfected version of the classic and ancient Hindu Kush landrace strain. What makes OG Kush such a good feminized strain to grow is that it has great traits and attributes that are not only good for those who want a potent kind of sativa buzz but also for those who want to breed seeds (since OG Kush is a popular as a parent to many other Kush strains).

As mentioned, OG Kush is a very potent and strong strain that anyone who loves sativa buds can enjoy. Moreover, this strain also produces buds that are dense enough to provide you with a pretty generous yield.

Amnesia Haze

Do not be afraid of its name because Amnesia Haze is not the type of strain that would make you forget. In fact, it is quite the opposite. With its Haze genetics, it is great at energizing your mind to make it more clear-headed and focused. So, instead of making you forget, this strain can actually make you more productive.

Despite its long flowering time, Amnesia Haze is more than worth the wait and effort because of how popular and potent it is. It also is quite delicious and will give you a fruity sweet smoke you certainly will enjoy.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is an American-born strain that is probably more popular in Europe than in American shores. The reason for its popularity is that it is a very delicious plant that makes you feel like your mouth is diving into a bag of actual girl scout cookies. Moreover, it is a very potent kind of strain that has THC levels of about 23%.

GSC is earth and sweet and has indica-dominant effects that can make you feel like you are in a deep and relaxing state while you are enjoying the delicious kind of experience this strain provides you. And, as a grower, you certainly will love the fact that GSC is also very generous when it comes to its yields.

White Widow

White Widow is a popular strain that first originated in the Netherlands, which is often called the “Mecca” of the cannabis world. Feminized versions of the White Widow are very popular not only in Amsterdam but all over the entire globe because of how growers love the hybrid genetics that allows it to be grown in both cold and warm climates. Whether you are growing it in the colder climates of Europe or in the warm regions of the West Coast, you can still expect good yields from this plant.

Effects-wise, White Widow has consistent sativa-dominant effects that provide its users with a psychedelic kind of high. Moreover, it has a clean flavor that is full of freshness that is reminiscent of pine and citrus.


Critical can be considered an almost perfect cannabis strain because of how it has a lot of the things you are looking for in a feminized strain of marijuana. It has a good flavor, nice effects, high yields, and a fast-growing time. What else would you want from a good cannabis strain?

While Critical might be a good choice for growers, it is also a solid smoke for users. It has a relaxing kind of effect that can give you that “stone” kind of sensation that has made marijuana the popular recreational plant that it is.

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