Sativa Marijuana Seeds

What heights do you wish to reach? We’ll achieve this with the help of Sativa marijuana seeds. If you’re looking for pure Sativa seeds to grow premium Sativa cannabis, the Sunwest Genetics collection has some of the best available Sativa marijuana seeds. Some growers claim that the towering, psychedelic high from Sativa plants is unmatched. Order today at Sunwest Genetics and take advantage of our 80% guaranteed germination rate on our Sativa marijuana seeds for sale in the USA!

What are Sativa Marijuana Seeds?

Tropical regions are home to Sativa. The plant developed a long flowering time, which is significantly longer than Indica, which comes from a stricter climate, thanks to the hot heat and lengthy summers in that area. Cannabis seeds from the Sativa variety are smooth and devoid of marks. Light green is typically the color of the leaves. The leaves they have are somewhat thin and spiraling buds. They can go up to 15 feet tall when grown outside. And lastly, Sativa and Indica seeds are slightly similar if you just look at them so make sure to order right here at Sunwest Genetics for guaranteed pure Sativa marijuana seeds.

What are the advantages of Sativa Cannabis Seeds?

There are many advantages of Sativa marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you.

  • It has more energizing effects compared to Indica.
  • It can help consumers be more creative.
  • It can be used for medical conditions such as depression.
  • It is cheaper to grow as it is highly resistant to heat and humidity.
  • It is a tall variety of cannabis plants suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Are Sativa Cannabis Seeds beginner friendly?

One of the most challenging cannabis seeds to grow these days are the Sativa cannabis seeds. Especially if they are pure Sativa so we recommend at Sunwest Genetics that beginner growers should start with hybrid seeds with 80/20 Sativa-dominant strains as they are easier to grow compared to the pure Sativa variety of seeds.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?

If you merely compare the two type’s outward appearances, you won’t likely notice any huge differences because they are almost certainly identical. However, there is a way to tell them apart: Indica plants are shorter, bushier, and thicker, whereas Sativa plants grow taller, skinnier, and with long branches. Another way to tell them apart is by their average yields, which are higher for Sativa seed strains than Indica seed strains. Finally, due to their effects, Sativas are the finest daytime strains because they are known to produce head highs and foster creativity and attentiveness. Indicas are suitable for use at night since they produce drowsy, relaxing body sensations that make you pleased.


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