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Only a handful of US states have actually allowed the use and consumption of cannabis for both medical and adult use. Lucky for all you folks out in Vermont, the Green Mountain State is actually among the select few to display such a feat! As such, cannabis in this state is undoubtedly one of the most highly demanded commodities in the market. Through constant efforts and various conflicts with the law, Vermont was finally able to legalize the use of adult cannabis on July 1, 2018. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, was already legalized a few years back in May 2004

Now, while cannabis is still considered illegal at a federal level in the US, the strict implementation of laws in states that do allow its use is followed. This especially applies to Vermont, where there is said to be a very active cannabis scene in the area. Of course, Vermont still has a lot to give to fellow smokers and growers of cannabis. Below is a brief description of the legislative history found in Vermont as well as the many rules that residents must adhere by when using marijuana. So if you happen to find yourself looking to get blazed up, familiarize yourself with the different rules and policies in order to avoid the law!  

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Vermont?

During the early years of the 1900s, many countries around the world sought to disallow cannabis and classify it as a dangerous substance. This was mainly due to the sudden drop in the performance of certain workers of the industry after seemingly smoking cannabis. The United States was one of the countries which cooperated with the trend of putting a stop to all production and distribution operations of marijuana, including industrial hemp. States in the country gradually started prohibiting the drug within their respective territories, with Vermont finally doing so in the year 1915. This was subsequently followed up by the federal Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively prohibited cannabis all throughout the whole USA. 

Just like many other states in the nation, marijuana use in Vermont became rampant during the 1960s. This led to many criminal cases that centered around illegal marijuana use and possession. The very first change in the cannabis laws that reformed the marijuana industry in Vermont first came in May 2004. During this time, Senate Bill 76 (formally known as the Act Relating to the Medical Use of Marijuana) legalized the use of medical marijuana throughout Vermont. The subsequent passing of Senate Bill 7 in June 2007 provided for a much clearer and detailed framework for the medical marijuana program in the state.

On June 6th of 2013, Vermont’s local government officials decided to reduce the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana down to a non-criminal offense, thereby making cannabis decriminalized across the state. Later on in the year 2018, after numerous efforts that started as early as 2014, recreational cannabis officially became legal when House Bill 511 was put to effect. Now, while there are currently still no establishments in Vermont that are permitted to sell and distribute recreational marijuana, Senate Bill 54 in 2020 looks to authorize the distribution of cannabis for adult use in the state.  

Rules and Regulations in Vermont:

AGE LIMIT: According to state laws, adults in Vermont must be at least 21 years old in order to legally use recreational marijuana and at least 18 years old for medical marijuana. This limit is consistent with many other US states in the country. Using and consuming marijuana for any reason must always take place in private households and residences. Public places must be kept free from cannabis exposure. 

POSSESSION and PURCHASING: For recreational purposes, adults who meet the legal age requirement are allowed to possess up to one ounce (28.35 grams) of marijuana. Medical patients, on the other hand, are permitted to carry up to 2 ounces (56.70 grams) of marijuana for their needed supplies, which is subject to change depending on a physician’s recommendation.

Now, it is important to note that there are currently no physical establishments in Vermont that are allowed to distribute recreational cannabis. This means that all supplies for adult use must be secretly obtained through online seed banks. Sources such as SunWest Genetics, Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, MJ Seeds Canada, and Sonoma Seeds are all great choices for growers out in Vermont!

CULTIVATION: Cannabis cultivation in Vermont allows up to two mature plants and seven immature plants to be grown in a respective household. These plants must be kept in an enclosed area away from the public view of people outside of the property.

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Vermont?

Because of the lack of local weed dispensaries in Vermont, people are better off ordering their supplies of weed seeds through online marijuana seed banks. Of course, people need to consider that the importation of cannabis into certain US states is strictly prohibited by federal laws and will result in criminal charges that are punishable by hefty fines and prison sentences! As such, those who are looking to purchase marijuana and weed seeds online will need to make use of a reputable seed bank.

Our online marijuana seed bank, SunWest Genetics, is a top-of-the-line marijuana distributor that ships its products all across the world. With the use of our worldwide shipping services, residents and growers of Vermont will undoubtedly find SunWest Genetics to be their top choice! We have loads of different premium weed strains to offer that all come with guaranteed high germination rates and unparalleled quality. Furthermore, the use of Express Shipping services will allow us to deliver our weed seeds right to your doorstep with the smallest risk possible of confiscation! We tightly package your orders and seal them along with various other items to lessen any suspicions. To buy from SunWest Genetics, simply head to the website ( and browse the vast selection of weed seeds that we have in store for you! The accepted payment methods of SunWest Genetics includes: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Cash (US and Canadian Dollars) as well as Interac E-Transfers for Canada-based customers.

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • BLACK DIESEL MARIJUANA SEEDS – Black Diesel has a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. This sativa-dominant strain produces some very thick and frosty buds that can provide up to 550 grams per plant of yield. The flavors taste very vibrant and tropical, often coating your mouth with delectable fruity flavors. Black Diesel induces some very smooth and uplifting highs that are capable of brightening your mood. It has a THC level of around 17%. 
  • SUPER SILVER HAZE MARIJUANA SEEDS – This one-of-a-kind legendary strain has racked up countless awards during its time. Super Silver Haze takes about 9 to 11 weeks to fully mature. Often called the best “Skunk” variety out there, you will instantly be met with sharp notes of pungence and dankness. The spicy and earthy flavors also coat your palette with addicting tastes. When smoking Super Silver Haze, users are hit with some very sharp highs that keep you focused and alert. Your senses are dialled up to 200% as you get through the days with ease. The THC content of this strain averages around 20.5%. 
  • SKUNK x CINDERELLA 99 MARIJUANA SEEDS –  This fast flowering hybrid will be ready for harvest in around 6 to 8 weeks. Regardless of where you grow this strain, Skunk x Cinderella 99 offers some very potent and trichome-filled buds. The euphoric, mood-enhancing effects captivate your mind and transport you to a blissful daze of pure happiness. The skunky yet sweet profiles only amplify the highs and make the experience even better! It has a THC level that clocks in at 18%.
  • BLACK DOMINA MARIJUANA SEEDS – Black Domina is the perfect “chilling out” strain that provides a very smooth and mellow sensation in the body and mind. With a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks, it is typically a fast grower. Along with the peppery and piney notes that you will taste, the high of Black Domina is very relaxing. You will quickly find everything around you very uplifting as you start giggling over every little detail of the room! Black Domina has a very mild, medium-level THC. 
  • PINEAPPLE EXPRESS MARIJUANA SEEDS – Yes, you’ve probably heard of this strain due to the brilliant comedy movie named after it. Pineapple Express, as described in the movie, is a very euphoric and sensational strain that will blow your minds away. In about 7 to 8 weeks, the very tropical and sweet-smelling buds of Pineapple Express will be ready for harvest! You are also met with wonderful pineapple flavors with some sweet and sour notes at the back of your tongue. The THC level of this strain averages around 21%, which is fairly high even for today’s standards!

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Vermont? 

While the blooming state of Vermont generally operates under some strict laws and regulations, cannabis is still legal in the state. This means that citizens residing therein may fully make use of what marijuana has to offer as long as they stay within the law’s boundaries! So if you are a marijuana grower who is looking to stash up on some weed supplies for medical or personal use, then you are in luck! Vermont authorizes people to plant their own weed seeds in their respective households which should definitely help those who cultivate marijuana for future uses.

SunWest Genetics, with all the experience and tested feedback that we have received, will surely know a thing or two about delivering fresh and potent weed seeds to customers in Vermont. We guarantee that all our products contain high quality and are offered to very reasonable prices! You will surely get the best value for your money when purchasing from SunWest Genetics!

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