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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Quebec

In compliance with the approval of the federal Cannabis Act that was put into effect in 2018, the progressive province of Quebec decided to modify and amend its cannabis laws in order to provide the best and most regulated marijuana scene in its area. While marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes is legal in Quebec, it is actually subject to a fairly strict set of rules and regulations. Residents of the state are permitted to consume and grow their own cannabis plants in their households, whether it is for medical, recreational, or commercial purposes. Also, as Quebec is the largest Canadian province in terms of land area, people would expect that there is undoubtedly a high cannabis consumption rate and a high per capita consumption of marijuana found there. However, that isn’t exactly the case!

There is a respectable amount of marijuana dispensaries and medical clinics found all across the state. While marijuana supplies are generally accessible to residents in Quebec, the province still has one of the lowest per capita usage rates in the country. Of course, this does not mean that residents cannot purchase their weed seeds from SunWest Genetics. Because of the scattered dispensaries in the province, people may find it hard to get their hands on weed seeds. This problem may be solved by ordering from SunWest Genetics! If distance is your problem, then we’ve got you covered. Our services offered include bringing all your orders directly to your doorstep! No matter where you are in the province of Quebec, SunWest Genetics will have no problems at all delivering our seeds directly to you. You won’t even have to take one step out of the comfort of your homes!

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Quebec?

With the approval of the Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, on October 17, 2018 and the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations being passed in 2001, it was the very first time that the marijuana substance was made legal nationwide in Canada. This noted a significant event in the legislation history of cannabis in the whole nation. Quebec was, of course, one of the primary provinces that immediately underwent various amendments in their cannabis laws in order to establish a formal framework for cannabis operations. This also aimed to mitigate any risks of potential abuse regarding the said substance.

The cannabis rules and regulations found in Quebec are primarily the same as the ones that govern cannabis in other provinces of Canada. However, this may vary depending on which county and municipality you are in. While it may be possible for one place to allow on-site smoking in lounges and cafes, it might not be allowed in another county. As such, there may be many places in Quebec that do not provide accessible sources of weed to its citizens. If you are living in Quebec and there are no weed dispensaries near you, then feel free to purchase your weed seeds from SunWest Genetics. As a reputable and trustworthy seed bank in Canada, growers in Quebec will certainly have many benefits when ordering from our seed bank. By availing of our Express Shipping method, you are guaranteed to receive your packages with no risk of having it confiscated by Customs and other enforcement agencies! Additionally, the wide assortment of weed seeds that we offer are enough to provide customers with any type of weed seed they need! Are you into using feminized seeds? How about autoflowering genetics? Do you need some CBD-rich strains to help treat your conditions? Everything that you could ask for may be found in SunWest Genetics!

Different Cannabis Rules and Regulations in Quebec:

When cannabis was first legalized in 2018, the Provincial Board immediately reinforced the existing federal laws in order to operate a more regulated cannabis scene in Quebec. 

The minimum required age limit for cannabis consumption and possession was initially set to 18 years old in the province but was quickly changed to 21 years old. This was effective on January 1st, 2020. However, the legal age for medical marijuana was advised to remain at 18 years old


 Adults who are at least 21 years old and above may be allowed to buy and carry up to 30 grams of marijuana in public places. Keep in mind that there are currently only fresh and/or processed cannabis flowers and cannabis oils being sold in weed dispensaries in Quebec. Products such as marijuana edibles are not sold in-store but instead usually made personally by residents.  

Citizens are not allowed to purchase cannabis in an amount that exceeds 30 grams. Additionally, all cannabis purchases must be made from licensed dealers who are registered with the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC)


There are certain places in Quebec which allow on-site cannabis smoking in lounges and centers in addition to private residences. These are areas where marijuana consumption is allowed in places that also permit tobacco smoking. 

However, this does not hold true for all municipalities and counties in Quebec so make sure to do some research about the place you are in. Of course, marijuana smoking is always prohibited in areas with large crowds of people and children. 


Up to four (4) cannabis plants may be cultivated in an adult’s respective household. These may be used either for medicinal, recreational, or distribution purposes. 

Registered dispensaries may be allowed to cultivate more than the set limit as long as they secure the needed permits for growing their cannabis supplies. 

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Quebec?

If you find yourself needing a fresh supply of weed seeds, one of the most common sources that people turn to would be online marijuana seed banks. Because it is a very practical and easy way of obtaining weed seeds, growers would often scour the Internet for the best marijuana products that they could get their hands on. However, there are many times when different illegitimate seed banks will look to take advantage of its customers and scam them into spending money that they couldn’t get back!

As such, we at SunWest Genetics always make sure that our potential customers and clients are given a shopping experience that helps them feel comfortable every step of the way! We are a reputable seed bank that is known for producing some of the most diverse and unique weed strains in the market. At our website, we have different categories of weed seeds that growers can easily navigate to choose the right strains for their gardens. Our high quality weed seeds are also offered at only the best prices that you can find! We make our website,, readily accessible to anyone who is interested in our products. So if you are a grower who enjoys potent marijuana seeds and low prices, then head over to SunWest Genetics now! 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • PURPLE URKLE MARIJUANA SEEDS – This balanced hybrid from the West Coast is definitely one of the more famous strains across the world. Characterized by its dark purple hues and musky scent, Purple Urkle shows great qualities in both cultivation and smoking. It takes roughly 9 to 10 weeks for this strain to fully flower. It emits some very pungent yet fruity scents that contain berry profiles. The balance of indica and sativa make this strain induce both mental and cerebral highs. Along with the heavy body stone that relaxes your muscles, an uplifting sensation also gradually envelopes your mind and causes some happy thoughts. 
  • MAGNUM MARIJUANA SEEDS – Magnum is the type of strain that literally holds nothing back. It is a tall, sturdy plant that takes about 11 weeks of flowering time to fully mature. The spicy and floral terpene profiles make it a very classic and savory type of strain on the nose and mouth. As for its effects, smokers are hit with some very energizing buzzes that amplify their senses and raise their alertness. You will feel very talkative and invigorated due to the strong sativa dominance of Magnum. This strain has a THC content of 10% to 15%. 
  • MAZAR MARIJUANA SEEDS – While this strain isn’t exactly the best choice for beginners, Mazar is undoubtedly one of the most versatile strains that brings a whole lot to the table. During its flowering period, wait around 10 to 11 weeks for it to fully blossom before harvesting the dank strains of Mazar. The rich and bold flavors of citrus and hash amplify the very hazy and euphoric sensations of smoking this strain. It carries a THC level of 20%. 
  • LA CONFIDENTIAL MARIJUANA SEEDS – LA Confidential is another West Coast-bred strain that is wildly famous in many marijuana gardens. It is an extremely fast grower, often taking just around 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time. LA Confidential embodies some very classic weed qualities. The skunky and diesel-like aromas and flavors give it a nice, robust smoke with a creamy finish. It is capable of causing a heavy-bodied stone that clears your mind and gets you feeling light-headed. LA Confidential’s THC levels can reach up to 19% to 25%. 
  • EXODUS CHEESE MARIJUANA SEEDS – While many people may have forgotten about this strain, Exodus Cheese still remains as a legend in the hearts of many. This hybrid has a flowering period of around 7 to 8 weeks, making it a great choice for maximizing harvests in a year. As you take some puffs of this strain, you will notice the overwhelming flavors of earthiness and sour cheese coat your whole mouth. The effects are extremely euphoric and relaxing, often being used as a nighttime strain due to the laziness that blankets your body right after smoking a joint of this. It has a THC level that ranges from 16% to 19%.

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Quebec? 

In the province of Quebec, you will find a very open and tolerant marijuana scene governed by a number of rules and regulations. Because Canada is a country that is known to pioneer and advocate the worldwide legalization of marijuana, it could be expected that the provinces of the country allow the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana in their respective areas. Quebec, in particular, is a place where many growers actually purchase their marijuana seeds from online seed banks!

Buying from SunWest Genetics caters to the needs of any type of grower out there. Because we offer both medical and recreational strains, our potent and high quality seeds are sure to be the best you’ve ever grown! If you live in the province of Quebec, then you can surely purchase seeds online for your gardens. The countless benefits that online buying brings will definitely see growers getting some of the most premium strains for some very affordable and cheap prices!

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