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Buying Marijuana Seeds in Prince Edward Island

The bustling and busy province of Prince Edward Island is a place filled with different industries that give life to the economy of the place. Despite it being the smallest province of Canada in terms of landmass, it still has a lot to bring to the table with its tourism, fishing, and most especially agriculture and farming industries. As such, Prince Edward Island is actually very well off in terms of its cannabis scene. Both growers and smokers of medical and recreational use will find it quite welcoming to know that the province of Prince Edward Island hosts a very open and forgiving marijuana scene within the territory. 

There is a governing body established by the Provincial Board called the Prince Edward Cannabis Management Corporation. Through them various retail stores and cannabis outlets have been established in places such as O’Leary, Summerside, Charlottetown, and Montague. This was in relation to the government’s efforts in reducing the amount of cannabis sold in black markets and unofficial distributors. Additionally, adults who are of the legal age are actually permitted to grow their own marijuana plants for personal or commercial use! These little known facts are enough for someone to tell that the province of Prince Edward Island is a great place to plant your own weed seeds. And what better way to get started than by using SunWest Genetics’ very own marijuana seeds! With SunWest Genetics, you are sure to get the best and most famous weed seeds for the best prices available!

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Prince Edward Island?

As with most of the provinces and territories found in Canada, the use and possession of recreational cannabis was first made legal on October 17, 2018 with the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) officially being put into effect. This amendment marked a significant milestone in the legislative history of cannabis in Canada. While medical marijuana was made legal in 2001 when the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations Act was passed, it was only  in 2018 when Canada saw cannabis as a whole become legalized for the first time since it was banned and prohibited in 1923. This, of course, opened up all sorts of opportunities for the province of Prince Edward Island in the years to come. 

Due to it being a rather small area with a small population of just around 150,000 residents, studies have shown that Prince Edward Island has had the second lowest cannabis consumption rate out of all the Canadian provinces during the early 2010s. However, this does not mean that cannabis use in the province is limited. In 2017, PEI actually places sixth in the country in terms of per capita usage with up to 19 grams per resident!

 Residents of the province have also used SunWest Genetics as a source for their weed seeds. Because of a rather limited number of physical dispensaries that aren’t accessible to some, it is much more convenient to order from online marijuana seed banks! SunWest Genetics is also a very reputable seed bank that has years of experience. Our various assortments of weed seeds is enough to provide growers with all the different marijuana strains that they could ask for!

Different Cannabis Rules and Regulations in Prince Edward Island:

The different cannabis rules and regulations established by the federal government as well as the local administration of Prince Edward Island look to lessen the amount of illegal marijuana being distributed in the province. Additionally, it also aims to control and regulate the way marijuana is used by the citizens and residents of the province. 

The laws state that citizens of the province must be at least 19 years old in order to legally purchase and use marijuana. This coincides with the required age limit for use of tobacco and alcohol as well. Additionally, medical marijuana is allowed for patients who are aged at least 18 years old, as per the federal Cannabis Act. Local officials and authorities may confiscate marijuana found in the possession of underaged citizens.


In Prince Edward Island, the rules for purchasing and possessing marijuana are quite similar to those of other provinces. Residents of the island who are of legal age may be allowed to buy and carry 30 grams of dried marijuana or an amount equivalent in other forms of cannabis products in public places. They are also allowed to store an unlimited amount of marijuana in their respective households. 

Adults in PEI usually obtain their weed seeds from government-authorized establishments or through online marijuana seed banks. Because of the limited number of physical stores in the area, online shopping for weed seeds is quite common in the area.  


In observance of the Smoke-Free Places Act that extends to the district of Prince Edward Island, cannabis consumption is prohibited in public places where large crowds of people normally gather. This is a measure that ensures the general welfare of the public is not put in any sort of danger. 

As such, marijuana may only be used in private households as well as government-authorized establishments (such as cafes and lounges) that permit on-site smoking. Any place where tobacco and alcohol is authorized for use usually allows weed smoking as well.  


Adults can legally cultivate up to four (4) marijuana plants per household regardless of the number of adults who live in the said residence. 

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Prince Edward Island?

Because buying online marijuana seeds is very common over at Prince Edward Island, residents should always make sure that they are dealing with a reputable seed bank. You see, there are undoubtedly a lot of marijuana seed banks online that do not prioritize the satisfaction that their customers are getting. In fact, there are many instances where buyers do not get their weed seeds because they get scammed into placing orders from illegitimate websites.

SunWest Genetics operates a very reliable and trustworthy platform that gives customers the most comfortable experience when buying our weed seeds. Widely regarded as one of the best and most premier marijuana seed banks in Canada and North America, we have constantly provided some of the highest quality seeds to the gardens of growers for many years now. SunWest Genetics specializes in breeding and developing one of the most diverse genetic pools in the country. This enables us to maintain a consistent quality with each and every product that our customers decide to purchase! 

Try out our top-of-the-line weed seeds at now! You will surely love the high germination rates and affordable prices that come with our products. Accepted modes of payment are: MasterCard, Visa, BitCoin, US/Canadian Cash, and Interac E-Transfer (For Canada-based customers only). 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • AMNESIA x NICOLE KUSH MARIJUANA SEEDS – Amnesia x Nicole Kush is a rare hybrid that makes use of some very solid genetics. This indica-dominant hybrid will take up to 8 or 9 weeks of flowering time in order to fully blossom. It has a very earthy and piney scent that is pretty rare these days, considering the trend of sweet and fruity strains taking over the markets. It offers a pleasant body buzz that does great in getting rid of any pressure and discomfort in your joints and muscles. THC levels range from 16% to 20%. 
  • BADAZZ ROLEX MARIJUANA SEEDS – This top notch indica hybrid gives users a very high yield along with the different mesmerizing flavors that it produces. Because it makes use of some very potent and powerful parent strains, get ready to have the high of your life! Badazz Rolex has a flowering period that averages around 8 to 10 weeks. The spicy and herbal notes give it a very coarse and “rusty” type of smoke, often being quite itchy on the throat. You will definitely experience a strong body stone that immobilizes your movements and lulls you to sleep. THC levels clock in at 20% to 23%. 
  • BLACK WIDOW MARIJUANA SEEDS – As a strain that is potent enough to rival its main counterpart, the legendary White Widow, this interesting hybrid is a must try for every avid weed fan. It gives off some very pungent and fruity ripe smells and sweet tastes that instantly appeal to any smoker trying it out. Its effects are very energizing and uplifting despite the indica dominance. Its THC levels measure an average of 20% to 22%.  
  • TROPICANA COOKIES PURPLE MARIJUANA SEEDS – As a strain that overwhelms your palette with strong, sweet flavors of cookies and citrus, Tropicana Cookies Purple hits users in every right way possible. It usually takes around 9 weeks to fully mature and grow. The purple hues that it displays captivates the eyes of many growers. This is a very dry and strong strain that gives a very full-bodied smoke. Smokers will definitely feel more light-headed and focused after a few tokes of Tropicana Cookies Purple.
  • SUNSET SHERBET MARIJUANA SEEDS – Sunset Sherbet is an insanely tropical strain that gets smokers reminiscing about the good times at the beach. It offers a very easy growing experience, often taking roughly around 8 weeks to flower. The tantalizing flavors of, well… sherbet and bubblegum offer a very creamy smoke and smooth inhale. The relaxing yet social feelings that you develop after smoking a joint of this strain make it the perfect companion for weekends and chilling out sessions. The THC of Sunset Sherbet measures at around 21%.  

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Prince Edward Island? 

Prince Edward Island in Canada houses a very lenient and forgiving cannabis scene within its borders. Because it isn’t the most densely populated area in the country, cannabis consumption and production rates aren;t all that high in this province. However, many residents and citizens still enjoy the use and consumption of marijuana. While smoking marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is fully legalized in this area, the main attraction for its residents is the ability to cultivate their own weed seeds!

Purchasing weed seeds from SunWest Genetics has never been easier. With a lot of our customers from Prince Edward Island establishing a good relationship with our company, SunWest Genetics is a great choice for growers in the area. We offer a wide array of regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and even CBD seeds! Our inventory also includes some great hybrids that are sure to bring something new each and every time! So, what are you waiting for! Order from SunWest Genetics now!

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