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In terms of its cannabis scene, the blossoming state of Ontario is a hidden gem for marijuana growers and smokers alike. If you are planning to grow your very own cannabis plants for either medical or recreational purposes, then you are in luck! Ontario is one of the many Canadian territories that boasts an open and free marijuana scene. With many of its citizens taking an interest in the use and consumption of marijuana, it should come as no surprise that the province of Ontario is one of the leading places with regards to the progression of their marijuana industry. 

When recreational marijuana was officially legalized on October 17th, 2018 all across the country of Canada, Ontario was one of the provinces that was already known to have a high cannabis consumption rate. Of course, during this time, medical marijuana was already made legal so many citizens and residents of the state were exposed to marijuana use. Throughout the years, especially in 2019, a significant number of weed dispensaries and cannabis-centered shops were established in Ontario with the bulk of them being found in the city of Toronto. These retail stores, governed by the Ontario Cannabis Store, were established in order to provide supplies of marijuana to growers found in Ontario. They are, of course, subject to a strict set of rules and requirements before being permitted to distribute marijuana in the province. 

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Ontario?

The first known major reform for cannabis in Canada came in 2001 with the drafting and eventual approval of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations Act. This bill fully legalized the use of medical marijuana for patients who were suffering from debilitating and serious conditions. In addition to this, recreational and adult use of cannabis was also made legal on October 17, 2018 when the Cannabis Act or Bill C-45 was officially put into effect. These two reforms in the laws of the Federal Government marked the very first time that cannabis was fully authorized for use since its initial prohibition in 1923.  

Now, as these laws spanned at a nationwide level, the province of Ontario was one of the many places that saw an immediate upsurge in the distribution and consumption of cannabis in their area. Also, there was also a significant increase in the number of people who were buying their weed seeds online from SunWest Genetics. As a place blossoming with growers and cannabis enthusiasts, many people have opted to buy the premium and high quality weed seeds that we have to offer. From the classic regular seeds to some new autoflowering hybrids, our marijuana libraries at SunWest Genetics are sure to surprise you guys! We also offer Express Shipping services that help us maintain the privacy and secrecy of our customer’s information. Through its use, you won’t have to worry about getting your orders confiscated by Customs! We make sure to lower our prices so that customers will be able to save up some money without having to sacrifice the quality that our weed seeds contain!

Different Cannabis Rules and Regulations in Ontario:

The province of Ontario has also been known to pass and approve of a number of laws and regulations that look to further improve the cannabis industry over there. In addition to the federal Cannabis Act that was implemented across the country, these other provisions sought to regulate and control both the medical and recreational use of marijuana within Ontario’s cities and municipalities.

Despite being a Canadian province that is largely influenced by the United States, its cannabis scene is still regulated similar to those of other Canadian territories. As such, the legal age requirement for adult marijuana use is set  to 19 years old. Furthermore, medical patients seeking to use marijuana as an alternative form of treatment must be at least 18 years old


Adults who are of the legal age limit are authorized to purchase and carry up to 30 grams of processed marijuana or an amount equivalent to it in the form of cannabis oils. As of today, only processed and cured marijuana as well as cannabis oils are up for sale in weed dispensaries located in Ontario. While edibles are allowed to be made in a user’s own private residences, cannabis extracts and concentrates are not offered in this province due to health concerns.

All supplies of cannabis must be obtained either through the Ontario Cannabis Store online or through government-authorized businesses such as SunWest Genetics. Keep in mind that marijuana distribution is not legal for everyone and  buyers must first provide proof of age before being allowed to obtain marijuana and weed seeds.


When it comes to cannabis consumption, medical patients and adult users are allowed to smoke marijuana in places such as:

  • Private residences
  • Privately-owned property
  • Open and vacant lots
  • Smoking lounges/ Recreational smoking centers
  • Certain cafes and establishments
  • Residential boats and vehicles (Provided that the operator is not under the influence of marijuana)
  • Government-mandated areas and facilities 

As such, it goes without saying that marijuana consumption is not allowed in places where people (most especially children) would otherwise be exposed to marijuana. These places include: churches, gymnasiums, schools, colleges, public parks, public transportation vehicles, etc.  


Adults 19 years old and above may cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household, which is consistent with the limits set by the federal law.

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Ontario?

Citizens of Ontario are free to purchase their marijuana seeds online, albeit in a secret and discreet manner in order to avoid arousing any suspicions. As such, these growers must always remain wary about the sources of their marijuana and make sure that they are only dealing with reputable seed banks! The Internet is full of illegitimate scammers who may very well take advantage of your weed seeds cravings if you are not careful. Buyers must always make sure to do a background check first. Reading some customer reviews and feedback is a great way of avoiding such risks.

Because we at SunWest Genetics are fully aware of the caution that customers must have when ordering weed seeds online, our website is designed to provide our buyers with a very comfortable and trustworthy experience when buying marijuana seeds! Simply head to and pick a strain of your choosing. Feel free to browse the other premium and high quality seeds that we have to offer! With the high germination rates we guarantee to our customers, you will find yourselves producing thick and resinous buds every time! We accept many payment methods including: MasterCard, Visa, BitCoin, US/Canadian Cash, and Interac E-Transfer (For Canada-based customers only). 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • BLACK DIESEL MARIJUANA SEEDS – Because it is more of an indoor strain, Black Diesel isn’t the most mold resistant strain out there. However, when grown under the proper conditions, it is capable of producing some very large yields. This strain has a flowering period of around 10 to 11 weeks. Black Diesel is a solid, uplifting sativa strain that induces some very euphoric and captivating effects. The strong flavors of spice and herbs give it a very savory profile. It works well in mitigating any pain and discomfort in your muscles. Additionally, Black Diesel provides a moderate THC level of 17%.
  • SOUR LEMON MARIJUANA SEEDS – If you’re looking for the perfect social strain, this is it. Sour Lemon will get you feeling extremely giddy and hyper, often making the most introverted people turn talkative for many hours! The energetic buzzes are usually caused by the bearable THC contents of 15% to 17%. The lemon and sour flavors are a trademark characteristic for this strain. 
  • WHITE RUSSIAN MARIJUANA SEEDS – named after a super fancy cocktail tailored for only the most premium growers, White Russian is truly a strain to behold. This award-winning hybrid mixes some strong earthy flavor with a very subtle sweet tone, giving your palette a complex set of tastes that will be hard to let go of. While it is a very sharp and raspy smoke, the effects are sure to shake up reality as you know it. As a mentally-stimulating high that borders being psychedelic, White Russian is a great choice for people with a high tolerance to THC! Its THC levels clock in between 20% to 25%. 
  • 5 ALIVE MARIJUANA SEEDS – Despite not being the most famous strain, 5 Alive is definitely one of the best-tasting strains in the market today. Even during cultivation, you are met with some very fruity and minty smells that mirror the possible Girl Scout Cookies genetics very well. Even the tastes are very chocolatey with some mildly earthy and skunk undertones that mix modern with classic feels. THC of this strain clocks in at a nice 19% to 22%. This makes it capable of giving a very hazy and vibrant high that sharpens your senses and alertness! Make sure to use this one during the day!
  • HELLFIRE OG MARIJUANA SEEDS – This classic OG strain isn’t something that you frequently find in most gardens. However, it is definitely a one-of-a-kind hybrid that has the qualities to give one hell of a high. Get it? The Hellfire OG is a strong hitting, well-balanced hybrid that will get you feeling lazy and drowsy even in your most important days. Take a few tokes of this and you will find yourself locked into your couch streaming a bunch of Netflix movies and downing a lot of snacks! It can get pretty strong, with its THC levels ranging from 23% all the way up to 29%. 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Ontario? 

The province Ontario is a great place to visit if you are looking for an open and accepting marijuana scene. Its cities and municipalities, most notably Toronto, is home to some of the finest marijuana strains and weed establishments anywhere in the country. So if you plan on growing some of your own cannabis plants for either medical or recreational purposes, living in Ontario is definitely somewhere you will want to be!

Now, growers in Ontario will definitely appreciate being able to buy their weed seeds from SunWest Genetics. Because we are one of the leading marijuana seeds banks in the whole country, you won’t worry about the quality that we offer. SunWest Genetics keeps its word that every seed sent out is held to the best standards to give the most potent seeds possible. Additionally, we have almost every type of marijuana strain that you can think of! Go to SunWest Genetics now and avail of our most affordable prices!

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