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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Nunavut

Adults and medical patients living in the thriving province of Nunavut are fully permitted to grow their own supplies of marijuana! Ever since medical marijuana was legalized in 2001 and recreational weed was legalized in 2018, the cannabis scene in Nunavut, Canada has seen significant progress throughout the years. Now, cannabis for both medical and adult use is now readily accessible to citizens of Nunavut. Even before cannabis was made legal in Canada, the province of Nunavut had constantly shown a keen interest in allowing its residents to openly use marijuana without having to face any criminal charges. In the years 2017 and 2018, surveys have shown that approximately 75% of Nunavut residents favored the legalization of marijuana. 

However, one fact that captures the attention of many is the fact that there are currently no physical cannabis dispensaries located in Nunavut! This is quite surprising considering that cannabis is legal throughout the country. Of course, this is never something to worry about as SunWest Genetics has got you covered! Because we understand the demand for cannabis seeds is high, SunWest Genetics would be more than happy to accommodate all your growing needs. From CBD-rich strains to just plain, regular seeds, our inventories are made up of the best and highest quality genetics that you can find online! This is especially useful to growers and smokers located in Nunavut as it gives them a reliable source of weed seeds every time they need it!

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Nunavut?

Cannabis for recreational use in Nunavut was first made legal on October 17, 2018 when Bill C-45, also known as the Federal Cannabis Act, first came into effect. Along with the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, the subsequent approval of the Cannabis Act saw Canada allow the use and possession of marijuana for the first time since its prohibition last 1923. Ever since, the cannabis scene in Nunavut has slowly taken steps towards improving its weed culture. Due to legal conflicts with the law, it was the last province to announce an established framework for recreational cannabis. Moreover, the Provincial Board also cited its intention to provide all cannabis supplies, whether for medical or recreational use, through online transactions. While cannabis use, possession, and consumption were deemed legal, citizens of Nunavut had to find various sources of weed seeds.

Now, since there are no physical weed dispensaries available anywhere in the island, people might think they should drive all the way to another province like New Brunswick in order to buy some marijuana seeds! Well, that certainly isn’t the case as long as you have SunWest Genetics. As one of the leading online marijuana seed banks located in Canada, sending out our top quality weed seeds to Nunavut growers has never been easier! Through the use of our Express Shipping services, we at SunWest Genetics can safely and securely deliver your orders without having any problems with confiscations and illegal importation. In addition to securely packing your weed seeds, we also send it in a bundle filled with various other items such as shirts, toys, ballpens, and shoes in order to lessen any suspicion. SunWest Genetics, through our rigorous development and breeding of weed seeds, was able to come up with the perfect formula to produce the highest quality marijuana products you can find anywhere online. 

Different Cannabis Rules and Regulations in Nunavut:

 Nunavut’s marijuana scene is highly regulated by the laws and limits indicated in the federal Cannabis Act and the locally established Cannabis Statutes Amendment Act. Both these bills were passed in order to ensure the safe and controlled use of marijuana in the province of Nunavut as well as Canada as a whole. 

First and foremost, the laws state that adults must be at least 19 years or older in order to legally use, possess, and cultivate marijuana in the province. This is also the standard minimum age limit set by the majority of Canadian provinces as well as the required age for tobacco and alcohol consumption.  


Adults and residents of Nunavut who are of the legal age are allowed to possess and purchase up to 30 grams of marijuana as well as other cannabis products (most notably THC/CBD oils) in an amount equivalent to 30 grams. Additionally, adults are only allowed to possess up to 30 cannabis seeds at any given time.

The provincial government body called the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission has stated that all cannabis supplies must be obtained from licensed online marijuana seed banks


There are a number of places where adults of legal age are allowed to use and smoke marijuana and other cannabis products in the province of Nunavut. For one, an important reminder to keep in the back of your head is that marijuana consumption is allowed in places where tobacco smoking and vaping is authorized. Adults are also allowed to consume cannabis in their respective households and private properties. 

Needless to say, it is prohibited to use marijuana in places with large crowds of people and children such as schools, hospitals, recreation centers, parks, and the like. 


Much like the rest of the country, cannabis cultivation is permitted in Nunavut. Adults are authorized to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household. All seeds used for cultivation must be obtained from licensed dealers and online distributors.

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Nunavut?

Because there are no physical weed dispensaries and local shops that sell marijuana and cannabis seeds in the counties of Nunavut, the only viable option to buy your weed seeds is through online transactions using marijuana seed banks. Because this calls for a contactless way of buying your marijuana products, the risk of being scammed is much higher. As such, growers of Nunavut must always be careful where they buy their weed seeds from. Customers should opt for a reputable seed bank and make sure that the source of their marijuana is a legitimate dealer.

If you are having worries regarding which marijuana seed bank to choose, then let me recommend SunWest Genetics! We are a marijuana seed bank that has been operating for many years now. As a result of being in the cannabis market of Canada, we know what it takes to build a relationship with our customers and gain their trust in our products. SunWest Genetics has constantly provided citizens of Nunavut with their much desired weed seeds for the most affordable prices online! Additionally, our commitment to high quality seeds and a guaranteed 80% germination rate helps us maintain the standards that we hold ourselves to! To order our weed seeds, place your purchases via and simply fill out an order form to complete the process. You may choose to send payments via MasterCard, Visa, BitCoin, US/Canadian Cash, and Interac E-Transfer (For Canada-based customers only). 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • JUICY FRUIT MARIJUANA SEEDS – Named after a world-famous candy brand that people love, smokers and growers should have a general idea of what to expect from the Juicy Fruit strain. It takes around 8 to 9 weeks for this marijuana strain to flower and fully mature. The strong, pleasant smell of fruits and tropical notes do well to mirror the sweet and berry flavor that this strain gives out. The effects are very vibrant as a few hits is enough to induce a very buzzing and energetic high. You will instantly feel uplifted due to the positive thoughts that will blanket your mind. Juicy Fruit carries THC levels of 26%.   
  • SWEET TOOTH MARIJUANA SEEDS – The Sweet Tooth marijuana strain is an award-winning, hard-hitting hybrid that mixes a sweet profile with some mind-altering highs! This strain will typically take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower. The fruity and almost candy-like taste makes it very easy to smoke with no irritation on the throat whatsoever. The effects, however, aren’t something you’d typically expect from a strain like this. It induces a strong, relaxing sensation that calms the nerves and releases all stress from your body. This all takes place while you are met with a very uplifting mood that improves your overall mindset. Sweet Tooth has a THC level of 20%. 
  • BIG BUD MARIJUANA SEEDS – Known colloquially as one of the most generous yielding strains out there, Big Bud is a hybrid that needs no introduction whatsoever. This strain has a flowering period that ranges from about 7 to 9 weeks before being able to produce some colossal-sized buds. While it also induces some very interesting flavors and effects due to the medium THC level, Big Bud’s main highlight is undoubtedly the high yields it is able to give. 
  • BLUEBERRY MARIJUANA SEEDS – As one of the most staple choices for practically any grower out there, strains will rarely reach the legendary status that Blueberry has. Blueberry takes roughly around 8 to 10 weeks to flower. The nice, smooth flavors of berries is a signature trait that this strain has. Smokers are introduced to some very potent and deep relaxing highs with this strain. Often considered as one of the best starters for cannabis newbies, this strain can be quite strong with a THC level of 20%. 
  • ACDC MARIJUANA SEEDS – This CBD-rich strain is used primarily for medical purposes. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t give you an awesome high as well. ACDC strain, contrary to the popular rock band it was named after, is actually a very smooth and mellow strain. In fact, it contains a very low THC level of just 1% to 5% at most. Its properties mainly lie in its CBD content, where users get a clear-headed and light feeling after smoking a joint of this tranquil strain.

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Nunavut? 

The province of Nunavut is just like any other Canadian province in terms of its cannabis legalization and marijuana policies. For adults who are living in this part of the country, planting weed seeds is a great way of making sure that they have a constant supply of marijuana for future consumption. As such, it is crucial to have a reputable online source of weed seeds that growers can rely on in lieu of physical shops and local dispensaries.

Our team at SunWest Genetics, through extensive research and efforts, has been able to come up with the most unique and diverse set of weed genetics that are sure to satisfy all our customers. Our assurance of high quality weed seeds offered for the lowest prices are sure to give buyers exactly what they are looking for! There are numerous advantages to purchasing weed seeds from us. For the comfort and safety of our customers, we make sure that all our products are delivered directly to their homes! Buy from SunWest Genetics now!

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