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Buying Marijuana in New Brunswick

If you are someone who is planning to grow your own cannabis seeds, then New Brunswick is the place to be! With cannabis legalized all across the flourishing nation of Canada, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to cultivate some weed seeds if you live here. This holds especially true in the province of New Brunswick, which is a place that is considerably tolerant and forgiving with its marijuana policies. With some very minor exceptions, the rules governing all cannabis-related activities in Canada are quite similar with regards to each state. This is because the rules are implemented on a federal level, which spans all across the borders of the country. 

There are many various local dispensaries and sources of weed that make marijuana readily available to the citizens of Canada. If you find yourself in New Brunswick, then it would be comforting to know that there are a number of  accessible dispensaries located in the various cities and counties of the province. Of course, not everyone is capable of travelling long distances just to obtain their supplies of marijuana and weed seeds. Those residents living in the outskirts of towns may find it difficult to get their hands on some much needed cannabis in New Brunswick. 

The best option that these people have is to order their weed seeds from SunWest Genetics. No matter where they are located in New Brunswick, SunWest Genetics is sure to bring our products to the very houses of our buyers! We offer the highest quality seeds in all of Canada for the most cheap and affordable prices. This allows customers to take advantage of ordering their weed seeds online and having guarantees of their weed seeds arriving! Oh, and did I mention that our high germinations rates are guaranteed at over 80%?    

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in New Brunswick?

Cannabis in New Brunswick was first made legal on October 17th, 2018  4when the Cannabis At or Bill C-45 was put into effect under Federal Laws. This bill, which legalized the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana across the whole nation since its country-wide prohibition in 1923, marked a significant milestone in the cannabis history of Canada. Various events, festivals, and even holidays are celebrated in the province of New Brunswick to commemorate the legalization and many benefits of weed. Back in 2003, Saint John Cannabis Cafe was actually an openly-established dispensary located in New Brunswick which distributed medical supplies to patients. This only goes to show how forgiving marijuana policies were in this province even prior to the passing of the Cannabis Act.

However, out of all the Canadian provinces, New Brunswick has actually been considered as one of the places with the lowest cannabis consumption rates in the country. Various surveys indicate that New Brunswick also offers the cheapest prices for cannabis distributed by informal distributors but the most expensive prices for  legally sold weed. Because of this, a very viable option for those in New Brunswick would be to purchase their weed seeds from SunWest Genetics

As a Canada-based marijuana seed bank online, we are familiar with the various prices offered in the cannabis markets. We are compelled to offer only the most reasonable prices for our top-shelf weed seeds in order to guarantee our buyers’ satisfaction. Also, we specialize in breeding our own weed seeds rather than retailing our supplies from other breeders. This way, we are able to control the quality and uphold our high standards in preparing each and every one of our weed seeds!

Different Cannabis Rules and Regulations in New Brunswick:

New Brunswick has always been very forgiving with the laws and policies of marijuana in the province. Despite the relatively low cannabis consumption rates as compared to other places, New Brunswick still has an active cannabis scene and medical marijuana program operating within its borders. 

According to the federal laws regarding citizens being able to use and possess marijuana in New Brunswick, anyone who is at least 19 years old and above is permitted to use cannabis in the province.


New Brunswick residents are permitted to purchase and carry up to 30 grams of marijuana and other cannabis products while in public places. This includes all other forms of marijuana such as extracts, oils, concentrates, etc. In terms of keeping cannabis in households, there is no limit as to how much you can store.

All supplies of marijuana and cannabis products may only be purchased from establishments registered with Cannabis NB, which is a  direct subsidiary of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation. 


Any citizen of New Brunswick is allowed to consume cannabis in their private households or in open/vacant places with no crowds of people present. However, there are currently no permitted establishments or smoking lounges which allow on-site consumption for marijuana.


Adults living in New Brunswick are allowed to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants in their respective households at a time. This holds true regardless of how many adults are residing at a given household. All marijuana plants must also be kept hidden and enclosed in a surrounding that is at least 1.5 meters high. 

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in New Brunswick?

If you are having trouble getting your hands on some weed seeds in New Brunswick, then SunWest Genetics has got you covered! There is no better marijuana seed bank online that can give you some of the highest quality seeds for the most affordable prices. SunWest Genetics is an established seed bank in Canada with loads of experience under its belt. With years of providing customers with our top-notch weed seeds, SunWest Genetics has been able to build a reputation for being one of the most trusted and reliable sources of marijuana across the whole country of Canada! With our expertise in breeding and developing strains, we pour all our knowledge into making the best and most potent genetics offered in the cannabis market. 

To order from SunWest Genetics, you can visit our website,, and view all our offered weed seeds. From regular seeds all the way to CBD-rich strains, our inventory will have all that you growers need! It is always important for online buyers to make sure that they are dealing with reputable seed banks. We make our customers comfortable by operating a very user-friendly website that makes the whole purchasing process easy for them! Our Online Chat/Email Services also give users the opportunity to contact us regarding any questions that they may have with our weed seeds. Accepted payment options of SunWest Genetics includes MasterCard, Visa, BitCoin, and US/Canadian Cash. Customers may also use Interac E-Transfer if they live in Canada. 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  • BANANA PUNCH MARIJUANA SEEDS – Banana Punch is a balanced marijuana hybrid with 50% indica and 50% sativa. It is the result of crossbreeding some delicious Purple Punch with some Banana OG. The dense and compact buds are packed with strong flavors of pineapple, banana, and fruits. The cerebral and euphoric daze definitely gets people feeling happy and uplifted. This strain contains a THC level of a moderate 18% up to a staggering 26%. 
  • SOUR TANGIE MARIJUANA SEEDS – Sour Tangie consists of a genotype made up of 80% indica  and 20% sativa. The crossbreeding of Tangie mixed with some East Coast Sour Diesel gave birth to this concoction of a strain. The dark green buds are filled with bursts of citrus and sour flavors that also have hints of diesel mixed into them. Despite being an indica-dominant variety, Sour Tangie induces more of a body high that sends sharp buzzes of energy and trippiness all over your body. Towards the end of the high, you are met with strong sensations of drowsiness. Sour Tangie carries a THC level of 22%. 
  • WHITE WIDOW MARIJUANA SEEDS – Known as the perfect strain for particularly any type of occasion, White Widow is an almost perfectly balanced strain with 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics. Making use of pure landrace parents such as Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica, this is a very natural-tasting strain with a very full-bodied high. Very dank and skunky tastes fill your mouth with each puff as it reminds you of what classic weed used to be like. A very calm and uplifting sensation stimulates your mind and causes it to conjure up some very euphoric thoughts. The THC content clocks in at around 18% to 25%. 
  • CRITICAL KUSH MARIJUANA SEEDS – Made up of 90% indica and 10% sativa, this almost-pure indica strain is a potent cross between the renowned OG Kush and Critical Mass. This strain has very herbal and piney tastes that are more savory than anything else. The thick smoke taken with each puff brings very relaxing sensations throughout the whole body, capable of causing some seriou couch-locking effects. You will certainly experience a case of the munchies after you’re through with Critical Kush. It has a THC level of 25%. 
  • G-13 MARIJUANA SEEDS – G-13 is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a rich lineage and sensational highs. The 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics make sure you get a little bit of everything with each toke. It is known to have come from the lineage of the famed Afghani strain. Nice, earthy tastes coupled with very subtle hints of fruitiness make this strain a pleasure to smoke. The calming and relaxing high will definitely get anyone feeling sleepy after a joint or two of G-13. This strain can get quite powerful with a THC level of 22% to 24%. 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in New Brunswick? 

New Brunswick allows the use and consumption of marijuana within its borders as well as the cultivation of cannabis seeds within a resident’s households. So if you are a medical patient or a recreational user who is looking to stack up on your marijuana supplies, then cultivating your own weed seeds is the way to go! New Brunswick laws allow for up to four (4) marijuana plants to be grown in a respective household. As long as residents abide by the limits set for cultivation, then they should have no problem growing their own weed seeds.

SunWest Genetics is also the ideal choice for residents of New Brunswick to get their weed seeds from. With a wide array of marijuana strains that you won’t typically find in almost all local dispensaries, growers will have a field day picking from our assortment of seeds! Head over to our website now and vail of our premium strains!

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