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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Michigan

Do you ever dream of starting your own cannabis gardens? Are you an aspiring grower who looks to produce your very own potent marijuana buds? Well, if you live in the state of Michigan, then today is the best time to get started! You see, the use of both recreational and medical cannabis is legal at the Great Lake State. This means that adults who meet the minimum age limit are authorized to purchase, carry, consume, and (if permitted) distribute marijuana and other cannabis products throughout the state. 

Local marijuana shops and cannabis dispensaries may be found in various places within the state’s borders. However, one very common way of obtaining weed seeds in the state of Michigan is through online marijuana seed banks. SunWest Genetics has been a staple for many Michigan residents who are in need of a reliable source of marijuana seeds! As one of the more famous choices of marijuana seed banks that could be found online, SunWest Genetics has the necessary experience and capacity to give customers the best growing experience possible!

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Michigan?

  The prolific state of Michigan has gone through a very strenuous process in order to get its marijuana scene where it is today. Early in 2008, Proposal 1 was met with the sufficient number of votes. As a result, the use of medical marijuana for patients diagnosed with certain debilitating and terminal health conditions. Throughout the years, many amendments and reforms had been passed in order to smoothen out the existing medical marijuana program present in the state. Furthermore, recreational marijuana was made legal on November 6th, 2018 after voters approved of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTMA). It became the first state in Midwestern USA and the eleventh state overall to legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis. Through this law, residents of Michigan (most notably in Detroit) are now permitted to use, possess, and cultivate marijuana without getting into any trouble with laws. 

Now, speaking of cannabis laws, there are quite a few to remember when in Michigan. These are very similar with the policies established by other regions at a state-wide level. For one, only adults who are 21 years old and above are allowed to use medical and/or recreational cannabis. Residents of Michigan are allowed to purchase and carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in public at a given time. Furthermore, recreational users may only keep up to 10 ounces of marijuana in their respective homes. Home cultivation for adult users and medical patients is also permitted in the Wolverine State. Both purposes allow up to 12 cannabis plants within a household. These plants must also be kept hidden and away from an area that exposes them to the public.

Ordering Weed Seeds Online in Michigan:

Aside from the city of Detroit, not many people living in other counties and areas of Michigan have much accessibility when it comes to local weed dispensaries.  Because most of the cannabis shops and dispensaries in Michigan are located in Detroit (40 out of the available 49), it isn’t all that practical for people living in other regions to drive all the way to the city just to purchase a few marijuana seeds.

With SunWest Genetics, you won’t have to worry about driving long hours into another county just to get your weed seeds! Buying your weed seeds online makes sure that your orders and purchases arrive right to your doorstep. SunWest Genetics is one of the most well-known and trustworthy seed banks in all of North America and Canada. With the worldwide shipping services that we offer, customers in Michigan can get their hands on all sorts of weed seeds any time that they want. Our wide array of weed seed choices are all guaranteed to be top-of-the-line premium strains that undergo a strict quality control process. This allows us to uphold a certain standard with each and every pack of marijuana seeds that we ship out. In addition to offering some very potent products, we at SunWest Genetics also offer some of the best and most affordable prices that you will find online. Our Express Shipping also gives buyers a guarantee of their packages arriving without being confiscated during importation into Michigan. 

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Michigan?

Ordering marijuana seeds and other cannabis products through online shops may sound a little intimidating. Of course, you may always run into websites and other sketchy-looking platforms that seem to be selling “legitimate marijuana seeds”.  

Simply put, residents from all over Michigan can order our weed seeds from SunWest Genetics by visiting our website,, and placing their purchases into their carts! Once you are done looking for some weed seeds to purchase, clicking on the “Check Out” button will lead you to a fill-out form which makes you choose which payment method suits you the best. At SunWest Genetics, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Bitcoin, and US and Canadian dollars. Additionally,  Interac E-Transfer is available for customers based in Canada.

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  •  GIRL SCOUT COOKIES FEMINIZED SEEDS – Girl Scout Cookies is a topnotch, highly sought-after hybrid that is widely considered as a legendary strain in the cannabis industry. Known particularly for the sweet and minty flavors reminiscent of its namesake, the GSC is a great all-around strain that fits the taste of all. THC levels of the GSC may be quite high, often measuring in between 25% and 30%. It induces a very uplifting and happy high, often filling a user’s mind with creative juices. It can, however, be very cerebral and psychedelic. 
  • GELATO MARIJUANA SEEDS – The Gelato strain is something that will surprise you with the assortment of flavors that it has to offer. Once you take a puff of Gelato, you are introduced to a very sweet, citrusy, and fruity flavor. These seeds are capable of producing buds with THC levels that reach up to 20% on average. It gives off a very euphoric head-high that instantly uplifts your mood.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS – Time and time again, Northern Lights always seems to surprise growers with what it can do. Now, having an autoflowering version of itself, cultivators can easily produce some of its frosty and trichome-filled buds! Smokers of Northern Lights are met with very earthy and piney flavors in the mouth and nose. As for its effects, it induces a very relaxing and mind-altering high that lasts for long hours. The dreamy sensations will definitely lull you to sleep! So make sure to use it as a nighttime strain.
  • JACK HERER FEMINIZED SEEDS – Jack Herer Feminized is truly a classic and one of the most iconic strains available in the market, so much so that it was named after legendary cannabis advocate Jack Herer. This strain gives off a very appealing fruity/lemony scent that is pleasant to the nose. You will definitely feel more invigorated and energized after hitting this strain a few times. Furthermore, the euphoric and cerebral high will help users develop a more focused and creative mood.  
  • MASTER KUSH FEMINIZED SEEDS – Kush is undoubtedly one of the most potent yet tantalizing types of marijuana that users can get their hands on. With Master Kush, you get the same intensity as the strains in its category while, at the same time, inducing some very unique flavors and terpene profiles. Described as a ‘two hit and quit” strain, it doesn’t take much for this to get you feeling dazed and confused! 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Michigan? 

Michigan is widely recognized as being a safe haven for marijuana fans and enthusiasts all around the world. As such, it is actually very common to find people growing their own weed seeds and cannabis plants in this state. So if you happen to live in any area of Michigan, then you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the law! Cultivating cannabis seeds is perfectly legal here so today is the perfect time to start!

If you do not know where to get your weed seeds from, then I highly recommend heading over to SunWest Genetics and placing your orders now! We have all the different kinds of seeds that growers could possibly want: Regular, Feminized, Autoflowering, and CBD strains are all made readily available to all our valued customers. We also offer wholesale services for those who wish to stock up on supplies! Buy marijuana seeds at SunWest Genetics now!

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