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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Maine

The use of medical and recreational cannabis in Maine is legal and authorized for adults who are 21 years old and above. At the state-wide level, Maine was one of the very first US territories to prohibit cannabis but, at the same time, it was also one of the first to decriminalize and legalize it for both purposes. Known to be one of the most progressive states in terms of cannabis laws and policies, growers and marijuana enthusiasts living in Maine will have plenty of reasons to be excited! So if you have any plans of growing your own cannabis plants in the Pine Tree State, then you are in luck! Ever since November 8th, 2016, the use and possession of recreational marijuana had been legalized throughout the whole state. As such, the opportunity for people to buy weed seeds and cultivate cannabis plants grew and the demands in the market increased exponentially.

Buying marijuana seeds online has many benefits and can definitely provide a much easier purchasing experience to growers in Maine. In addition to the consistency in the quality of weed seeds that you will be getting, we at SunWest Genetics always make sure to deliver your orders right to your doorstep! By simply sitting at home and placing your orders, you will have top-shelf weed seeds in no time. 

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Maine?

 Medical marijuana was legalized at a state-wide level in Maine one November 2nd, 1999. With the passing and initial approval of the Maine Medical Marijuana for Specific Illnesses, which appeared in Question #2 of the Ballot, medical patients diagnosed with severe and debilitating diseases were permitted to use cannabis as an alternative form of medical treatment. Then, on November 8th, 2016, the bill called “An Act to Legalize Marijuana” was made effective. This legalized recreational and adult use of marijuana long with the possession, distribution, and cultivation of such. 

Under the cannabis laws set in Maine, individuals who are at least 21 years old are permitted to use, possess, and cultivate marijuana. The purchasing and possession limits are the same, regardless of the purpose of cannabis consumption. For adult and medical use, residents are allowed to carry 2.5 ounces of marijuana in any form. This also applies to the purchasing limit per transaction. Home cultivation for personal use is allowed, albeit subject to certain limits. Recreational cultivation permits 12 immature plants, 6 flowering plants, and limitless seedlings to be grown in a household, regardless of the number of adults situated therein. On the other hand, medical patients may grow 6 mature plants only.  

Ordering Weed Seeds Online in Maine:

Ordering your supplies of weed seeds online is a staple when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Because of the benefits that it brings to the table, a significant portion of the grower’s population opt for doing this instead. Sure, Maine has many local weed dispensaries scattered all across the state, with the most abundant being found in Portland, Bangor, and Auburn. But with the wide variety of weed seeds offered by online seed banks as well as the ease of ordering them from the Internet, it is hard to say no to this form of buying weed! 

If you are from the state of Maine, then SunWest Genetics should definitely top your list. We offer worldwide shipping, which allows us to ship our products to practically any customer that orders our weed seeds. For places such as Maine, we are capable of delivering to your doorstep with no problem! Additionally, our inventory consists of almost every type of weed seed and strain that you could want. Because state laws prohibit the importation and exportation of marijuana, our team at SunWest Genetics makes sure to take the necessary steps in order to fully exercise discretion and secrecy when delivering our products. Our Express Shipping services guarantee the arrival of the products that we ship out without any traces or information of the buyer. Here at SunWest Genetics, your satisfaction is our priority!

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Maine?

Through the webpage and social media platforms operated by our teams over at SunWest Genetics, we aim to help give our customers the best and most trustworthy shopping experience that they can get from an online marijuana seed bank! Purchasing your weed seeds online is one of the best options that you have today. Because of the secrecy and simplicity of doing so, almost all growers can obtain their weed seeds any time they wish! Of course, it goes without saying that buyers should always confirm the source of their weed seeds and make sure that they are purchasing from a reliable source.

SunWest Genetics is one of the leading brands of online marijuana seed banks across North America and Canada. As such, we pride ourselves in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with our customers. To order our seeds, you can head over to our website ( and browse the many different types of weed seeds that we have to offer! In doing so, customers can avail of your reasonable prices and promotional discounts in order to get the best deals out of our offers. We also have Live Chat/Customer Service Representatives to help you with any concerns regarding your orders. 

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  •  BIG DEVIL AUTOFLOWERING MARIJUANA SEEDS – The Big Devil marijuana strain is an autoflowering variant of a very premium and potent weed seed. As it is able to offer a very balanced mind and body high as well as being quite easy to cultivate, the Blue Devil surely is a complete package. It has a fairly high THC level that helps induce strong relaxation that is perfect for nighttime use. 
  • BLUE DREAM FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDS – Blue Dream is definitely one of the most popular weed strains in the market for many years now. As it appeals to both beginner smokers and experienced users who are looking for a smooth high, Blue Dream is undoubtedly an all-around strain and a standard-setter for your everyday stoners. It carries a 19% THC level that produces a very soothing sensation. While all your muscles relaxed, all pressure and stress being built up tends to go away.   
  • GRAND DADDY PURPLE MARIJUANA SEEDS – Grand Daddy Purple is the epitome of a strain that doubles all the value that you get from it. From being able to produce a tantalizing high to giving cultivators a very low-maintenance growing experience, the GDP never disappoints. It is particularly known for producing chunky and frosty buds that you get generous yields of. A THC level of 24% ensures that smokers will always get a remarkable cerebral high mixed with some very relaxing buzzes.
  • ZKITTLEZ MARIJUANA SEEDS – This strain right here goes out to everyone with a sweet tooth. As you can probably tell by the name itself, Zkittlez is a very sweet and tropical strain that induces vibrant feelings and positive energy. It has a 21% THC level, which isn’t bad at all considering how mellow it hits. A few puffs will definitely get you feeling uplifted and energized, often boosting your  creativity and overall confidence. 
  • ALIEN GORILLA GLUE MARIJUANA SEEDS – As a hybrid that comes from two very potent strains, Alien Gorilla Glue has a certain uniqueness and one-of-a-kind high that gets users hooked instantly. It is also known to be a very durable and hardy plant as growers can cultivate it under virtually any condition. Alien Gorilla Glue has a THC content of 24% so expect to get slammed when smoking this strain. Terpene profiles of fruits, pine, and earthiness will overwhelm your palette and nose as you light up a joint of this hybrid monster. 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Maine? 

The state of Maine boasts an unparalleled reputation with regards to its cannabis scene. As one of the handful states that has achieved the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, residents of the state have found themselves capable of growing their own weed seeds! That is good news as it is something that many marijuana enthusiasts have been getting into lately. Also, Maine allows some of the most lax regulations when it comes to growing your own cannabis plants so take the opportunity while you can! So if you are one of the lucky residents of Maine, you can definitely try out our weed seeds at SunWest Genetics. We uphold a certain standard when sending out each and every one of our products. Because of this, expect some of the highest quality weed seeds anywhere in North America and Canada! Plus, an added bonus is our 80% guaranteed germination rate. You will find yourself sprouting some of the most potent and healthy weed buds in no time! Order now and see what SunWest Genetics has to offer for you!

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