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In a district that stands at the heart and center of this flourishing country, how exactly is something as controversial as marijuana dealt with in Washington D.C? Have you ever wondered what laws and policies regulate the substance in the capital of the USA? Because it is a place that heavily influences the politics and legislative functions of the Land of the  Free, there is sure to be a thing or two to know about the cannabis scene in Washington D.C!

So what exactly is the cannabis scene like over at the District of Columbia? Well, put simply, cannabis for medical and recreational use is legal over in Washington D.C. As one of the US territories that has decided to establish an open cannabis scene in its state, the District of Columbia certainly is progressive in terms of the overall legalization of weed. However, things aren’t that simple as it is practically known as having a very stringent set of rules and regulations governing all cannabis operations. After years of its citizens advocating for the legalization of pot, the District Government of Washington D.C finally made recreational marijuana legal within its borders in 2014. Ever since, the overall culture and lifestyle of residents in Washington D.C has been heavily influenced by the sudden upsurge of cannabis in their district.

Cannabis rules and regulations:

Despite being a city separate from all other states, the District of Columbia has actually progressed into establishing its very own rules and regulations regarding cannabis use and possession. As such, people in Washington D.C are permitted to take part in certain cannabis activities as long as it is within the boundaries of the law.

Listed below are some of the most important points to take note of if you ever find yourself in the Capital of America.

  • Residents of the city must be at least 21 years old or above to possess small amounts of marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. Medical patients, however, of any age are permitted to make use of medical marijuana granted that they receive the proper prescriptions and recommendations from a qualifying physician.
  • Adults, patients, and their respective caregivers are allowed to purchase and possess up to 2 ounces (57 grams) of dried cannabis flowers or its equivalent when in a private residence. There is no stated limit as to how much marijuana may be stored in a resident’s household. 
  • According to the city’s laws, adults are permitted to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants in their households with 12 being the maximum number for a household with more than one adult residing therein. Cultivation for medical use is not allowed.
  • All cannabis consumption, regardless of the purpose, must take place only in private residences of adults, patients, and/or caregivers. 
  • One highlight in the marijuana policies of Washington DC is that only medical patients are allowed to purchase marijuana within the city! Patients and their respective caregivers who possess the required medical IDs are authorized to purchase their medical supplies only from government-mandated dispensaries around the city. The sale and distribution of medical cannabis is not subject to any taxes within Washington D.C.
  • Patients who are diagnosed with any condition that an attending physician deems qualified to treat with medical cannabis are allowed to do so.


Despite the Marihuana Tax Act effectively banning all cannabis usage and production in 1937, Washington D.C’s prior ordinance of requiring a prescription for cannabis-infused drugs kept the cannabis scene alive in the city. For many years, there had been a consistent wave of cannabis use that increased throughout the years. As a means of regulating cannabis consumption, voters in Washington D.C approved of the initial Initiative 59 (Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative). This bill, which was passed and approved of in 1998, made marijuana for medical purposes legal across the city. However, despite voters approving of the said bill, the subsequent approval of the Barr Amendment restricted the establishment of a medical marijuana framework in the District of Columbia. 

Things started changing for the better when, in the year 2013, the district’s government overturned the Barr Amendment’s ban on medical cannabis. The first sale and distribution of medical marijuana took place in the same year with Washington D.C’s Department of Health (DOH) being tasked with administering the medical marijuana program in the city.

Then, Washington D.C voters subsequently approved of the Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014 (Initiative 71). This act fully legalized cannabis in the city, making it one of the 14 known U.S territories to do so. Despite cannabis still being illegal at a federal level, the District of Columbia is surely a marijuana haven for everyone.


Unless you are a medical patient who is diagnosed with a condition that can be treated with medical marijuana, it is virtually impossible to buy marijuana and weed seeds in Washington D.C! There are currently no establishments that distribute and sell cannabis for adult use and all dispensaries found in the city only cater to patients and/or caregivers who possess a government approved medical marijuana ID. As such, residents of Washington D.C will have to look elsewhere when getting their supplies. Because marijuana cultivation is allowed strictly for recreational purposes only, this is the most common way for people in the city to come up with their supplies of weed. 

Now the main question is: Where can people in the District of Columbia purchase their weed seeds? Well, this is mostly done through online marijuana seed banks. SunWest Genetics, one of the pioneers of online marijuana distribution, is undoubtedly one of the top choices that people have when buying weed seeds. Our company specializes in breeding and propagating some of the best and most superior weed seeds available in the market. Our high-end products allow us to give our customers high-quality seeds for the best value! If you are concerned about getting caught purchasing weed seeds online, then you are in luck! For many years, SunWest Genetics has been able to provide worldwide shipping to customers from all around the world! We are capable of delivering weed seeds to Washington D.C without the risk of getting caught. Our discreet and stealthy delivery services guarantee that buyers receive their products in just a couple of days! Order from today!


  • GIRL SCOUT COOKIES FEMINIZED SEEDS – The Girl Scout Cookies strain, or GSC, is widely regarded as one of the best premium starts to have ever been developed. It takes GSC around 8 to 9 weeks to fully flower and mature. Girl Scout Cookies induces some very cerebral and uplifting highs. The well-balanced and happy feelings you get along with the sweet and minty tastes definitely make for a very satisfying high. The THC levels of GSC can reach very high levels of 25% to 28%. 
  • WHITE WIDOW MARIJUANA SEEDS – Another very reliable strain that has reached a legendary status in the cannabis scene is White Widow. This amazingly fast grower can fully mature in just around 7 weeks of flowering. White Widow is a fairly hard-hitter, capable of inducing some very strong sensations that get you feeling more talkative and social. But after a few hours, you will definitely start feeling drowsy and relaxed. THC levels of White Widow clock in at around 20% to 22%.   
  • BLUEBERRY x BIG DEVIL MARIJUANA SEEDS – So what do you get when you cross some delicious Blueberry with some high-yielding Big Devil genetics? Well, you get one heck of a concoction! Blueberry x Big Devil imparts some very tantalizing flavors of berries mixed with a nice skunky undertone. The very smooth and mellow high also captivates a user’s mind and fills it with some thoughts of focus and productivity! Blueberry x Big Devil carries a THC level of around 18%. 
  • OG KUSH MARIJUANA SEEDS – Now, as a strain that needs virtually no introduction at all, it is not surprising that OG Kush is SunWest Genetics’ most highly demanded weed seeds. OG Kush takes roughly around 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time before being ready for harvest. The very dreamy high that you get from OG Kush will leave you feeling spaced out as your mind starts conjuring up some very uplifting thoughts. It has a THC level that averages around 23.5%.   
  • TRAINWRECK MARIJUANA SEEDS – Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid that works great as an everyday strain for both medical and recreational use. Because of the sativa genetics found in Trainwreck, it flowers for quite a long period of time, usually taking around 10 weeks on average to fully mature. Trainwreck produces a very well-balanced high. The cerebral yet body-buzzing effects help relax a user’s overall state without causing any heavy feelings. It also causes a very clear-headed and light high that gets rid of any negative vibes and pressure in your mind. THC levels for Trainwreck measure around 22%.


If you wish to cultivate marijuana seeds for your own personal use in Washington D.C, make sure to first familiarize yourself with the different rules and regulations established within the city. As cannabis is legal in the Federal City, a lot of people will find it convenient to plant their weed seeds when living there. The city of Washington D.C has worked hard in bringing cannabis legalization within its borders. Throughout the years, many advocates in the District of Columbia have expressed their support towards marijuana use and possession in controlled amounts. Now, people can fully use marijuana in Washington D.C to their advantage! Because the commercial sales of cannabis for adult use is not allowed in Washington D.C, people would most likely turn to grey markets or cannabis seed banks for their weed seed supplies. If you happen to live in Washington D.C, then you should definitely try out SunWest Genetics. We offer only the highest quality seeds that are bred using our expertise. The high standards that we hold ourselves to guarantees our customers that they will be receiving high quality seeds each and every time! Head over to our website and avail of all our promos and discounts in order to save up some bucks!

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