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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Colorado

Colorado is definitely one of the most prominent cannabis spots in the whole country. As one of the two places which offers an actual marijuana tourism feature in the state (with the other being Washington), you can see just how seriously the state takes the regulation of its cannabis scene! Over at the Rockies, people have been known to profusely smoke and possess marijuana for both medical and leisure purposes. It is, of course, one of the few US states that has achieved the legalization of cannabis as such. This means that the cultivation and growing of weed seeds over at the Centennial State is permitted and authorized for residents located in Colorado!

The possession, consumption, and cultivation of marijuana seeds in Colorado is also regulated by a number of policies set by the State Department. For one, the minimum age requirement to partake in cannabis possession is 21 years old. This may be proven with the presentation of a valid government-issued I.D. during transactions involving the purchase of cannabis. Both tourists and residents alike are also limited to a certain criteria for purchasing and carrying marijuana for recreational use:

  • 1 ounce of Flowers = 8g of Concentrate (In any form)
  • 1ounce of Flowers = 800mg of Edibles

Medical patients, on the other hand, are permitted to purchase and carry up to two ounces per transaction.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Colorado?

Cannabis in Colorado is subject to one of the most forgiving and lax set of policies across the whole USA. The use and consumption of medical marijuana was made legal in the year 2000, when Initiative 20 was approved and passed into law. This ballot measure established a medical marijuana program that was made available to patients who were experiencing debilitating conditions and other severe illnesses. Later on, by November 2012, Amendment 64 (Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment) was subsequently approved via voting by Colorado residents. It officially legalized the recreational and adult use of marijuana throughout the whole state, making Colorado the first US territory to do so along with Washington. 

Both medical and recreational policies of marijuana were combined under the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 44, Article 10 to make for an easier accountability record for the substance. Through its laws, the people of Colorado are now able to cultivate their own weed seeds for personal and commercial reasons. In fact, various clinics and establishments have been permitted to distribute cannabis products and are subject to various taxes, thereby making them a legal commodity. 

Residents must be 21 years or older in order to possess and consume marijuana. However, medical patients who are at least 18 years of age are permitted to use medical cannabis. For recreational use, adults are allowed to possess and purchase up to one ounce of marijuana and/or THC-based products and up to 8 grams of cannabis extracts and concentrates. Medical patients, on the other hand, are permitted to carry and purchase up to two ounces of marijuana and 56 grams of medical cannabis concentrates. Furthermore, cannabis plants for both medical and recreational use are allowed to be cultivated by residents provided that they adhere to the limits set by the law. Adults aged 21 years or older may grow up to six (6) cannabis plants with a maximum of three (3) in their flowering stages. However, if two or more adults are present in a household, the household is allowed to cultivate up to twelve (12) plants with six (6) mature plants.  

Ordering Weed Seeds Online in Colorado:

 Aside from settling for the local weed shops and cannabis seed dispensaries in Colorado, one of the most common ways of obtaining weed seeds is by ordering them online. While local establishments are also great sources of marijuana products, their stocks tend to be quite limited. Here at SunWest Genetics, customers are given the opportunity to pick from some of the best weed seeds available in the market! From regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds to CBD and THC-based strains, we have it all. Furthermore, our very reasonable prices are an added bonus considering the high quality of weed seeds that we offer.

Now, because the legalization of weed in Colorado is limited to a state-wide capacity, it is still illegal for both the importation and exportation of cannabis to take place within the state. However, actual practice indicates that laws are very lax when it comes to this. SunWest Genetics offers “express service” shipping which guarantees your orders to arrive straight to your doorstep. Proper security and precautionary measures are done in order to ensure the discreet and stealthy shipping of your goods.

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Colorado?

  Residents of Colorado are able to purchase weed seeds online from SunWest Genetics by simply heading to our website! Oftentimes, people may be skeptical about ordering weed seeds online. There are many websites and false companies on the Internet that look to exploit your desire to purchase weed seeds and scam you into spending money on low-quality products. At SunWest Genetics, our top priority is to build a legitimate relationship of trust with each and every one of our buyers! 

Our website and main platform,, features a very detailed and easy-to-navigate format that helps give customers an easier shopping experience! The listed strains and weed seeds that we offer are categorized based on different qualities, making it much easier for you, the customers, to find what you are looking for. Our libraries boast of a wide range of various strains, all of which come with the highest quality and guaranteed germination rates! To order, simply pick as strain you wish to purchase, place the quantity of seed packs, and add to cart. When you are ready to check out, simply fill up the provided form and indicate which method of payment best suits you! SunWest Genetics accepts payment methods of Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Bitcoin, and US and Canadian dollars. Additionally, Canadian customers are permitted to use Interac E-Transfers.

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  •  AGENT ORANGE FEMINIZED SEEDS – Perhaps one of SunWest Genetics’ most iconic weed seeds is the Agent Orange. This is a strain that embodies all the vibrant and tropical qualities that many people enjoy. With a sour and citrusy flavor as well as a high that can get really psychedelic, Agent Orange is definitely a powerhouse of a plant in SunWest Genetics’ lineup. It has a THC level of 20%.
  • CRITICAL MASS FEMINIZED SEEDS – Nothing spells out “power” quite like the Critical Mass strain. For those who are capable of holding their own with high THC strains, the Critical Mass is definitely for you. This hard-hitting hybrid boasts a high THC level of 23%. The effects of this strain are pleasantly satisfying to have. You are met with sharpened senses and an amplified level of focus that fills your mind with all sorts of creative ideas.
  • PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS – Hang on to your seats as the Pineapple Express will surely take you on an energizing and one-of-a-kind trip! With a THC content that clocks in at a staggering 26%, Pineapple Express is strong enough to induce a very mind-boggling and euphoric daze that lasts for many hours. Also, the tropical and fruity tastes will get anyone hooked within the first few puffs!
  • POWERPLANT FEMINIZED SEEDS – This particular strain may prove to be too much for beginners as it induces a very powerful and cerebral high. With a 20% THC content, Powerplant hits you with very potent tastes in the palette. Once you start feeling the cerebral effect, strong waves of physical buzzes start blanketing your entire body! Also, the pungent smell and taste of diesel and earthiness give it a very classic weed profile which appeals to long-time smokers.   
  • 24K GOLD REGULAR SEEDS – As a strain fit for royalty, 24K Gold has been making waves all across the whole cannabis scene. This strain is known particularly for being able to produce very generous yields regardless of where they are grown. As such, it is a great choice for first-time growers. 24K Gold is also very balanced when it comes to its flavors and effects. The taste is very citrusy and spicy at the same time. As for its highs, you will feel uplifted and motivated throughout the whole day due to the happy effects of this strain. 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in Colorado? 

Colorado is a sweet haven for any and every cannabis lover out there. From consumption to cultivation, almost every activity centered around marijuana is permitted up in the Centennial State! It is also one of the few places across the country which authorizes certain establishments to allow in-house cannabis smoking such as lounges, cafes, and smoking clubs. As for the purchasing of weed seeds, you can always opt for online shops for your reliable sources!SunWest Genetics not only offers some of the highest quality weed seeds in the market, we also ensure that each and everyone of our customers are given the most reasonable prices that we can offer! Because we have been able to constantly meet the demands of our customers, SunWest Genetics is known to be a very reliable and trustworthy source of weed seeds for many residents of Colorado. So if you are in need of some high quality seeds, then look no further! SunWest Genetics is the seed bank for you!

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