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Buy Marijuana Seeds in California

If you happen to find yourself living in the sunny state of California, then you are in luck! California is known across the whole world to be one of the most tolerant and forgiving places in terms of its cannabis scene. As a state that has legalized both medical and recreational marijuana use and possession, the West Coast surely has a lot to bring to the table in terms of weed! In fact, recent studies have shown that throughout the years, the sale and distribution of marijuana and weed seeds in California ranked first across the whole country by a very wide margin. This, of course, leads to the discussion that the cultivation and growing of marijuana seeds is legal in the state of California! And what better source for your weed seeds than the famed SunWest Genetics?

Just like every other community out there, all marijuana activities done in California are subject to a set of rules and regulations. This helps maintain order in the Golden State’s marijuana industry and lessens the risk of people abusing the said drug. For one, adults who meet the minimum age requirement of 21 are allowed to use, carry, and grow cannabis across California. Furthermore, people in public are allowed to possess and purchase up to one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana flower and up to eight ounces of cannabis concentrates which usually come in the forms of oils and extracts. Every purchase transaction of cannabis must first require the presentation of a valid government-issued I.D. or, in the case of patients, a registered medical marijuana identification card. 

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in California?

California was the very first US State to approve of a bill which established an operational medical marijuana program. This  first took place in the year 1996 when Proposition 215 (Compassionate Use Act) received the needed number of votes to push through. By 2003, Senate Bill 420 was clarified all loopholes and smoothened out the implementation of the initial Proposition 215. In 2016, Proposition 64 (Adult Use Marijuana Act) was passed by the California Congress, effectively authorizing the recreational and adult use of marijuana in the state. 

California is home to thousands and thousands of cannabis seed growers all across the state! With numerous seed banks and local dispensaries scattered across its cities and counties, marijuana has undoubtedly been made more accessible to its citizens throughout the years. Both medical and recreational users of marijuana are also permitted to cultivate their own weed seeds, whether it is for personal or commercial purposes. The Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) of 2016 indicates that residents of the state are allowed to cultivate up to six (6) cannabis plants per household, regardless of the number of adults who are residing therein. All cannabis activities, including the cultivation of weed seeds, must be done indoors and/or away from a place that is exposed to the public.

Ordering Weed Seeds Online in California:

Since the cultivation of marijuana seeds is legal in California, many people have often needed to decide where to get their supplies of weed seeds. Despite there being numerous local weed dispensaries and marijuana clinics in the state, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is granted easy access to it especially those who live far off in the country sides. Additionally, there are many instances where physical shops do not offer what customers are looking for due to the limited stocks and strains that they offer.

One of the best options for those experiencing this is by purchasing weed seeds online through SunWest Genetics. Not only do they offer a wide range of strain choices, they also guarantee fresh and potent seeds all the time! Our dedication to serving our customers is what motivates us to ship out only the finest quality weed seeds that we can come up with. In addition to having some of the highest weed seeds in North America and Canada, we also ensure high germination rates with every seed ordered from us! SunWest Genetics also offers discreet shipping. By choosing our Express Shipping option, we can make sure that your marijuana seeds will be delivered to your doorstep with no problems involving tracking and confiscations! In just a couple of days, you will find yourself growing your precious weed seeds out in the open Californian sun! 

How can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in California?

With a very broad cannabis market present in California, you must be wondering why you should opt for SunWest Genetics instead. Well, if you do choose to purchase your weed seeds online in California through SunWest Genetics, then we guarantee that you will have little to no difficulty placing your orders in our fully functioning website. We at SunWest Genetics are aware that the appearance and presentation of our platforms play a major part in gaining our customers’ trust. As such, we ensured that the platforms made available to our customers are easily accessible and can be operated with ease. 

In our website, you will find that our offered weed seeds are categorized based on various qualities which makes it a lot easier for our potential buyers to choose from. With just a few clicks, you can place all your orders into your carts! SunWest Genetics has been able to gain a reputation for being reliable suppliers of weed seeds. This means that you will not have to worry about being scammed through online shopping as we take the necessary steps to make sure every customer feels comfortable in purchasing weed seeds. Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Bitcoin, and US and Canadian dollars are the modes of payments accepted by SunWest Genetics. Customers who are located in Canada may also make payments through Interac E-Transfers. For any questions regarding your orders, feel free to use our 24/7 Customer Service hotline/chat which can be accessed through our website.    

SunWest Genetics: Best-Selling Marijuana Seeds

  •  CHEMDOG FEMINIZED SEEDS – Known as an international sensation across the whole cannabis community, Chemdog Feminized is often cited to be one of the strongest strains out there. This has made it a staple for longtime growers and experienced smokers in California. Despite a THC level that measures 17%, the strong effects have brought forth a cult-like following of smokers that adore this strain. The focused and trippy feelings will make you a lot more social and hyper while, at the same time, filling your mind with creative thoughts.
  • GIRL SCOUT COOKIES FEMINIZED SEEDS – Another very premium strain that is known by almost every grower and smoker is the Girl Scout Cookies (also called GSC) Feminized. And yes, it is offered at the highest quality by SunWest Genetics! Because it contains an almost equal balance of indica and sativa, the GSC strain provides a very relaxing body high mixed with some very cerebral effects. It also carries a THC level that clocks in at around 25%. 
  • BLUE DREAM FEMINIZED SEEDS – If you’re into sweet and fruity strains that can still pack  punch, then Blue Dream Feminized is the right choice for you! Often used as a gateway strain due to its forgiving flavors and mellow high, Blue Dream is one of the most used strains throughout the whole state of California. With an average THC level of 20%, the strain is capable of inducing a very euphoric high that boosts your productivity and creativity. 
  • KALI MIST FEMINIZED SEEDS – There are many sativa-dominant strains out there but none of them are quite like the legendary Kali Mist Feminized. Dubbed as the “Queen of Cannabis”, Kali Mist can definitely make a case for being the best sativa out there. As one of SunWest Genetics’ top-selling products, the uplifting and mind-altering effects of this strain are enough to get you going throughout the whole day! THC levels for this strain measure around 18.5%.
  • MASTER KUSH FEMINIZED SEEDS – It is no secret that Kush variants of weed are the top choice for any West Coast smoker out there. As such, it is no wonder why Master Kush is highly demanded out in California! The effects of this strain keep the body calmed down without making it feel sloppy and lazy. As an indica-dominant strain, it hits the body with waves of soothing sensations while also removing any stress from your mind. 

Should I Buy Marijuna Seeds Online in California? 

There are loads of marijuana seed growers out in California that have made a hobby out of cultivating their own cannabis plants for personal consumption. As long as you do it within the boundaries and limits of the cannabis policies established by the state, then you can fully enjoy the benefits of marijuana growing out in the West Coast. Of course, this means that you will need a reliable source of weed seeds to supply your cannabis gardens.  Here at SunWest Genetics, we provide weed seeds that are sure to produce the most potent buds that you can grow! Along with the high quality that our weed seeds come with, the germination rates of more than 80% are also sure to give you no problem in starting off your cultivation process. SunWest Genetics, through our promise of giving the best to our customers, has established itself as one of the most reliable and trustworthy sources of marijuana seeds in Canada and North America. Visit our webpage and order now in order to take advantage of the reasonable prices that we have to offer!

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