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Buy Marijuana Seeds Using Credit Card

Accessing an online seed bank for the first time can be totally intimidating, as there are tons of varieties, strains, and options to choose from. That is why it’s best to decide first on what type of cannabis seeds you are looking for to save you the hassle. As you may have seen throughout your search for high quality seeds, most seed banks don’t provide the option to buy weed seeds using a credit card. Credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa and American Express are American companies and use financial networks that fall under US jurisdiction which still thinks cannabis seeds are a class A drug. It’s not surprising that companies like MasterCard, Visa and American Express don’t want to be at the limelight of legalization.

As a consumer, it is somehow frustrating because credit cards are a widely used payment method and one of the easiest ways to make a purchase safely and fast. Without the capability to use a credit card, your preference to buy cannabis seeds online are most likely limited. Other options that you still have is a bank transfer, paypal, cash by post or bitcoin payment.

Credit Card: Ordering Marijuana Seeds Online

When you shop using your credit card online, Make sure to use legit and trusted websites. It is very important that you only go to websites that are secured and you trust.  Don’t make online credit card purchases from public computers and networks.

There is a big chance that your credit card details can be stolen on a public computer when you enter your payment details. Public computers may have spyware installed or keyloggers (a software that records keystrokes made by a user). Even using your personal computer on a public wifi or in a coffee shop, hackers can access the same wifi network and can intercept information while doing online transactions. It is recommended to use your home wifi or any wifi that is not in public places.

Advantages Of Using Credit Card For Cannabis Purchases

For online purchasing, credit card is a faster method of completing transactions or payment. Other types of payment may require a holding time to verify availability of funds. Using a credit card, the funds are made available to the seller within minutes of the transaction’s completion. Here are some of the benefits when using a credit card:

  • Online purchasing is mostly secure, especially when you’re transacting with trusted websites, but for some people who unfortunately got their card information stolen. It is easier if you want to dispute a fraudulent transaction. You can also dispute charges  if the merchant doesn’t deliver what you expect, or you never received your order.
  • Credit card provides a handy record of your spending in your online account and monthly statement. Some credit cards do send year end reviews or summaries, that can be a great source when you are managing a business.  
  • Using a credit card for cannabis purchases is that you can earn credit card points or rewards on your purchases. Also you earn miles or Credit card miles, it is the currency or points of loyalty programs linked to certain travel rewards credit cards. You can redeem credit card points for travel, cash back, or gift cards.

Disadvantages Of Using Credit Card For Cannabis Purchases

Credit card use still comes with a risk and therefore still has disadvantages. Here are some of the most common cons:

  • When purchasing using a credit card, the user may pay high interest rates, if you carry a balance from previous month to the current month, then you’ll be charged with interest.
  • For most businesses, credit card surcharges may apply to some transactions, usually they add a surcharge when you pay with a credit card. For Visa and  Mastercard, the fee is usually .5 to 2% of the total purchase.
  • Credit card fraud schemes. There are several schemes that victimize credit card users. To deal with credit card fraud can still be a stressful experience and time-consuming. Scammers may use phishing techniques, skimming devices, and other ruse to steal your credit card information
  • Credit card annual fees, almost all credit cards have annual fees. It costs $25 /year or as much as $1,200 depending on which type of card you use. Usually, the higher credit limit you obtain, the  annual fee  is higher.

From the bank’s viewpoint, the cannabis business is expensive and risky. Other financial institutions and credit unions could be charge federal prosecution. To avoid penalties, they must submit comprehensive reports for every marijuana consumer using credit cards.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Sunwest Genetics with Credit Card

If you want to start from scratch and if you love to do DIY or (do it yourself), It is a rewarding experience if you grow your own cannabis. If you happen to find an online marijuana seed bank that offers a Credit Card as one of their payment methods, then don’t miss the chance and purchase your seeds. Using Credit card is the fastest way to purchase cannabis online. I recommend using a credit card to buy Marijuana seeds from online trustworthy seed banks.

If you haven’t found a trusted online seed bank then check out SunWest Genetics, they accept Credit Card payment. They have been in the business for quite a while and they offer only the best quality cannabis seeds with the fastest and more reliable online transaction!

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