Buying Single Vs Bulk Seeds: What’s The Advantage?

Is Bulk Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds the Answer? Purchasing cannabis seed is enticing owed to its benefits for both recreational and medical. Cannabis contributes to unquestionable therapeutic benefits. Is bulk buying autoflowering cannabis seeds the perfect option in buying network? Or we can save more on buying singles? Home-grown markets are recognized to yield Cannabis seeds way back years ago. … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Growers are now switching to cultivating autoflowering cannabis seeds and they are often get asked, “What are autoflowering seeds?” The answer will be quite tricky but we shall have a brief and straight to the point discussion about the matter. WHAT DOES AUTOFLOWERING MEAN? Plants go through different stages and they generally go through four stages in their; seeds, seedling, … Read more

Using of Bloom Boosters on Your Autoflower Cannabis Plants 

Putting so many nutrients and bloom boosters for the optimal growth of your autoflower cannabis plants may be one of the commonly made mistakes when you are into cannabis cultivation. On this article, you can get to learn how to use these nutrient boosters in the best and most productive way to make your cannabis yield successful and profitable. All … Read more

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in the UK: Your Grow Guide

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds UK Growing cannabis can be a very rewarding activity leading to potential profit. Especially in the UK, smoking cannabis is a popular pastime for most people. Due to the high demand for cannabis in the UK, the price of cannabis can get quite expensive. This causes more and more people to look at growing this plant in … Read more