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Buy Marijuana Seeds Using Bitcoin

Nowadays, cannabis online purchasing has been the trend specially that it’s not widely available. The fight to legalize pot however is still on and while medical marijuana has been legalized in 35 more states including D.C with 15 states including D.C allowed recreational usage,it is still illegal at the federal level which makes it harder to conduct financial transactions for anyone who wants to buy. 

Cryptocurrencies on the other hand takes it to the next level, making it easy for people in marijuana industry to buy weed and even seed growers. Bitcoin is one of the secure cryptocurrencies that’s very known in the virtual currency world. 

Bitcoin: Ordering Marijuana Seeds Online 

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It’s a peer to peer network so no one can control it. It is independent from world governments, corporations and banks which makes it more advantageous for any person to transact. Bitcoin does not impose transaction fees and it gives people full control over their purchases since it is not being controlled as a network unlike other traditional payment methods.

Bitcoin is very different from any other modes of payment. It does not store phone numbers addresses or credit history unlike banks. Although bitcoin wallet doesn’t take any sensitive financial information, online transactions are still legitimate since it is protected by a digital trademark by sending addresses and can take a few minutes only for you to pay and get the confirmation. 

Advantages Of Using Bitcoin For Cannabis Purchases

You’re in so much luck if you find a marijuana seed bank that offers Bitcoin as one of their payment methods. Some of the benefits for using Bitcoin when buying marijuana seeds:

  • Freedom from those governing authorities controlling each transaction, charging transaction fees and being in command of people’s money. And since it’s decentralized even if the network goes offline, all transactions will still succeed. 
  • High portability since it is completely digital. With only a scan of QR code or click on the online wallet, it only takes a minute or two to transact, all you need is access to the internet. 
  • Safety and control over their transactions since not one person can take money from you without your knowledge and safer because none of the personal information will be disclosed when making a payment.
  • Transparent and neutral since no one controls it because of its decentralized network reason being transparent, predictable and neutral.
  • It can’t be counterfeited as it is designed to withstand counterfeiting attempts. Its legitimacy is ensured by Blockchain technology, Other traditional cryptocurrencies are very prone to counterfeiting so always trust Bitcoin. 

Disadvantages Of Using Bitcoin For Cannabis Purchases

There are however minor disadvantages when purchasing cannabis seeds using Bitcoin.

  • The legal status of the cryptocurrency depends from country to country. Bitcoin is encouraged in some countries while others are banned.
  • The level of recognition, though it is legal in most countries, there are still some governing authorities that do not recognize BTC plus the fact that not all growers or buyers of marijuana are familiar to the cryptocurrency world.
  • There are only a few reputable marijuana seed banks that offer Bitcoin as their accepted payment method which makes it more difficult for buyers or growers to transact especially if you don’t have a background where to find them.

How to get Marijuana Seeds using Bitcoin?

Before you can purchase marijuana seeds online using Bitcoin, you must first have a Bitcoin wallet. For new and first time users of this mode of payment, please refer to the steps below on how to create an account:

  1. Open a Bitcoin wallet which is equivalent to a bank account. With this, you can send and receive Bitcoin to your online seller. Popular sites to get a wallet are and or directly from people through marketplaces.
  2. Buy some Bitcoins.  Once your wallet is set up, you need to buy some bitcoins from exchanges like Localbitcoin, Coinbase and Circle, then choose a payment method and convert the checkout amount to bitcoins. Send bitcoins to the wallet address provided and share a clear screenshot of your transaction page through email once bitcoins are being sent.
  3. Pay with Bitcoin. Now that you have registered and purchased bitcoins, you are finally ready to do an online purchase. Please know your Bitcoin wallet address correctly for a smooth transaction. If your Bitcoin wallet is installed on your phone, simply scan the QR code and send the Bitcoins. If using a desktop, click “Pay with Bitcoin” ,all you need is to use the BTC address of your online transaction and fund BTC to the wallet address provided by the seed bank. You should receive a confirmation for successful payment using Bitcoin and will be redirected to the webshop.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Sunwest Genetics with Bitcoin

If you are a do it yourself type of person, means you purchase and grow quality seeds and you happen to find an online marijuana seed bank that offers Bitcoin as one of their payment methods then don’t miss the chance and purchase your seeds right there and then. 

If you haven’t found a trusted online seed bank then check out SunWest Genetics, they accept payment via Bitcoin. This marijuana seed bank offers only the best quality cannabis seeds. Its fast and reliable online transaction will surely get you back for more!

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.

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