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Successful for Being Multi-Awarded

This Zkitllez Autoflower is an award-winning strain as it is loved and appreciated for its genetic mixture. This is the same with its older sister, but this oozes fruitiness. It is fruity resembling the flavor and fragrance of mixed berries and grapefruit zest. The effects it can bring are somehow identical differing in the intensity.

This is a variant that is medium in its strength. This contains a THC level of 18 to 25 percent. This also offers effects focusing on the mental and physical aspects. The taste it brings is fruity, sweet, kush, and citrusy. Its yield produced is 450 grams to 550 grams or m2 when grown indoors. But when it is grown outdoors, it can produce a yield of about 70 to 120 grams.

Its genotype classification is Grandaddy Purple x Grapefruit x Rudelaris. Its phenotype classification is also Indica dominant and feminized auto-flowering. This is perfect for novice gardeners. This is just so sturdy and comfortable for you to cultivate!

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