White Widow x California Snow Marijuana Seeds

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More About White Widow x California Snow Autoflower

Raises Your Energy Level as A User

This is a staple strain served among the Dutch people. This can increase your energy level as a user. It will as well inspire your thoughts and your level of creativity. This is widely popular among the not-so-known coffee shops. This is already maintaining its reputation among marijuana enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, this can somehow be devastating too. This is why this must be used moderately, or else this will bring about such an upbeat mood. This should as well be followed by a level of contentment. But when this is taken in excess, this will end you up in a full-high experience. It can lock you down on a couch.

It belongs to the WW x California snow x Rudelaris genotype and Indica-Sativa and feminized auto-flowering phenotype. It takes up about 65 to 70 days before it finally flowers. Its THC levels can range between 15 to 18 percent. Its effects can somehow be balanced in mental and physical aspects. Its taste can be limey, sweet, and citrusy. Its yield produced is between 400 to 500 grams or m2 when grown indoors and also 50 to 100 grams when grown outdoors.

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