What are the Best Pure Sativa Feminized Seeds Today

Are you in search of pure Sativa seeds feminized? Do you wish to start growing your own cannabis garden? There are different kinds of methods and seeds which you could choose from. Each of these seeds will give you different features and characteristics. With this, you will be able to choose the right one that will match your needs. If you wish to grow medicinal strains then you will find tons of them. Read on and find out more about these feminized seeds today.

List of the Best Pure Sativa Feminized Seeds

Grapefruit Sativa Seeds

Grapefruit strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a production between Cinderella 99 and an unknown Sativa. One of the many points which most users and even breeders love about this strain is its tropical citrusy taste. Most people believed that the unknown Sativa made its amazing taste.

Patients who are dealing with common pains like headaches, migraines, and even back pain will surely find relief from this strain.  It could help relax their aching and sore muscles. Women who are suffering from dysmenorrhea will find relief as well from using the Grapefruit strain.

Early Girl Sativa Seeds

This amazing seed is considered as a mild strain and it has a 20% THC content. As such, it can be quite strong, but even so, you will not feel that overwhelm. Instead, most users tend to get the sensation of euphoria and complete relaxation. Unlike other cannabis seeds wherein you will feel super-charged, the Early Girl strain you will make you feel more relax and calm.

Patients who are dealing with pain and aches such as back pain could find amazing benefits from this strain. It helps relax their muscles thus making them feel less in pain. Most patients find the relief they need from this strain as compared to the medications they are taking.

Trainwreck Sativa Seeds

Trainwreck genetics have components coming from Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica. These are the components that made this unique and potent Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Since this strain could give a kick sensation on the brain thus affecting the mind, most patients could easily obtain a significant rush of adrenaline along with a calming body feeling.

The Trainwreck strain is very known among patients dealing with mental issues such as ADHD, anxiety, and stress. It is also effective for those suffering from migraines, headaches, PTSD, and even chronic aches and pain such as those with fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis.

Blueberry Feminized Seeds

What did the Blueberry make as a cannabis iconoclast? First its sweet flavor then its fruity aroma that made this fruit strain truly iconic and much preferred not just by breeder and growers but also among users. You will find its growth characteristics as considered to be the “stretch Indica.” Its amazing buds are dense and frosty in appearance, but, with its internodal spacing, you will find its buds quite elongated especially during bloom.

It can give out some impressive medicinal benefits to the patients who are dealing with physical pain such as joint inflammation. Since it can easily produce a notable mellow and pleasantly euphoric feeling, patients who are suffering from mental issues like depression and anxiety will benefit from using this strain.

Haze Berry Feminized Seeds

You will see that its plants will grow long and lean. It tends to produce long-running, and resin-dripping colas with tight buds. If you will plant and cultivate them indoors, then it can grow to 1.5m; while in outdoors especially in southern climates, 2m is a lot possible. It is recommended that you do the early training or pruning to fully achieve its full bloom.

Royal Bluematic

It is the hybrid of the infamous UK Cheese and original Blueberry and it is very unique that you will find it quite pricey. You will surely be considered to be a real treat. You will enjoy its unique blend of berries as well as musky with earthy Cheese that will tickle the air and will leave a calming after taste on the exhale.

Strawberry Cough Feminized seeds

This plant is believed to have a mysterious origin. It has a strong Sativa genetic though its lineage is disputed. This amazing seed has a strawberry taste which makes sit very much popular. It has the smell and taste of tropical punch, and berries (fruity and sweet) with a hint of spice. It has THC content from 13% to 18%.

Strawberry Cough can also help ease and alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress and depression. It will help boost your emotions and mood. This is the same level of light stimulation, focused, and relaxation that could help treat ADD and ADHD. You will be able to improve your focus through stimulation and relive psychomotor agitation through its relaxation effects.

Buying Tips

The availability of these pure sativa feminized seeds will depend on the place or country. Not all countries could provide such kind of feminized seeds. You can always go online for such matter however there are certain things you need to do to be able to find and obtain such kind of product. Make sure that you only rely on the right breeder and grower of such seeds. This way you can be sure that you will be paying for the best kind of feminized seeds to grow.

While online, see to it that you check the breeder’s background. See to it that they are legit and could provide you the highest quality of feminized seeds. Bear in mind that these seeds are expensive. It will help as well to do your comparison-shopping method to fully achieve the results of buying online.


These are the Best Pure Sativa Feminized Seeds which you could choose from based on their features, properties, and medicinal benefits. These feminized seeds are not hard to cultivate as well if you are planning to grow them in your garden. However, make sure that you only get them from the right breeders and growers today to be sure that you will be paying for the right feminized seeds to grow.

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