Using Neem Oil on Cannabis Plants

Neem oil is used by many growers in growing cannabis especially those who cultivate weeds organically. It is one of the commonly used organic pesticides that will protect your weeds from pests in a natural and safe way. This will also ensure your customers get a product that is free of harmful pesticides that are typically used.

What is Neem Oil

Neem oil is a kind of organic pesticide which came from the extract of Neem seed oil. Neem oil is present in all parts of the Neem tree however, it is best to get its oil from the seeds because the compound which will fight insects and fungus is present there.

Why Neem Oil is Useful in Cannabis Growing

As what you learned, Neem oil is an organic pesticide which means that it has a big help in growing cannabis organically. Neem oil has a certain compound called azadirachtin which is the one who will fight insects and prevent its larvae development. Azadirachtin will also cause death to any insects through blocking its airways.

Another big use of neem oil is for prevention and remedy of plague in cannabis plants. Spider mites and whitefly are just a few of the many cannabis plagues that will destroy your weeds. These plagues will cause destruction to your cannabis if you will not remove them from your plants right away.

Neem oil is also effective in protecting your cannabis from fungus and bacteria that might kill your weeds.

When to Apply Neem Oil

Neem oil is beneficial for your marijuana plants however; you can only use it in the vegetative stage. This organic pesticide has a bitter taste which can affect the flavor of your weeds if you will apply it in the flowering period.

Neem oil is not just friendly to your weeds but also to most mammals and this makes this oil a beneficial one.

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