Using an Aeroponics Setup For Your Marijuana Plants

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The world of cannabis cultivation is definitely much more different than what it was like many years ago. The idea of aeroponics, 50 years ago will sound crazy! Cultivating marijuana crops without the use of soils, will be dismiss right away! It is because soil-base growing is the epitome standard of cultivation. It would be hard to convince people to try out different things! Yet here we are, using all sorts of different growing media. Trying our best to come up with the best and most high quality cannabis buds in our gardens.

The technology and modernization of cannabis growing has given us many different methods of cultivation. One such example is the use of an aeroponics system. Because it is a more advanced way of growing, not many people have probably heard of it before. But with the way it is operating, no doubt that it can give you some of the best yields you will ever have! 

What is an Aeroponics System?

An aeroponics system basically refers to the cultivation method of cannabis wherein growers use air as their main source of growing medium. It is a form of indoor growing that makes use of different kinds of tools and equipment in order to give users full control of the environment. Through this, you will be able to simulate an outdoor environment where cannabis plants normally grow.

The concept for an aeroponics system stretches as far back to the earlier years of the 1900s. During that time, an aeroponics system was mainly used for studying the roots of plants. In addition, having a full view of what is going on with them throughout growing. Through time and people were starting to domesticate cannabis plants, the trend of utilizing an aeroponics setup became common. Today, a lot of advanced and commercial growers turn towards aeroponics systems to get the best yields from their crops! Soils aren’t the only growing medium for bountiful harvest anymore, right?


How Does an Aeroponics System Work?

An aeroponics system will basically have your plants placed onto a platform with their roots dangling from the bottoms. These roots will be hanging from the platform. All the necessary nutrient and water levels that they will require will be through the water mist sprinkling from your installations. This water mist will, of course, contain all the diluted nutrients and minerals that you decide to give them. Along with the growing lights, air circulation systems, and thermostats, an aeroponic system will have the ability to prosper.

What will you need for an aeroponics system?

Generally, an aeroponics setup will call for two main pieces of equipment: a water reservoir and the plant bed. The water reservoir is utilize to house the water supply that you will constantly need to provide to your plants. On the other hand, the plant bed is use as the platform. It will hold up your plants and suspends the roots hanging from it. These two are primarily join together via water pumps or sprinklers which can either be set on a timer or by manual operation, depending on how you set up the garden. 

Other things that will make the aeroponics system function properly is a proper drainage system that circulates (recycles) the water and keeps it from staying stagnant, which can lead to the buildup of moss. While an aeroponics system isn’t the most beginner-friendly way of cultivating cannabis plants, it certainly applies some of the most 

Aeroponics vs. Hydroponics: Are they the same?

Many people often get these two mix up by mistake so let’s clear things up a little. An aeroponics system is actually a type of hydroponic setup that relies on a soilless form of growth for cannabis plants. In fact, from the main features that it displays (water reservoirs, water pumps, and plant beds), it applies similar concepts with other forms of hydro setups!

The only key difference between the two is that the more specific aeroponics setup will leave the roots hanging from the plant bed. This suspends them on a height that avoids fully submerging the roots into the water supply filled with nutrients and minerals. 

On the other hand

The traditional forms of various other hydroponic setups will typically rely on submerging the roots into the water which circulates and recycles after certain timeframes. 

They also share many similar characteristics and processes that allow for a better output from your gardens. For example, both an aeroponics and hydroponics setup will typically start with seedlings being planted into rock wool. They make use of the same plant beds and water pumps that provide the ample amount of hydration and nutrients to the roots. Both are extremely dependent on the way of operation and are usually leaning more towards growers with sufficient experience and capital budget. 

 Why Should You Use An Aeroponics System?

An aeroponics system offers a whole lot of benefits for those who are actually willing to make use of one. This form of growing, through the extremely controlled and regulated environment that they are placed in, is actually cited to be the best growing method in terms of bud quality and output. 

Here are some of the most intriguing features of an aeroponics system that will make you consider using one! Let’s check ‘em out:

  • Like almost every indoor cannabis garden out there, an aeroponics system will allow growers to exercise full control and regulation of the climate and conditions in their given setups. Temperatures can ideally be placed at the right levels as well as humidity, lighting, water schedules, and nutrient intake. Without having to worry about unpredictable weather and the different seasons of the year. You can grow your cannabis plants at any time with an aeroponics setup!
  • Keep in mind that an aeroponics system is generally a hydroponics system as well. Meaning, it will rely heavily on the water mist to continuously give it the required amount of water during its life cycles! You will have to worry less about watering your plants as this system has a design that will do all the heavy lifting for you!

Other Benefits

  • Another extremely useful benefit of an aeroponics setup is the amount of growing space that you will be able to save. You plants will be place on stretching platforms that keep them in an orderly position. This means that the amount of gardening pace that you have left in your garden can be used for more things! Be it other soil-based marijuana plants, storage of tools, and just about anything else. 
  • An aeroponics setup also gives users great protection from diseases and pests. Indoor gardens are particularly known for keeping the plants away from infestations. However, because of the lack of soil, this protection is enhanced even further! Of course, you will  need to watch out for moss and flies. They develop in the water in case the setup remains stagnant. But for the most part, your cannabis plants will be kept away from most garden pests. In addition, from outside elements like natural calamities!
  • Lastly, an aeroponics system is known to produce some of the finest quality buds from any method of growing! With precision and attention to the details of the setup, you will be getting some fine tasting buds that will be coated with sticky trichomes. 

Drawbacks of an Aeroponics System

With these great advantages for using an aeroponics, there are some drawbacks that come with it as well. It is a growing method that clearly does not fit the needs and demands of all types of growers. As such, here are some of the disadvantages of operating an aeroponics setup.

  • Let’s get this one out of the way: an aeroponics system is not cheap. In fact, setting one up will cost you a pretty hefty price, even for the most basic types! Because of the need for various tools, pumps, and equipment for this to really prosper, you will have to spill some cash into it. Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem for those who actually have the funds for it. But for growers who don’t have that kind of money, it may place a large dent on your savings. 
  • In addition to being an expensive investment, the process of operating and maintaining the equipment can be quite difficult. As such, it is not a method that people would typically recommend to beginner growers. You will need a substantial amount of knowledge and understanding about cannabis plants before trying your hand with an aeroponics setup. This is why we would normally see it being utilize by expert growers and commercial breeders.

Additional Drawbacks

  • Cannabis plants will not be place in soil, a very forgiving substrate that will care for your plants just as much as you. As such, you will need to pay extremely close attention to the way you operate your setups! One tiny mistake can bring significant damages to your plants. It may come in the form of nutrient burn, over/underwatering, heat stress, and many others. You won’t have any soil to help you keep the plants alive so they tend to die much easier if improperly maintained!

What more can we say about aeroponics? It is a great method of growing that comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. No matter what you choose to do, keep in mind that all forms of cannabis cultivation requires attention and care! If you give them that, you will surely end up with a fresh batch of healthy weeds all the time!

Try out an aeroponics setup if you have the opportunity to do so! With patience, a lot of practice (and money), you will find yourself smoking top-shelf buds courtesy of your aeroponics garden!

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