True OG Marijuana Seeds

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More About True OG Feminized

Pacific-Loving Recreational and Medical Favorite

Originally discovered in Southern California, the True OG is a popular strain in the area. What does OG mean, you may ask? It means Ocean Grown – denoting the Pacific climates it usually thrives in. Bred from the legendary OG Kush, the True OG gives off a focused head high mixed with mellow effects.

Successfully planting and curing the seeds of the True OG brings flowers with a rich skunky and piney odor. When grinded, these buds give off incense-like scents, attributed to its ancestor Afghani. The great thing about this seeds is that they perform well, whether indoors or outdoors. Many people prefer to grow them indoors as they are generally short and bushy and that they flower within 8 to 9 weeks.

The THC levels of this strain are measured between 17 to 20 percent, and it gives up a slow-burning high that feels like a warm wash of euphoria. For medical cannabis patients, this strain can temporarily improve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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