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More About True Trainwreck Feminized 

Prepare To Get Hit By A Train!

Are you looking for a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will give you intense effects so hard that you will actually feel like you were hit by a train? The Trainwreck comes with a euphoric effect and an intense cerebral high that will surely give you a good mood. But, what makes this strain a little unique is that it gives a pain-numbing buzz normally attributed to Indicas.

Attributed as an invention of two brothers in Arcata, California in the 1970s, the Trainwreck is a combination of Afghani, an Indica, Mexican, a Sativa, and Thai, a Sativa. The great thing about this former stealth grow is that it grows great, whether they are located indoors and outdoors.

The THC levels range from 14 to 19 percent, and its flavor can be described as a mixture of earthy, lemon, sweet, and a little spicy. Many medical users report improvement against ADD, ADHD, pain, insomnia, and stress symptoms when using Trainwreck.

Planting Trainwreck seeds usually ranges from 8 to 10 weeks until flowering.

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