Common Problems Marijuana Growers Face

common problems marijuana growers

The following are several problems that growers commonly face. 1) Nutrient problems • Roots The role of roots includes the absorption of water and nutrients to supply the need of the whole plants. However, roots are also not exempted to some certain problems in which every grower must pay attention with. Sometimes your roots packed too tightly in your plant’s … Read more

Common Cannabis Plants Problems with Growers

cannabis plants problems

Marijuana growing is a lot more interesting and an adventurous one, it will let every grower learn. It is very important that you will know the do’s and don’ts of Cannabis growing to prevent from waste and discrepancies. In growing Cannabis plants you will be expecting problems as well. There are many forms of problems you may encounter along the … Read more

Predatory Lacewings to Kill Aphids on Weed Plants

weed plants

Lacewings, ladybugs, and parasitic wasps are some of the examples of predatory insects that can be used to kill mites and other types of pests in your weed plants. So if you are asking if the lacewings can kill aphids in your weed plants, the answer is a big YES. And if you are wondering how possible it is to … Read more

How To Kill Mites In Your Pot Plants Naturally

pot plants

Mites and other various types of pests will always be there for you to ruin your life including the health of your cannabis plants. And if you don’t know how to properly deal with these pests, expect that your cannabis plants will be exposed to certain damages that might result in illness and death. And as a cannabis grower, we … Read more

Fixing Broken Cannabis Branches from LST

cannabis plants

Cannabis plants need extra TLC to grow and bloom however there are times when you can’t be too careful in handling your plants. Moving your plants inside the room or training your plants to grow well could result to injury and damage if you are not careful. Damage could be as mild as bent branches to as horrible as broken … Read more