Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

grow autoflowering cannabis seeds

One of the most popular cannabis varieties that growers can’t get enough of is an autoflowering seeds. What makes this kind of cannabis seeds better is what we are going to discuss in this special article. What are autoflowering seeds? Autoflowering cannabis seeds or auto/autos are seeds that are genetically manipulated to be able to … Read more Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions Explained

hydroponic nutrients

Hydroponics is one of the most popular methods for growing cannabis plants nowadays. This is why it is important to have clear insights regarding how to grow with hydroponics so you can ensure that your cannabis plants grow healthy and produce invigorating buds. In every hydroponic system, the quality and the amount of nutrient solutions … Read more Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions Explained

Difference Between Winterizing and Dewaxing Cannabis

With an increasing demand for CBD oils, any local grower and breeder would jump on the opportunity to create pure and clean cannabis concentrates. It is expected that soon the demand for CBD will skyrocket considering there are already more than 10 states passing CBD oil bills. So are you ready to create cannabis concentrates … Read more Difference Between Winterizing and Dewaxing Cannabis

Cannabis and Phosphorous

Cannabis and Phosphorous

Cannabis needs many elements and nutrients to grow properly and vigorously. The major elements for your Cannabis are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium or N-P-K. They are food for your Cannabis plants in which if they will not be given in right amount and application, your weeds will starve and grow unhealthy. The most important nutrient … Read more Cannabis and Phosphorous

Can I Use Fluorescent Light To Grow Cannabis Plants

Exposure to light encourages budding of cannabis plants. This process intensifies the plant’s THC level while increasing its potency. This makes the strain a favorite of ardent stoners. Nonetheless, exposure to the sun’s natural light poses a lot of limitations including weather and security considerations. Most of us asks, can i use fluorescent light to … Read more Can I Use Fluorescent Light To Grow Cannabis Plants