How to Grow Cannabis During Spring

Spring is one of the most wonderful seasons for cannabis planting, especially if you are growing outdoors. Though it may seem daunting to begin, outdoor growing can provide tons of natural benefits that make it worth overcoming the obstacles of seasonal planting. If you’ve decided you’d like to give outdoor growing a try, here are some tips to ensure that … Read more

Common Cannabis Plants Problems with Growers

cannabis plants problems

Marijuana growing is a lot more interesting and an adventurous one, it will let every grower learn. It is very important that you will know the do’s and don’ts of Cannabis growing to prevent from waste and discrepancies. In growing Cannabis plants you will be expecting problems as well. There are many forms of problems you may encounter along the … Read more

Cloning Plants Can Be Easy with These Tips

Cloning Marijuana

Cloning Marijuana in an Easy Way Cloning may sound like a science-fiction matter for novice cannabis growers. But the truth is, every cannabis growers, new ones or experts, can actually clone their own favorite marijuana plant and reproduce more of it! So if you like to reproduce your favorite marijuana plant with the same characteristics, yield, and potency, all you … Read more

How to Grow Weed During Summer

Grow Weed

Every cannabis grower knows the fact that extreme temperatures (cold or hot), can bring tons of risks to the overall growth of weeds. That is why it is best recommended to maintain the temperature of your growing environment to its ideal requirement to avoid stressing your cannabis plants and ending up with drooped and wilted leaves (during summertime). So if … Read more