After Germinating Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

When your cannabis seeds have germinated, the next thing you will do is to take care your seedlings. Your marijuana plants are now starting their life cycle and they need a care from you because they are at a vulnerable stage. First step after germination: Provide your seedlings enough amount of sunlight after germination. Light … Read more After Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

grow autoflowering cannabis seeds

One of the most popular cannabis varieties that growers can’t get enough of is an autoflowering seeds. What makes this kind of cannabis seeds better is what we are going to discuss in this special article. What are autoflowering seeds? Autoflowering cannabis seeds or auto/autos are seeds that are genetically manipulated to be able to … Read more Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds

feminized marijuana seeds

Planting a marijuana is not a simple task. As a matter of fact, even the expert or professional cannabis growers still finds marijuana hard to grow because of some instances such as unexpected stress and diseases that may possibly encounter during the growing period of your marijuana plant. Feminized marijuana seeds make this process much … Read more What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds